Alexey Chadov: After Filming, I Was Finally Convinced That Wives Are Never Ex

Alexey Chadov: After Filming, I Was Finally Convinced That Wives Are Never Ex
Alexey Chadov: After Filming, I Was Finally Convinced That Wives Are Never Ex

Video: Alexey Chadov: After Filming, I Was Finally Convinced That Wives Are Never Ex

Video: Alexey Chadov: After Filming, I Was Finally Convinced That Wives Are Never Ex
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The new program "Allies" will be aired on STS channel. One of the presenters of the reality show Alexei Chadov told "Vecherka" about how interesting he is to participate in this program.


It is symbolic that the program "Allies", whose participants are divorced couples, Alexey Chadov leads with his ex-wife Agnia Ditkovskite. Under the terms of the reality show, the ex-spouses unite to pass the tests and win the main prize, which will go to their common child.

- Alexey, did you immediately agree to participate in the program or did you have to persuade you?

- Nobody tried to persuade anyone. Agnia initially hosted the "Allies", and she invited me to become a co-host. I had to find 12 days for filming: in parallel, I starred in two films, toured. So it was a powerful march. Three and a half months seven days a week. I had to build a clear schedule: go to bed at 10-11 pm in order to be in shape at 6-7 am. In two months I made 25 flights.

- What are the sacrifices for?

- I'm interested in this program. It's no secret that Agnia and I also found ourselves in the situation of people participating in this show: we went from insane happiness to divorce. This is all very difficult, especially when there is a child … Yes, this is an interesting and important topic. And I also agreed to participate in the project for the reason that our son Fyodor had the opportunity for a whole month and a half, while the shooting was going on, to be with Agnia. Well, I, of course, saw him.

- The participants in the show are trying to forget all the bad things that happened in order to earn 10 million for the child. The money is big, but to endure on people what was between two people …

- Well, firstly, ten million can partially provide for the future of the child. This is a big bonus. And for the sake of this, you can take a risk, tell about yourself, relive what happened between loved ones once. There was so much between the participants, what kind of family dramas and tragedies people didn’t tell about!

- What for? To understand as a result that they are still close people?

- So after all, if you have lived with a person for many years, you cannot simply take and close this relationship, throwing it out of memory. And only two really close people can pass the tests on our project. Otherwise, nothing will work. There are a lot of tests, and the most difficult ones: both psychological and physical. There are tears and joy - all together. And the goal is one - the future of the child.

- So you think that it is quite possible to enter the same river twice?

- If you once loved your woman, your wife, then this will not go anywhere. Many of these couples, by the way, have a very similar situation, as we have with Agnia. After filming, I was finally convinced - wives are never former, they remain close people, relatives.

- Does your son live with his mother?

- No, Fedor has two houses - moms and dads. Two complete houses. We exist in such a slightly American format. We even try to relax together. Many are surprised, of course. But I assure you, it's okay. While the child is small, it is important for him to see sometimes dad and mom together. We, of course, do not walk by the hand with Agnia, but we treat each other with respect and kindness. The child sees this and reads the information. I am convinced that children should be happy, they should smile and laugh. And I do not like myself wildly at the moment when Fedya is crying, screaming. My task is to make him happy, because I am a father.

- Divorced parents may have new "second halves". How to explain this to a child?

We can and should talk about this. Sit down at the table and discuss. And with the whole big family to communicate, make friends. I don't see any other way. Hiding, hiding, lying is unlikely to work, in our case with Agnia - that's right, because Fedya is such a delicate guy, he very easily reads any mood.

- Who is your "evil and kind policeman" in raising a child?

- You know, I’m not a supporter of telling a child “you can’t”. If you say: “No, you can't”, you must definitely say why and what is connected with it. I have tested this on myself many times. We were brought up before: "You can't, no, no, you can't, give it up, leave it." For a child, this is postponed, then it is difficult for him to achieve some goals, because he is broken. It is not right. It is imperative to talk and explain. For example, my son is very fond of driving with me. We got to scandals: “I want to drive with my dad,” and that's all. I explained to him: “Here we are going to the village. Uncle is standing there, you see, the guard. And if he sees that you are here now, he will take the car from us, and we will not be able to go anywhere. " Once I introduced him to a traffic police officer. I say: “Look, you see, what a strict uncle? See, you're strapped on. He wanted to check. " The son understood.

- And how do you feel about participating in various television projects? Will we ever see you on a desert island or ice skating?

- No, it's not mine. Firstly, I am not interested in this, and secondly, I act in films, play in the theater, and spend all my free time with my son.

- Actors like to say: I will not wish my child my profession. Who would you like to see your son in the future?

- I do not know. But for some reason I think that he has not so many chances to avoid acting with such a mom and such a dad. If it suddenly happens that he finds himself in something else, well, I will only be happy. The son must choose his own path.


Alexey Chadov was born in 1981 in Moscow. Graduated from the Higher Theater School named after M. S. Schepkin. Chadov's film debut was his role in the film "War" (2002) by Alexei Balabanov, for which he received the prize of the Montreal Film Festival in the nomination "Best Actor". Today, Chadov's filmography includes almost 40 works, including the films: "Games of Moths" (2003), "At Nameless Height" (2004), "Night Watch" (2004), "Alive" (2005), "9th Company" (2005), "Heat" (2006), "Love in the Big City" (2009) and others.

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