Students And Parents Were Asked To Assess The Quality Of Universities

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Students And Parents Were Asked To Assess The Quality Of Universities
Students And Parents Were Asked To Assess The Quality Of Universities

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As a rule, in Russia, formal indicators are used to assess universities - the number of students and teachers, the number of scientific papers, doctors of sciences, and Nobel laureates. For the first time, Russian experts decided to ask the opinion of students, their parents and teachers, what they think about their university.

To do this, on the Internet, you need to answer nine questions of the questionnaire, such, for example: "Is there complete information on the university website on the rules for admission, expulsion, training?", "Are the rector's phone number and e-mail indicated, data on teachers - academic degree, title, subjects they teach? "," Is it easy to ask a question to the administration of the university? " Students are asked to rate how polite the staff at their university or institute is and rate them on a four-point scale.

All answers will be used for research, which is supported by the Ministry of Education and Science.

Answers to the questionnaire will be accepted until October 23.

Today, many universities have good, information-rich websites and regularly add news and messages. Many even have news feeds, but as far as feedback is concerned, there are difficulties. Not all rectors read e-mail and host a reception on personal matters. On the site, as a rule, a general mailbox is indicated, where complaints, appeals, and spam go. These are hundreds of letters a day. Who and when will be able to grasp the essence and filter? It is also not easy to call the reference numbers indicated on the websites. Unlike the principals of Moscow schools, who were obliged to leave valid mobile phone numbers on their websites, it is unlikely that it will be possible to call university rectors directly.

At MEPhI, the rector's phone number, which is listed on the website, is silent. But in the reception of the vice-rector Elena Vesna the phone was answered. The assistant explained that students rarely call, and parents are much more likely to ask questions. If the issue is really difficult and requires the participation of the vice-rector, the assistant will connect you. It is possible to make an appointment with the vice-rector, but, most likely, they will be accepted in a day or two. Sometimes in a week, but you won't have to wait longer.

In Yekaterinburg, in the reception of the Rector of UrFU Viktor Koksharov, we were told that if the rector has no negotiations and urgent work, then they can immediately connect him with the student. “And there are such calls,” the assistant to the rector said.

At St. Petersburg State University, a virtual reception has been opened on the website, where you can leave a statement or request to the rector. Answers are also published immediately. For example, 16 responses were given on October 14th. Most of the questions are about transfer and admission. The date of the next personal appointment is October 18. You can get an appointment by appointment or on a first come, first served basis every Tuesday.

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