New Public Spaces Provide Jobs And Economic Growth

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New Public Spaces Provide Jobs And Economic Growth
New Public Spaces Provide Jobs And Economic Growth

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Video: Amanda Burden: How public spaces make cities work 2023, January

One of the winners was the city of Semikarakorsk, Rostov Region, where the banks of the Old Don, connected by a suspension bridge, were landscaped. An active area with a beach, a water slide, playgrounds for playing with water and sand, and a walking area with observation points appeared here. Now the territory is visited by about a thousand people on weekends and holidays, on weekdays in the summer - about 500, the beach is very popular. "A commercial rope park has opened on the site, a point of sale of drinks has appeared. The restaurant is being completed," lists the director of the center of competence for the development of the urban environment of the Rostov region, Alexander Kharchenko. "A cafe is being built near the beach, there is a rowing sports school nearby, and a rental service appears." The space has become popular not only among local residents, but throughout the region, many specially go to Semikarakorsk to look at the suspension bridge and walk along the embankment.


The Sei Pan embankment in the town of Beloyarskiy, Khanty-Mansiysk District, was solemnly opened in early September. There used to be an unkempt river bank here. And although the project has barely appeared, local authorities have already noted that new jobs have appeared (49 people have been employed), 22 entrepreneurs have become more active. "The implementation of the project allowed us to create a platform for the development of new ideas in the field of business and services, to give an impetus for the growth of business activity and improve the investment climate of the city," said Kamila Rizayeva, chief specialist of the Center of Competence on Urban Environment of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug.

Improvement is an opportunity to quickly transform a city, changes can be seen within a year, says Irina Ilyina, director of the Institute for Regional Studies and Urban Planning. And, as a rule, this is the beginning of large-scale processes that are changing the urban economy. First, the demand for building materials and landscape design elements (flowers, tree seedlings, benches, etc.) increases. When large-scale landscaping work began throughout the country, the production of paving slabs immediately increased by 10-15%.

Then a service economy develops near the landscaped areas - points of sale of ice cream and water appear, cafes and attractions open. "On average, after the improvement, the flow of visitors to the streets grows by about 30%," Ilyina notes. The next stage is to increase the rent for premises in the vicinity of the renovated streets and walking areas. This brings additional income both to the budget (from municipal property) and to other owners.

The rental rate after the improvement of the territories increased by 2.5 times

It is important not only to put the city in order, but also to think over an original idea, as, for example, in Myshkin. Arrange interesting sculptures, original benches, make photo zones. Fairs and other events can be held. Then tourists will go to the city, and this is new business opportunities (selling souvenirs, organizing excursions and unusual entertainment), new jobs and an increase in taxes to the city budget.

In France, after the improvement of the central street in the city of Bordeaux, sales in restaurants and shops increased by 40% in the same year, Ilyina says, that is, the improvement almost immediately began to pay off due to the growth of tax revenues. In Russia, this is still difficult to assess, since large-scale urban improvement began not so long ago, Ilyina notes.

Landscaping can often change the negative image of an urban area.“We had an experience when the renovation of the building and the surrounding area was carried out with fairly cheap solutions, after which it appeared in a new form. Passers-by unexpectedly noticed that it was not so bad here, even quite cozy,” says the head of the architectural bureau, the finalist of the program architects.rf Nikita Malikov. For example, in Tyumen, several small buildings were put in order in residential areas, where 60% of the area was unclaimed. After the renovation of the facades, the creation of a unified design code and the improvement of the adjacent territory, the occupancy rate increased to 90%. The rental rate has grown 2.5 times for buildings located next to a public transport stop, and twice for the rest. Visitor traffic has increased tenfold, and after people began to take pictures and upload photos on social networks, even tourists began to come here.

Projects for the improvement of park and recreational zones have several tasks of different levels, from local to strategic, says Anton Bavykin, head of the architectural workshop of the 4th Urban Planning Institute for Spatial Modeling and Development "Giprogorproekt". The park can become the hallmark of a city - like, for example, Central Park in New York or the Bois de Boulogne in Paris - and stir up investor interest in the adjacent territories and increase their capitalization. So, in Chicago, over the decade after the appearance of Millennium Park, the number of residential buildings in the area has grown by 57%, rent increased by 25-40%.

In addition to the economic effect in the short term (such as an increase in the value of real estate, an increase in the average size of a check in public catering, an increase in the turnover of trade enterprises, the emergence of new economic entities), changes in cities can lead to larger changes. But for this, it is necessary to deal not only with landscaping, but also with the integrated development of territories, the formation of a high-quality and comfortable urban environment, in the professional environment these concepts differ, emphasizes Emil Marquart, professor of the Department of Territorial Development of the Institute of Social Sciences of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration. It is a comfortable environment that often helps to retain or attract human capital; it is not for nothing that its provision has become one of the national development goals.

There are about a thousand cities in Russia that can take part in the All-Russian competition for the best projects for creating a comfortable urban environment in small towns and historical settlements, the Ministry of Construction reports.

Potential bidders often have fewer opportunities, including financial ones, to implement projects and attract investors than large cities. There are also restrictions related to the historical character of the settlements. Therefore, the competition is an effective tool to support the socio-economic development of small towns and historical settlements. The high quality of the urban environment increases the capitalization of real estate and business objects, and gives an impetus to the development of the service sector. In addition, teams are emerging in cities who have learned how to work on complex, complex projects. The experience of planning the development of the territory is accumulating, the practice of interdepartmental interaction appears, the Ministry of Construction emphasizes.

Only thanks to the projects - winners of the IV competition, the results of which were summed up in September, it is predicted that about 10 thousand jobs will be created, and pedestrian traffic in the newly developed territories will amount to almost 50 million people.

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