Hamlet, Peresvet, Malina And Joy: What Names Were Chosen In Moscow For Children In 2020

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Hamlet, Peresvet, Malina And Joy: What Names Were Chosen In Moscow For Children In 2020
Hamlet, Peresvet, Malina And Joy: What Names Were Chosen In Moscow For Children In 2020

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Since the beginning of 2020, the first documents have been issued in the capital for more than 100 thousand newborns. There were slightly more boys than girls - 51.5 and 48.5 percent, respectively.


“More than 45 percent of mothers had their first child, more than 35 percent had their second, and about 15 percent of children were born third in the family. Almost 1,300 couples have twins and 18 families have triplets. The peak of the birth rate fell in the summer: then more than 36.5 thousand babies were born,”the press service of the Moscow social development complex said.

As noted in the department, the townspeople quite often chose original and sonorous names for the kids. Among the women, one can distinguish Malina (this name was given to five babies), Joy and Madonna (each of them named two newborns), as well as Russia (one girl received this name). The parents of the boys also showed imagination: the name Cosmos was given to two babies, another newborn was named Lucifer.

There were also such non-trivial names as Olympius, Olympina, Olympiada and Stalin. In addition, children born in 2020 were named after the seasons or months: three girls were named Spring and August, one boy was named Julian.

Some gave children names that are famous in world literature. Five babies were named Hamlets, and the same number were named Oliver. Three little Muscovites were registered under the name of the heroine of the story "Scarlet Sails" by Alexander Grin Assol.

The tendency to choose Greek, Latin and Old Slavic names continued. For example, seven Lyubavs, four Agathias, one Agrippina and one Lyubomila were registered. Six boys were named Tryphon. Also, among the boys, the names Yaropolk, Odysseus, Ermolai, Svetozar, Elizar and Yenisei were repeatedly encountered. One little Muscovite was named Vlastislav, Volodomir, Dragoslav, Peresvet and Feofan.

In addition, both boys and girls were given double names in 2020. Among them are Alisa-Vasilisa, Daisy-Anastasia, Ivanna Sofia, Linda-Maria, Martin-Pavel, Nikita Peter, Victor Stefan, Dylan Sasha.

The most popular names remained, as before, Sofia (Sophia) - so called 2375 little Muscovites - and Alexander, this name was given to 2119 newborn Muscovites.

The five common female names, like last year, are Maria (1878), Anna (1746), Alice (1446) and Victoria (1422). Miroslava, Stefania, Miya are gaining more and more popularity among female names. If 20 years ago girls were most often called Catherine, then this year this name did not even make it into the top ten common.

The most popular male names are also unchanged from last year. The second most common was Mikhail (1962), the third - Maxim (1855). The boys were also called Artem (1523) and Ivan (1315). Compared to the same period last year, the popularity of the names Mark, Lev, Matvey and Miron has grown.

You can register the birth of a child at any center of public services "My Documents". In addition, specialists in the provision of public services help parents get a document right at the hospital. To register, you will need the passports of the parents (or one), a marriage certificate (if any), a document serving as the basis for registration, for example, a medical birth certificate or other documents.

From October 12, the capital's registry offices work by appointment. You can apply for marriage registration online through a single portal of public services. A visit to the registry office is necessary only in special cases: for example, if one of the newlyweds is a foreign citizen or there are legal reasons for which the waiting period for registration is reduced.

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