Irina Slutskaya Explained Why She Decided On A Child At 40

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Irina Slutskaya Explained Why She Decided On A Child At 40
Irina Slutskaya Explained Why She Decided On A Child At 40

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The celebrity is sure that this issue needs to be approached consciously.


The famous figure skater, Honored Master of Sports of Russia, TV presenter Irina Slutskaya recently became a mother of many children. She gave birth to a daughter, who received the name Cyrus. And on the eve of her 41st birthday, the skater told Letidor why it was easy for her to decide on a third child at that age.

I've always wanted at least three kids

- Irina Slutskaya noted almost at the very beginning of the conversation.

She is sure that age does not matter when it comes to having children. The main thing is that the person himself and his body are ready for this step.

I believe that at 40 you cannot do some spontaneous things. There are doctors for this who check your health and give their recommendations. And there are always fears, because the birth of a child is not an entirely simple process at 28, 30, and 40,

- said the TV presenter.

She added that for her family, the birth of Kira was a deliberate step. “We really wanted this child! And the doctors gave the go-ahead. Our next step is for the child to live in love and care,”added Irina Slutskaya.

Interestingly, the celebrity is not at all familiar with the concept of "postpartum depression". After the birth of children, she always feels a state of heightened joy and is happy to deal with all maternal issues. At the same time, the star is not afraid of problems at work. Irina Slutskaya is confident that if she wants, my mother can do everything. Even if she has three children.

You can learn more about the skater's family in a special interview with Letidora.

Recall that Irina Slutskaya is married to businessman Alexei Govyrin. The man proposed to the athlete on February 14, 2018, and on June 23, they secretly signed. Soon, at the end of May 2019, it became known about the third pregnancy of the skater. Officially, the celebrity did not make any statements, but did not hide the rounded tummy. And in December, in the program "The Fate of a Man". Irina confessed to the host Boris Korchevnikov that her daughter Kira was born.

The older children of the skater were born in a different marriage. So, since 1999, the skater has been married to physical education teacher Sergei Mikheev. In 2007, the couple had a son, Artem, in 2010, a daughter, Varvara, was born. After almost 17 years of marriage, Irina Slutskaya divorced the father of her children.

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