Regina Todorenko Admitted That She Stopped Breastfeeding Her Son

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Regina Todorenko Admitted That She Stopped Breastfeeding Her Son
Regina Todorenko Admitted That She Stopped Breastfeeding Her Son

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The celebrity was surprised that even work did not prevent her from being a nursing mother for several months.


The famous TV presenter Regina Todorenko, together with the popular singer Vlad Topalov, is raising a son, Mikhail. Now the boy is already 1 year and 3 months old, and the other day Regina finished breastfeeding him. The star dedicated her last post to this event on the Instagram social network. The star is surprised that she managed not to complete breastfeeding for so long, because she did not go on maternity leave and almost immediately began working after the birth of the baby.

1 year and 3 beautiful months of lactation Who would have thought that in such a crazy schedule, this is possible. And no, these were not frozen tons of milk in the refrigerator, which were fed to our son's grandmothers, nannies, and aunts (although I have nothing against bottle feeding). I was just so deeply imbued with motherhood that I did not want to leave Michael at home and took him everywhere with me,

- said Regina Todorenko.

The star noted that she did not have the opportunity to go on maternity leave. And she didn't even want to quit her job, even for a while. Therefore, the boy, whom his parents often call Michael, often slept in the dressing rooms next to the set where his mother was.

“I worked and then rushed to feed. May God grant that every girl experiences the most pleasant emotions from this magical process. Indeed, it is at such moments that the most incredible energy is exchanged! I did not have strict feeding schedules, I acted at the call of our baby. There were periods when the night meal was repeated every 2 hours. And when the kites flocked around with their "good advice" on how to feed the baby properly or "it would be time to turn off lactation already", it wildly infuriated me and distracted me from the internal dialogue with my son. Now I understand the importance of feeding. This is not only about health, necessary microelements, immunity, etc., it is about harmony, mental attitude, spiritual connection, love,”- Regina shared her thoughts. She added that anything can happen in life and she does not condemn women who feed a child with formula. However, she now has a very strong respect for moms who have been breastfeeding for several months.

Note that Vlad and Regina adore their son and devote a lot of time to him. Moreover, dad does not lag behind mom in this matter. For example, Vlad Topalov in his blog told how he calms his son. For this, the singer tries to gently hum in the child's ear and hug the baby tightly.

Note that, while waiting for their son, Regin Todorenko and Vlad Topalov hid the upcoming replenishment for a long time. Regina later explained that for her pregnancy is "a very personal event." True, in one of the interviews Vlad Topalov talked about his future fatherhood and his attitude to his beloved. According to the artist, he perceives the meeting with Regina as a real miracle.

The couple played a secret wedding on October 25. On this day, Vlad and Regina's father (who turned 55) celebrated their birthday, and the lovers decided to suddenly combine all three holidays. A little later, this summer, a big celebration took place in Italy, to which the couple invited all their relatives and friends.

Photo, video: Instagram @reginatodorenko, @vladtopalovofficial

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