Why Is The Level Of Aggression Among Schoolchildren Growing?

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Why Is The Level Of Aggression Among Schoolchildren Growing?
Why Is The Level Of Aggression Among Schoolchildren Growing?

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The level of child and adolescent cruelty seems to be off the charts - third-graders fight like in a fight club, a fifth-grader “terrorist” could only be stopped by the lynching arranged by the parents of the victims. The Ministry of Internal Affairs records an explosive growth of serious crimes among "youngsters". The easiest way is to once again blame the bad examples from social networks for everything, but in fact, the reasons are much more serious.


Last year, almost 26 thousand resources were blocked in social networks that disseminated "destructive information" harmful to children and adolescents. Such information was announced on Thursday by the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltsev. Since January last year, Roskomnadzor has been shutting down social media groups that incite violence in schools. But, judging by the reports of children's conflicts, reaching the point of stabbing, one gets the impression that the level of violence is growing - moreover, the geography seems to be expanding, "from Moscow to the very outskirts."

Last week, the blogosphere was excited by a story from Vladivostok, how parents committed lynching a fifth grader who terrorized their children for several months with impunity, including going to school with a knife. In January, in the village of Abalakovo near Krasnoyarsk, a teenager tried to enter his school with a gun, but he was not allowed. Then he started shooting at the windows and cars near the building. In December last year, a high school student from Ulan-Ude attacked a teacher and classmates at his school with an ax. You can also recall how the last year began - with reports of stabbing in Perm, due to which 15 people were injured, including a teacher and children of 10-12 years old.

The impression is that the capital is not lagging behind - on Thursday, a teenager with a blow broke a high school student's jaw during a break in a Moscow school. But, alas, reports of teenage unmotivated aggression have become commonplace. The story that happened the day before was shocking.

As you might guess, we are talking about a mass brawl of third-grader girls in Moscow school 67, which is located in one of the most prestigious districts of the capital, Dorogomilovsky. The girls, according to "Komsomolskaya Pravda", first beat their ten-year-old classmate with backpacks, then fists were used. One of the "kids" was filming a beating of a classmate and then a fight with her mobile phone. Bottom line: three girls were admitted to hospitals with traumatic brain injury, abdominal trauma and concussion.

On the same day, the Perm regional portal Local Time reported: an 11-year-old child was taken to hospital with abdominal and head injuries after a fight at school.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the impression that the number of child crimes is growing is false. And judging by police statistics, the number of such offenses has been declining for a decade. However, and this is extremely important, the cruelty of children increases. And it is growing seriously, the Ministry of Internal Affairs notes: the growth of grave and especially grave crimes over the past year was 17%.

“A few days ago, there was a fight in one of the schools near Moscow. Both participants, pupils of the 9th grade, ended up in the hospital. One with a broken jaw, the other with a concussion. The reason was a girl who was liked by both, but preferred only one. I am the girl's father, - Alexander K., a resident of the Moscow region, told the VZGLYAD newspaper - This whole story is extremely unpleasant for me, because

in the children's environment, in schools, aggression takes on adult features."

Outwardly, the reasons for conflicts are very diverse. In the case of ninth-graders near Moscow, this is, at first glance, a "romantic enmity." In the case of Moscow third-graders, problems with the newcomer, who, they say, provoked aggression.In the Perm school - just "games at recess". And the fact that cases of school violence periodically fall into the spotlight of the whole country is “blamed” by all the same social networks and Youtube. “Cases of violence are more often recorded and posted on the Internet. What was previously hidden is now becoming the property of the public,”Daria Khalturina, a sociologist and senior researcher at the Higher School of Economics, told the VZGLYAD newspaper.

Psychologist, psychotherapist Inna Pasechnik also told VZGLYAD newspaper that information about what is happening outside the school walls has become more open. “Now, in the event of an injury, the school is obliged to call an ambulance, and if an ambulance arrives, the case, as a rule, goes to the police and is registered,” explained Pasechnik.

But this is already a "matter of technology." The question is - what are the reasons for the increased aggressiveness of children and adolescents? The father of a ninth-grader from the Moscow region, because of which there was a fight, believes: "The reason for this is not only the usual withdrawal syndrome at this age, imitation of adulthood … The reason and the overload of" educational content ", fears of examinations on the Unified State Exam."

“If a child is not successful in school, then the teacher, often unwillingly, turns other children against him. Then a story called "school bullying" unfolds,

and when a child begins to feel unhappy at school, he moves on to aggressive actions and to trial with his fists,”notes Inna Pasechnik.

On the question of those who load schoolchildren with "educational content", but in theory, should be responsible for behavior with diligence.

Now the police are checking, finding out what the teachers did during the fight of the third-graders in the Doromilov school. According to preliminary information, they did nothing.

“Let's talk about what teachers and school administrators have become. They receive money to ensure the conduct of the educational process. Within the walls of the school, safety is their responsibility,”Yekaterina Shulman, associate professor of the Institute of Social Sciences of the RANEPA, told the VZGLYAD newspaper. Therefore, she continues, the blame for this situation lies with the school leadership and teachers, because it was allowed.

But is it all necessary to blame the teachers?

“What did the monsters turn the school into, which united schools for gifted children, for deaf and mentally retarded children, secondary schools into a huge complex, where one director - who does not know, does not see and does not understand what is happening in his school there.

And the teachers were left in a very difficult, difficult situation. And the children were also very lost from this. It is impossible to see everyone among 1200 people, to consider everyone's problems, to help create a normal atmosphere, "Elena Morozova, director of the Center for psychological and pedagogical support of the family" Useful children ", told the VZGLYAD newspaper.

In the end - and here the blame must be placed on school psychologists - the child's anger and aggression may be the result of a clinical depression or sub-depressive state that was not noticed in time, notes Inna Pasechnik. We add that other unrecognized problems are possible, up to neuropsychiatric ones (for example, the increasingly common ADHD - "attention deficit hyperactivity disorder").

“We have a lot of frankly sick children who have poor pain regulation. They do not cope very well with those impulses, in particular aggressive ones, that arise for them, - notes Morozova. “Some children openly need treatment, while others just need social assistance, parental assistance and specialist help.”

But there is simply not enough psychologists - as the Minister of Education Olga Vasilyeva spoke about last year: only 800 specialists work in schools today, 400 specialists work in kindergartens. "And we recall that there are more than 40 thousand schools in the country," the minister stated.

Finally, but not least, let us mention the most "difficult" - the sociopsychological factor. Questions also arise for parents.Aggression of children, according to Pasechnik, is directly related to changes in the lifestyle of fathers and mothers - children began to receive less attention, since the latter are inclined to make money and spend less time with children. The lack of parental attention, for obvious reasons, has a stronger effect “here and now” on junior schoolchildren (and then, it may come back to haunt even in adolescence).

“Children are often abandoned. And this does not mean that the family is dysfunctional, but the children obviously do not receive any emotional participation,”said clinical psychologist Elena Morozova.

“Babysitters began to take part in raising children,” adds Pasechnik. "The nanny itself is not bad, but if the nanny changes every three months, then the child is constantly in anxiety, without a sense of security." But this, rather, should be attributed to children from wealthy families - perhaps it was these who sent their children to the capital's school in Dorogomilov.

But sometimes pure sociology and economics come into play. For 2018, there are some alarming statistics, and, in Moscow, regarding child and adolescent crime, notes Ekaterina Shulman. “It's not that the growth of aggression is, rather, the growth of poverty. These are not the things that end up on social media, not the third graders who got into a fight in class. These are children who are trying to take something from the store or rob their own kind: they take away money or things, - the expert points out. - This crime with obvious economic implications: families have become poorer.

Those who did not have enough for clothes began to miss for food.

Accordingly, children and adolescents, as best they can, are trying to solve this problem in this way."

Let us recall the conclusions presented by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Vyacheslav Lebedev in mid-February: “The main causes of juvenile delinquency are social. Of the minors convicted in 2018, 45% grew up in an incomplete family, 10% outside the family, 27% did not work or study, 14% were intoxicated.

Note that in the case of a ninth-graders fight in a school near Moscow, it was not only that "the guys had a fight over a girl." “In my case, my daughter’s chosen one is a guy from a poor family, and the one who was retired, the father of a colonel of a well-known department, brings him to school and picks him up by car, and our hero modestly arrives on a bicycle,” said the father of the 9th grade student, Alexander K. - So, when a fight broke out, the colonel's son shouted: "Poverty, you take on a lot, you need to teach you who to be afraid of …". In our time, this was not practiced. Times were different."

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