13 Pics Of Adorable Young Moms Who Are Easily Mistaken For Their Daughters

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13 Pics Of Adorable Young Moms Who Are Easily Mistaken For Their Daughters
13 Pics Of Adorable Young Moms Who Are Easily Mistaken For Their Daughters

Video: 13 Pics Of Adorable Young Moms Who Are Easily Mistaken For Their Daughters

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Vera Brezhneva and daughter Sonya


Vera Brezhneva, the famous Russian singer, keeps up with her daughter Sonya. Vera is 37 years old, her daughter is 18. But in the photo they look like they are the same age. Self-care, proper nutrition and intense training do the trick. Miley Cyrus and her mother Tish

Miley is 27 years old, her mother, American actress Tish, is 52 years old. In the photo together it seems as if there are two sisters nearby. Miley's mother manages to look young and keep up with her famous daughter. Christie Brinkley (right) and her daughter Alexa

Christie Brinkley is an American actress. Amazingly, Christie is already 65 years old, but she still looks like she has revealed the secret of youth and beauty. In the photo with her daughter, she boldly poses in a swimsuit and is not afraid to demonstrate her figure. Zoe Kravitz (left) and her mother Lisa Bonet

The mother of the famous actress Zoe Kravitz is 52 years old. Not only has Zoe inherited her mom's best features. Lisa Bonet was also an actress and became a role model for her daughter. Lisa, 52, looks impressive and looks like Zoe is her friend. Lori Loughlin and her daughter Olivia Jade

Just look at Laurie Loughlin. The actress is 55 years old and looks absolutely stunning. It is no coincidence that she loves to take pictures with her young daughter, because in the photo there are like two sisters. Yasmine Le Bon and her daughter Amber

The English model, which was at the peak of popularity in the 80s, is now also trying to keep up, and demonstrates real beauty. Yasmin is 55 years old, but looking at this picture, it seems as if there is a young beauty nearby. Demi Moore and her daughter Rumer Willis

The American actress is 57 years old. Her daughter Rumer is now 31. Just look, Demi seems younger than her own daughter. Well, with a mom like that, Rumer will have to match. Reese Witherspoon and her daughter Ava

American actress Reese is 43 years old. Her daughter Ave is 19 years old. Reese is so careful about herself that she may well compete with her own daughter in her youth and beauty. Cindy Crawford and her daughter Kaia

Cindy Crawford is 53 years old. Her daughter Kaia is just an exact copy of her mother. Cindy tries to preserve her beauty and is in no way inferior to her daughter. Kendall Jenner and her mom Chris

Kris Jenner gave the world the famous model Kendall. Now Chris is 64 years old, and she is not going to lag behind her daughter. Polina Maksimova and her mother Svetlana

The Russian actress can boast of the beauty and youth of her mother, Svetlana. In the joint photo, it is difficult to distinguish where the daughter is and where the mother is, the girls are so much alike.

And among ordinary girls there are examples when mothers look so young that they ask about her: "Is this a sister?" Left - mom, right - daughter

Looking at this picture, it is difficult to understand where the mother is and where the daughter is. Like sisters

Not only celebrities manage to maintain youth and beauty through the years. The photo is a vivid example.

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