A Unique Project Is Being Implemented On Sakhalin

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A Unique Project Is Being Implemented On Sakhalin
A Unique Project Is Being Implemented On Sakhalin

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Dozens of Sakhalin schoolchildren spent two summer months in an unusual way for themselves - they mastered the profession of an actor and received an inoculation of happiness. Valentina Shurygina, director and teacher of the Art-class theater studio, helped them to enter the stage, to believe in their strengths and discover new talents in themselves.


What is good and what is bad

Valentina, tell us what is "Inoculation of happiness"?

"Inoculation of Happiness", or "Territory of the Theater", is an interactive social project created by the Artproject creative workshop together with the Art-class theater studio. It aims to arouse children and adolescents' interest in theatrical activity, develop their imagination and creativity. The idea was born more than a year ago, back when my mother Lilia Shurygina was the teacher of the Art-class. She and I have always believed that the theater in which children play is a unique means of personal development, it helps them see and develop their emotional and intellectual capabilities; it is a very effective way of talking about the world around you, especially in times of general apathy and social indifference.

Thanks to immersion in different worlds, children gradually formulate for themselves and assimilate moral norms (what is good and bad, what is shameful and what is not), go to spiritual maturity. It was these ideas that were originally laid in the basis of our lessons in the "Art class". The studio has existed for eight years, about 50 children have been and are studying with us. But my mother and I have always had a desire to open the world of theater to as many children and adolescents as possible. This is how the idea of ​​"Inoculating Happiness" was born. The essence of the project is to involve children in the theater environment who do not attend our theater workshop. We decided to come to the children ourselves and make them direct participants in the performances. On the basis of a school or any other educational institution, we set up a theater workshop and in a short period of time we prepare a performance for the show. And the students (pupils) of this institution play in it.

And why exactly "Vaccination"?

It's simple. Just as a vaccination gives you protection against diseases or additional strength to overcome them, so does theater. If you plunged into his inner world, the theater reveals you, your unknown facets, gives you confidence in your strengths and capabilities. On stage, you can be yourself and anyone in general, you are multifaceted, you do not have the labels that are already hung on us in childhood (fat, stupid, clumsy, dull, bore, etc.). Theater makes it possible to feel joy and happiness from the fact that you are creative, that you are liberated, that you are talented and unique in yourself. And this vaccination gives you the impetus and strength to move on through life with faith in yourself and your strength.

The main thing is understanding

How did you manage to carry out the project? After all, any production, even the smallest, requires at least minimal investment in costumes and decorations.

Thanks to support at the city and regional level. In November last year, my mother, the main inspirer of the project, passed away, but I nevertheless decided to implement it and applied for participation in grants. The project was approved, and work began to boil. In addition, moral support and direct help in work are very important. At the stage of project implementation, senior students of our studio were always nearby; our former student, now an employee of the correctional school "Nadezhda" Sergey Makarov, rendered great assistance in the technical support of the performances; my friends Anna Frolova, Svetlana Kushnareva and many others.

On which venues has the "Inoculation of Happiness" been implemented and what performances have you staged with the children?

First of all, we staged a performance with the pupils of the first shift of the summer children's camp on the basis of the Palace of Children's and Youth Creativity in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. For the project, they chose a production based on the work of Sergei Mikhalkov "The Holiday of Disobedience". Analysis of the play, master classes in acting and rehearsals lasted four weeks, and at the close of the shift, at the end of June, the premiere took place. About twenty guys took the stage and tried their hand at acting for the first time - and each of these girls and boys was unique. In the auditorium there were their peers, and the fact that they sang along and even danced during the performance, it seems to me, was the best assessment of our common work.

We then repeated the "Holiday of Disobedience" on the stage of the Children's Youth and Youth Theater, but the actors were new guys - pupils of the second shift.

I remember the statement of one of the project participants, who played in the "Holiday of Disobedience", that usually the performance is staged for a year, and we did it in a month, because they, the actors, understood me well, the director.

Did your regular actors, students of the "Art Class" take part in the production?

Yes, about ten of our guys helped me throughout the project: they played small roles of parents in the "Holiday of Disobedience", conducted master classes. This is the backbone of our theater studio, the oldest students, they, as I said, helped me during all the rehearsals. With some of these guys, by the way, in May we took part in the Festival of Children's and Youth Theaters of Russia "Prologue-Spring".

See the present

One of the stages of the project was implemented at the Nadezhda correctional school. How were you received here, what did you put on?

Olga Mikhalenkova, director of the Nadezhda Center, immediately responded with joy to our proposal to involve their children in the project. She even attended the premiere of the "Celebration of Disobedience", after which she once again confirmed that she was glad of our cooperation. For the production at Nadezhda, we chose the musical interlude How the Wolf Became an Artist. This piece is less voluminous, but we also had much less time for rehearsals. In literally two days we made a performance. And I must say that the guys are great fellows! They are very hard-working, talented, patient, they have a rich imagination, and they are very drawn to new knowledge. After the performance, I asked them what they liked most during the two days that we worked together - they liked everything: singing, dancing, and playing special "acting" games, which we taught them at master classes in acting skill.

The project was implemented not only in the regional center, but also in other districts of the region. You have tried to involve as many young Sakhalin residents as possible in the Theater Territory. Korsakov became one of these places. Why exactly he?

This is the city of my childhood - the place where I myself received the "happiness inoculation" for the rest of my life. For a long time my mother was the director of the Korsakov People's Theater. From about five years old I began to play in her productions. As an adult, I followed in my mother's footsteps, first graduated from the faculty of directing at the Khabarovsk State Institute of Arts and Culture, after which I constantly improved my qualifications at GITIS. We moved from Korsakov to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk more than 20 years ago, when my mother was invited to work at the Chekhov Center, but I still love this city. For this reason, "Inoculation of Happiness" is here. With the guys who visited the summer grounds of the House of Childhood and Youth in Korsakov, we also staged the play How the Wolf Became an Artist and the mini-play Funny Hedgehogs. And then it was the turn of the boys and girls from the "Young Railroad Worker" summer camp to join the world of theater. The technology of the interactive game project is good in that it allows you to rehearse and play a performance with a large number of artists who have not undergone special training in a few days.So in the camp we spent two fruitfully working days - we mastered some acting techniques of emancipation and reincarnation and immediately applied them in practice, staging performances.

What did you expect from the project and to what extent were these expectations met?

It was important for me that children and adolescents saw a real theater. The place where play reigns, where extraordinary adults live, ready and able to play with children and for children. Characters from fairy tales, books, cartoons find their voice and flesh in the theater, come to the stage, you can interact with them. Well, how not to fall in love with the place where the fairy tale becomes reality? Our project allowed young actors to take part in real creative master classes, helped them answer many theatrical questions. The children had the opportunity to do everything on stage themselves. Such theatrical games are liked by all children without exception. In addition, they contribute to the development of logic, imagination, memory, attention, and stimulate the child's creativity. For me, the main thing in this work was to give children and adolescents a taste and joy of the game. Indeed, for them - not actors - the most difficult thing was to overcome embarrassment, embarrassment, to remove their own clamps. But if we do not set the goal of achieving “professionalism”, but simply teach children to enjoy the game, then we can assume that we have completed the task. As the experience of "Inoculation of Happiness" has shown, children who have performed on stage feel infinitely happy and joyful.

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