How Much Does It Cost To Collect A Child By September 1

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How Much Does It Cost To Collect A Child By September 1
How Much Does It Cost To Collect A Child By September 1

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Preschool fever is in full swing. Parents calculate the budget for the purchase of new uniforms, shoes and a backpack. So how much does it cost this year to collect a child by September 1, calculated the Moscow 24 TV channel.


Anastasia Golubeva is preparing her eldest daughter for school. Alena is going to the second grade, but her mother is not going to buy a new uniform by September 1. Says it is not cost effective.

“Last year, after September 1, we went to the store, there were mega-discounts, on September 1 we will go with what was left,” she shares. “Remained a skirt and a blouse. then they are invisible."

And the mother of nine-year-old Olya goes to buy new things. Elena Timchenko admits that on the eve of September 1 it is not easy to find something that is not very expensive and fashionable, but she will try. With three children, a woman storms shops. First, she chooses everything for her little daughter.

An elegant sundress costs 2.5 thousand rubles and another 1.5 thousand - a blouse. Another set - a skirt and a white jacket - can be bought for two thousand. Elena took a short time-out, went to look at the shoes of the older sons at the school. One of the twins - Zhenya's eyes fell on crimson sneakers, they cost more than four thousand, but mom can't afford it. The shopping promenade continues.

In addition to the uniform, Elena shares, her daughter needs to buy a school backpack. Olya noticed a satchel with a cat from afar, it is convenient and beautiful, but the price bites - five thousand rubles. In a nearby store everything is cheaper - here you can buy a similar portfolio for 800. A mother of many children was pleasantly surprised by such a difference, but she did not dare to take it yet.

Of all that was planned, Elena managed to buy only sneakers for one of her sons, she found good quality - also with a 70 percent discount. The rest will be bought in mid-September, like Anastasia. So he will spend less nerves in queues, and he will save money.

Antonina Tsytsulina, President of the Association of Enterprises and Industry of Children's Products, spoke about the increase in demand for goods.

"There is an increase in demand, now the season is hot, the last days, parents bring their children from summer camps, from grandparents," she said.

School fever starts two weeks before September 1, experts say. And many parents are not particularly embarrassed by the rise in prices this year.

Experts even compiled a table. So, for example, in 2017, a school uniform cost an average of 1.5 thousand, this has risen in price by 300 rubles. Trousers could be bought for 1200 rubles, now they cost about 1400. Backpacks have become more expensive by 100 rubles, just like pencil cases. Therefore, when and what to buy, each parent decides for himself. Does it make sense to take everything now, or is it better to wait until the prices of goods after the start of the school year will drop slightly.

Free events in honor of the Day of Knowledge will be held in 10 parks in the capital, under the jurisdiction of the Department of Culture. Most of the venues organize events on September 1, and the next day, schoolchildren are welcome in the U Dzhamgarovskiy Pond and Krasnaya Presnya parks.

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