Emmanuel Vitorgan Showed His Eldest Daughter's Favorite Toy

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Emmanuel Vitorgan Showed His Eldest Daughter's Favorite Toy
Emmanuel Vitorgan Showed His Eldest Daughter's Favorite Toy

Video: Emmanuel Vitorgan Showed His Eldest Daughter's Favorite Toy

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The teddy bear sings in the voice of the actor's friend.


People's Artist of Russia Emmanuel Vitorgan is a father of many children. He has three daughters and a son. During the days of forced self-isolation, the artist spends a lot of time with children from his third wife Irina Mlodik. The couple are raising two-year-old daughter Ethel and nine-month-old Clara. The artist has already admitted that he is very glad to have the opportunity to constantly be with his wife and daughters. It is not surprising that in his family Instagram account, Emmanuel Vitorgan now often publishes videos and photos about them. So, a few hours ago, the actor decided to talk about his middle daughter's favorite toy.

Now this is our Ethel's favorite toy! The voice of our friend Joseph Davidovich Kobzon sounds! We always tell her about him … She turns on the music and says "Yosya is singing …",

- wrote Emmanuel Vitorgan.

"A very nice little girl … Doll", "I look straight and smile! Honey !! ️ "," Here the girl is not bored. Nice toy”,“What a beautiful girl! And the hair is a miracle !!! "," Little lovely !!! "," What can be dearer and dearer? ️ ️ ️ ", - responded subscribers in the comments.

Recall that at the end of February last year, Emmanuel Vitorgan and his wife Irina Mlodik had their first common daughter. Ethel was born quite large and strong - her weight was more than 4600 grams, and her height was 54 centimeters. The IVF procedure helped Irina Mlodik get pregnant. The woman claims that she gave birth to a baby on her own. The actor and his wife do not hide the fact that a nanny helps them to raise a child. But the baby herself does not cause unnecessary trouble. And last year, the famous couple reported another good news - they had a daughter again, whom they named Clara.

The newborn daughter became the fourth child for Emmanuel Vitorgan. From his first marriage, the actor has a daughter, Ksenia (who gave the star father grandchildren Alexander and Nikita). From the second marriage - the son Maxim (who gave the father of the grandchildren Polina, Daniel, Plato). Also, Emanuel Vitorgan has great-grandchildren Mark and Alisa (children of Alexandra's granddaughter).

Photo: Instagram / @emmanuil_vitorgan

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