Difficult Children Of Famous Parents

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Difficult Children Of Famous Parents
Difficult Children Of Famous Parents

Video: Difficult Children Of Famous Parents

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Video: These Famous Parents of Kids With Down Syndrome Change The World | ⭐OSSA 2023, January

The heirs of famous surnames often try to maintain the family's reputation. However, sometimes the sons and daughters of celebrities prefer to rebel against the foundations and shock the public with their actions or appearance. These star kids definitely don't want to be overshadowed by their parents.

1. Denis Shalnykh. Elena Yakovleva is one of the most famous Russian actresses. On account of her cult "Intergirl", films "Anchor, still anchor!", "Retro threesome", "The last hero", the series "Petersburg secrets" and, of course, the saga about the investigator Anastasia Kamenskaya. But the son of Yakovleva Denis is known not at all for creativity, but for his shocking appearance. The guy became interested in tattoos as a teenager, so now more than 70 percent of his bodies are covered with drawings. By the age of 26, Denis has not yet decided on a profession, but Elena does not upset. She is glad that her son is engaged in bodybuilding, does not smoke or drink alcohol.

2. Alesya Kafelnikova. Alesya's father, tennis player Yevgeny Kafelnikov, is the most titled tennis player in Russia, who won the Grand Slam tournament and the 2000 Olympics. In the late nineties, Eugene got married, a daughter appeared in the family, but three years later the couple divorced, and the girl remained with her father. Today Alesa is 20 years old, but she already has a rather turbulent life behind her. The girl not only starred in clips and took part in photo shoots, but also managed to become addicted to illegal drugs and get acquainted with anorexia.

Watch the video and learn about the tragic fate of the children of the musician Vladimir Kuzmin.

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