Progressive Work Instead Of Silly Prohibitions

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Progressive Work Instead Of Silly Prohibitions
Progressive Work Instead Of Silly Prohibitions

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After the recent sad events that took place in Russian schools *, the demands to limit the presence of children on the Internet are becoming louder.

For example, the State Duma is going to work out the issue of prohibiting children under 14 years of age from registering on social networks without the written consent of their parents or their legal representatives.

It seems that our lawmakers only know what to prohibit and protect endlessly. There are probably no other ways to solve the problem.

Meanwhile, you need to look into the root and understand the origins of the phenomenon, and not try to fence off schools with barbed wire and put guards with weapons and dogs around the perimeter. The problem, in my opinion, is as old as the world, but, of course, this does not make it any less complex. I'm talking about the eternal conflict between fathers and children.

The fact is that often many parents know absolutely nothing about their children. All their care comes down to the marks in the diary and whether the child ate them on time. Communication with children is limited to these unpretentious topics.

However, you need to be not educators of the "diary and stomach", you need to be friends, have common interests, and just trust each other. And all this in order for the child to discuss all his problems not with anonymous people on the Internet, but with parents who will help and support.

In addition, the forbidden fruit is always sweet, and given the fact that, in general, the younger generation is much more technically advanced than their parents, they will bypass "registration with permission" without difficulty. It is a fact.

But the most important thing, in my opinion, is that all these endless prohibitions, when everything is impossible and everything is controlled, the gap between fathers and children only deepens. Already, there are cases when it is not families who live under the same roof - close and dear people, but completely extraneous individuals who are connected only by a common set of chromosomes. Simply endless "Dislike" named after Andrei Zvyagintsev.

This is both sad and tragic. And we need to think about this rather, perhaps even develop an entire state program. But this is a big and difficult job.

* Personal animosity between two students at school 127 in Perm caused the stabbing that took place on 15 January. As a result of the incident, schoolchildren and a teacher of an educational institution who tried to separate the teenagers were injured.

According to the regional headquarters of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, one of the participants in the quarrel was registered in a neuropsychiatric dispensary.

And on January 19, in the military town of Sosnovy Bor near Ulan-Ude (Buryatia), a ninth grade student Anton Bichivin set fire to an office with a bottle of flammable liquid, and then attacked the seventh grade students with an ax. Six 13-year-old students were injured, as well as a 41-year-old Russian language and literature teacher Irina Ramenskaya.


You can't live life on a smartphone screen

Column of the columnist "VM" Nikita Mironov

The initiative of the State Duma deputy to limit the registration of children in social networks is very correct.

After all, what does a modern child do, barely waking up? That's right, turns on the smartphone. And he climbs into the social network - to see who and how much he "liked". What does he see on social media? Yes, every snowstorm. Links to videos on YouTube, where bloggers “for the little ones” discuss how to put on socks correctly; statements of youngsters like them, reminiscent of inscriptions on a fence or calls to troll some Vasya for behaving incorrectly (more …).

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