Pupils Of Perm Lyceum # 9 Found Intestinal Infection

Pupils Of Perm Lyceum # 9 Found Intestinal Infection
Pupils Of Perm Lyceum # 9 Found Intestinal Infection

Perm doctors have identified the causes of discomfort in nine schoolchildren. The children became ill due to an acute intestinal infection, according to the regional Rospotrebnadzor.

Now four students of the Lyceum 9 are hospitalized in an infectious diseases hospital, another five are being treated at home. On the eve of the elementary school students felt bad. They had a fever and a stomach ache.

- On May 24, Rospotrebnadzor began a sanitary and epidemiological investigation, sampling of food products, water, washings from environmental objects was carried out, - the department explained.

The school is now empty. Classes ended on May 24th. The Prosecutor's Office of the Perm Territory is also checking this fact.

Rospotrebnadzor specialists remind that an increase in the number of intestinal infections occurs in summer and autumn. For the prevention of diseases, doctors advise to carefully choose food products, wash them thoroughly if they are eaten raw. The meat must be heat treated. To be considered safe, a product must be cooked at a minimum of 70 ° C. Therefore, if you see that the chicken is still raw, it must be fried or baked.

Do not store cooked food at room temperature. Try to consume it right away. Because over time, microbes begin to multiply in food. The storage temperature for food should be either above 60 ° C or below 10 ° C. Preheat pre-cooked food thoroughly. Do not keep raw foods and cooked foods together. Wash your hands thoroughly before preparing food. Remember to wash your hands after cutting meat or fish. Change your wiping towels every day as they can spread disease. Keep food protected from insects, rodents and other animals. And only use clean water for cooking.