Distance Learning On The Internet. How Will It Be Useful For Children?

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Distance Learning On The Internet. How Will It Be Useful For Children?
Distance Learning On The Internet. How Will It Be Useful For Children?

Video: Distance Learning On The Internet. How Will It Be Useful For Children?

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Video: The effect of distance learning on children 2023, January

Compliance with the "home regime" has been extended in Moscow until April 30. This is done in order to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. It's not easy for mothers with children: you can't walk, children's educational institutions are closed. How to keep your child busy?


Moscow educational TV channel - https://mosobr.tv/ has prepared two cycles of interactive classes: "Interesting Day" - every weekday from 9:00 to 13:00 and "Class Schedule" - every day from 9:00 to 12:20. The best teachers of the city will be selected for the children. Education is carried out in all subjects of the school curriculum.

The Moscow Center for the Development of Human Resources in Education (MCRKPO) has come up with a program in a virtual format. Mastering the tool itself, which begins with an acquaintance with video 360, opens up new opportunities for students, both in educational and future professional activities, because computer graphics and modeling are one of the main components of the process of creating video 360.

Exciting theatrical performances can be viewed on the portal https://www.osd.ru/txtinf.asp?tx=4799. Let the child or teenager choose what they like. For example, the musical performance "Treasure Island", staged by the famous director Yevgeny Pisarev together with Denis Filimonov. "Piastres, piastres", - the parrot will shout, the old pirate will receive the "black mark", the robbers will seize the ship, but good will still prevail over evil, because a brave and honest boy will make the right move, and friends will come to his aid.

A more gentle production - "Alice Through the Looking Glass". Beautiful costumes, music and special effects are mesmerizing and help the viewer to recreate that very surreal dream atmosphere from the fairy tale of Lewis Carroll. All details are thought out to the smallest detail. The director of the play is a nominee for the Golden Mask award - Ivan Popovski.

Another useful activity, which is usually not enough time, is reading aloud to the child. In the process of reading, it is quite realistic to understand what the child feels, what problems he is experiencing. The portal https://www.kino-teatr.ru/blog/y2015/7-22/681/ has collected on its pages fairy tales of different genres and for every taste. For example, the favorite fairy tale "Mary Poppins" - the action of the film takes place in England, in London. "Icy Granddaughter" is an online fairy tale based on the Russian folk tale "Snow Maiden". The storyline is developing rapidly. There is also love, cunning and kindness. The complicated and happy story of the Snow Maiden.

There is more free time for the whole family to get together and sit comfortably, for example, watching a movie. But then the question arises: what can you see with a child? It is necessary that the cinema be kind and informative, and that adults do not fall asleep. On the website of the Mosfilm film studio, you can find a suitable film, they are sorted both by personalities (directors, actors) and by genres. (https://cinema.mosfilm.ru/).

If a child likes to search and learn new information, the online quiz service is suitable for him: https://viktorina.talanty-russia.ru/. The portal contains quizzes on various topics of the school curriculum: music, geography, natural history, history, mathematics. There are quizzes on the knowledge of traffic rules and fire safety.

What about physical activity? After all, for children, movement is a very important process of organizing leisure. The easiest way is to do exercises. And so that the child does not get bored - come up with him and himself images or characters. You can think of walking around the zoo, seeing animals and repeating their movements. This can be a more holistic plot, for example, you go on a hike: you march, jump over a river, set up a tent. All this is accompanied by large motor movements.For the older ones, exercises from physical education lessons are suitable. It doesn't take long and is good for your health. Such activities are an opportunity for a child to be active indoors. You can dance, play a twister, do it in your hallway with classic duct tape, ride scooters or rollerblades in the hallway. The main thing is to be very careful and better under the supervision of your parents.

The preschool education teacher Oksana Mamycheva believes that:

“A quest game is suitable for any age. You can adjust the complexity yourself. Children love to search for treasure by maps and hints. Also try to build an obstacle course from improvised means, come up with a plot of the game. Or you can go on an imaginary trip: make a list of things, collect an old backpack, walk on the map - this can be associated with elements of a quest. The benefit of these tasks is that the quest is aimed at self-education and development of the child as a creative person. At the end of the quarantine, you can make a photo album or a wall newspaper "How we carried out the quarantine." Then the child can bring it from kindergarten or elementary school to tell and show everyone. The very task of making such an album can captivate a child.

During self-isolation at home, teenagers' interest in video games skyrocketed. There are several genres: The most popular are: Minecraft is an indie sandbox game with survival elements and an open world. In style, the game world is entirely made up of blocks (terrain, items, mobs, player), and textures are used for texturing; the legendary Need for Speed ​​races, The Sims 4 is the sequel to the popular life simulator, MORTAL KOMBAT X is a story-driven game with a rich program, Grand Theft Auto 6 is an action game with shooter and racing elements in a huge open world. Almost all existing platforms have started offering discounts. The Steam gaming service is constantly updating the list of discounts on games, so we recommend that you periodically monitor the offers, perhaps there will soon appear (or already have) a discount on the game that you have long wanted to play. Fans of Sony game consoles will receive great discounts at PlayStation.Store; it is also recommended to stay tuned to the list of discounts. Owners of consoles from Microsoft can find out about all existing discounts on the Xbox portal. For fans of mobile games, a lot of lucrative offers have appeared (many games have become free) in the Google Play and AppStore stores.

Doctor expert Anton Naumov will tell about the pros and cons of computer games: “For an adult, the introduction of computer games into his life will be rather quick fun, relaxation after a working day, then he returns to his previous occupations and hobbies. The child's perception is different, as is the level of responsibility towards others: children behave carelessly, they are not responsible for anything, so they are really likely to disappear into virtual reality. Parents should not forbid their child to play games, on the contrary, he should be comfortable with a computer and other equipment. The main thing here is to instill good taste and teach people to use computer technologies in moderation. Well, and, of course, it would be nice to understand the games. Useful simulator games or with educational interactive programs (for example, studying the world of dinosaurs in 3D), games with a therapeutic focus (for example, a doctor) and the most popular ones, that is, games for fun, where the child can feel like a superhero. The main thing is to limit the time spent at the computer. Recommended no more than 2 hours.

There are many opportunities in the modern world. An adult together with a child can choose an interesting activity.

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