Marketer: Trust Your Senses When Buying A Christmas Tree

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Marketer: Trust Your Senses When Buying A Christmas Tree
Marketer: Trust Your Senses When Buying A Christmas Tree

Video: Marketer: Trust Your Senses When Buying A Christmas Tree

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It is planned to open about 300 Christmas tree markets in Moscow this year. They will start working on December 20. Marketing expert Ekaterina Dvornikova told MIR 24 how to choose a tree and which one is better - live or artificial.


- If you take an artificial Christmas tree, what should you pay attention to?

Ekaterina Dvornikova: It is impossible to imagine the New Year without a Christmas tree. It is important not to be mistaken with the choice. You need to pay attention to the manufacturer. You can also pull the needles, but it is better to run your hand along the entire branch - you see that the needles do not crumble, and see how prickly it is. I would recommend abandoning Chinese producers, because now Russian ones make good Christmas trees that can be safely used.

- Do I need to pay attention to the instructions?

Ekaterina Dvornikova: Now there are manufacturers who receive certificates that their trees are made of non-combustible materials. It is even better if there is such a badge on the packaging so that you can immediately see that the tree is safe. I recommend looking at the box when you have chosen a tree.

- What kind of fastening should the tree have?

Ekaterina Dvornikova: Three types of Christmas trees: from two or three parts, the second type is Christmas trees that have a trunk, and each branch is attached separately. And there are cast Christmas trees, which are immediately assembled in a monolith. Monoliths are the most expensive, but I think there is no point in overpaying for them. You can buy a team Christmas tree. The most difficult thing is the Christmas tree, where you have to collect each branch. If you want to save time, buy a multi-piece Christmas tree. You can try assembling it right in the store and see how rigidly everything is attached.

It is important that the tree does not overturn, especially if it is tall and there are many toys on it. Make sure the base is reinforced with a metal structure because plastic is lightweight. Yes, such trees are more expensive, but you will protect yourself from the tree turning over, especially if you have children, cats or dogs.

- Is it worth paying attention to the smell?

Ekaterina Dvornikova: If a Christmas tree has a smell that is not peculiar to it, although there are certainly some aromatized ones, but if there is some kind of artificial smell, do not consider these trees further. I recommend that you trust your senses as much as possible: feel the branches, look at the needles, check the structure, how dense it is. You also need to smell - the smell should alert you that something is wrong in the tree.

- What else can artificial trees be dangerous?

Ekaterina Dvornikova: If you follow the simple rules that I told you about, if you give up Chinese-made trees, I'm not saying that all are of poor quality, no, but believe me, Russian manufacturers have learned how to make good Christmas trees, this will protect you. Look at the certification, if there is one, it means it was produced under the consumer protection law.

We still have to see how flexible the branches are, as there may be toys falling. If the balls are large, there are many of them, then they may fall. Take one branch, bend it, it should come back very quickly. If this is not the case, then such a tree must be abandoned.

- As for live trees, how to choose them?

Ekaterina Dvornikova: A living tree is the best choice. Artificial does not replace it. When you enter an apartment, it is a smell. And the smell means the approach of the New Year - a holiday, fun, new joy.

I recommend buying a live Christmas tree between 24 and 25, because this guarantees that your tree will last at least two to three weeks after the New Year.

You need to look at the cut of the Christmas tree, shake it so that it does not crumble. And look at her trunk. The trunk should be in needles. If they are not there, it means that the tree is old.If the cut is darkened, this also means that it was cut long ago. The cut should be fresh and light. If it has resin on it, it means that the tree is the freshest. You should make sure that the branches are bushy, so that there are no large glades. I take the tree to make it even, because we know that trees are one-sided. If you do not immediately feel the smell, you need to rub two or three needles in your fingers, and then you should have a fresh active smell.

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