Famous Russian Dads And Beautiful Daughters Like Them

Famous Russian Dads And Beautiful Daughters Like Them
Famous Russian Dads And Beautiful Daughters Like Them

Video: Famous Russian Dads And Beautiful Daughters Like Them

Video: Famous Russian Dads And Beautiful Daughters Like Them
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The myth that fathers prefer to deal with sons has long been debunked. Dads just adore their daughters and happily mess with their little princesses. Particularly noticeable is the close spiritual bond between fathers and daughters, who are more like them than their mother. By the way, there are a lot of them, and we want to tell you about the most famous of them.


Gosha Kutsenko and Polina

The eternally young Gosha Kutsenko, it turns out, already has a very adult daughter. Polina is 24 years old and she looks incredibly like her father. Of course, there is in the girl's appearance something from her mother, actress Maria Poroshina, but at first glance, dad's features are striking.

Polina decided to continue the acting dynasty, but her parents were initially against her choice. They changed their attitude after the girl tried her hand at the TV series "The Last Cop", where she looked very convincing. Gosha Kutsenko, who before that was as categorical as possible, realized that his daughter was simply created for cinema.

Alexander Revva and Alice

In his videos and on stage, the former resident of the Comedy Club, Alexander Revva, portrays a sultry macho, but this is only his chosen image. In fact, the artist is an excellent family man and a loving father of two beautiful daughters. The youngest - Amelie, looks more like her mother, and the eldest - Alice, both in appearance and in her restless character, completely repeats her father.

Alisa is engaged in dancing and singing, so everyone expects her future profession to be as creative as that of Alexander. Amelie, due to her very young age, has not yet decided on her favorite activities, although many predict the future on stage for the younger Revva.

Sergey Bezrukov and Masha

On the instagram of Sergei Bezrukov, you can see videos in which his daughter Masha reads poetry. The girl does not lack artistry, but with such a dad, this does not surprise anyone. Looking at Masha, it is difficult to deny that, in addition to talent, she inherited a look and a "trademark" smile from her father.

Mikhail Galustyan and Estella

The family of showman Mikhail Galustyan, beloved by millions, has two daughters - Estella and Elina. The eldest Estella is like two drops of water like her father, and the youngest, Elina, is like her mother. Both girls dream of becoming artists, and Estella even attends a theater club.

Sergey Svetlakov and Nastya

Now actor Sergei Svetlakov has a new family, but he does not forget his daughter from his first marriage and spends a lot of time with her. Surprisingly, Nastya not only looks like her dad, but was even born with him on the same day - December 12. Sergei has good relations with his first wife and she is glad that mutual understanding and love reign between the two relatives. The girl often visits the actor's new family and is friends with his younger sons.

Andrey Konchalovsky and Dasha

The director Andrei Konchalovsky has six children from different marriages and he is happy to communicate with all of them. He recently learned that there is another daughter, Daria, who was born out of wedlock. Together with her mother, actress Irina Brazgovka, the girl lived in the United States and now, when she is 39 years old, she is glad that she has found a father. By the way, Dasha's family has five children, so Konchalovsky has more grandchildren.

Alexander Malinin and Ustinya

Ustinya is like two drops of water like her father and inherited all his talents from him. She sings well and recorded her debut album in 2016. The girl is immersed in work, but this does not prevent her from often seeing her star father and even sometimes performing with him. And Ustinya also has a twin brother Frol, who chose a different creative path for himself and became an artist.

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