A Loud Street And Six Zhans. Six Books To Read With Children

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A Loud Street And Six Zhans. Six Books To Read With Children
A Loud Street And Six Zhans. Six Books To Read With Children

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On weekends, employees of Moscow libraries tell mos.ru readers about books that the whole family might like. The head of the library 126 Anna Solovyova advises the youngest readers to acquaint the youngest readers with the stories of Astrid Lindgren and Tamara Kryukova, and older children - with the fantasy of Andrei Zhvalevsky and Evgenia Pasternak.



Children from Gorlastaya Street by Astrid Lindgren

Good literature must be taught from early childhood. This includes the works of the Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren. Everyone knows the characters created by her: a man in the prime of Karlson's powers, a strong girl Pippi Longstocking, a bully from Lenneberg Emil and a brave daughter of a robber Roni.

In addition to them, Lindgren has another younger heroine - a funny girl with a lively Lotta character. Together with brother Yunas and sister Mia Maria, they sometimes put on their ears the whole street on which they live. Their antics, the instigator of which is the stubborn Lotta, will make both adults and children smile. The book has a sequel - "About Lotte from Gorlastaya Street". In it, the girl becomes two years older, she turns five years old. Astrid Lindgren wrote the first part of the dilogy in 1958, and the second in 1961, at about the same time as the first two books about Carlson.

"House upside down" by Tamara Kryukova

Another funny story for kids is "House Upside Down", created by Tamara Kryukova, laureate of various literary awards. The book is very popular in our library.

Not a single day goes by for the girl Agatha without adventures and funny stories, and all because she has an unusual friend - Trishka. He comes only to children, and adults cannot see him. Because of his pranks, Agatha finds herself in the corner again every evening - punished, but quite happy with how the day went.

Older guys

"We are all from Bullerby" by Astrid Lindgren

I would like to recommend another book written by Astrid Lindgren. Her childhood was spent in a village in the province of Småland - in her father's small homeland. In 1947, when Astrid was already 40 years old, she wrote the story "We are all from Bullerby", inspired by nostalgia for childhood and Smoland flavor.

You will love the story of seven-year-old Lizzie facing cognitive dissonance. Mom considers her already old enough to, for example, wash the dishes, and the older brothers Bosse and Lasse do not accept playing Indians, because she is small for them.

If you like this book, be sure to read the sequels - "Again about the children from Bullerby" ("And again about us, children from Bullerby") and "We have fun in Bullerby".

"The Adventures of a Family from Cherbourg" by Jean-Philippe Arrou-Vignot

"The Adventures of a Family from Cherbourg" is a series of seven books about the most ordinary French family, with which something is constantly happening. It is interesting that all the heroes are called almost the same: dad - Jean, mother - Jeannine, six sons - also Zhany, their names differ only in letter - A, B, C, D, D and E. Many episodes are the author - by the way, by name Jean - took from his childhood, he also grew up with several brothers.

I like the name of the books: "Omelet with sugar", "Flying cheese", "Soup from goldfish", "Chocolate holidays", "Cherry on the cake", "Shish kebab from radishes", "Pea for six". Don't be fooled by the titles - the stories have nothing to do with cookbooks. I am sure that each of these books will provide you with more than one fun family evening. Together with the children, you will laugh at the tricks of the Zhan brothers - after all, in a family with six boys it simply cannot be boring.

From experience I can say that children read this series of books voraciously and demand more.


"Time is always good" by Andrey Zhvalevsky and Evgeniya Pasternak

In my opinion, this is one of the best books for teenagers at the moment. 10 years ago, the tandem of writers received the Alice award for her, and a year later the book took third place in the All-Russian Kniguru competition.

This is a fantastic story in which a boy from 1980 finds himself in 2018, and a girl from the modern world goes back in time. They both have to figure out which is better - computers with gadgets or playing in the yard with friends. Or maybe there are pluses everywhere?

Our readers, when they return this book back, say that it is impossible to tear yourself away from it.

"Bald Devils" by Artem Lyakhovich

Bald Devils is a short story about two modern teenagers Mark and Lyanka, friendship, family values ​​and teenage rebellion. In 2016, she took second place in the Kniguru literature competition for children and adolescents.

The characters are very different in character, but both are lonely and have difficulties in families - this is what unites them. In the end, the guys decide on an adventure: to escape from the house to the Blue Lake. For Marik, it is associated with the happiest childhood memory.

Setting off on a journey, they do not even suspect what difficulties and dangers await them. Lyanka, for example, thinks that a bank card can solve any issue. This is partly true, but the card only helps as long as you have it, and losing it is very easy.

For more excellent books verified by readers of children's libraries and their staff, see the Librarian Tips section.

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