Doulas, Pools And Deaths: What Are The Dangers Of Home Birth

Doulas, Pools And Deaths: What Are The Dangers Of Home Birth
Doulas, Pools And Deaths: What Are The Dangers Of Home Birth

Video: Doulas, Pools And Deaths: What Are The Dangers Of Home Birth

Video: Doulas, Pools And Deaths: What Are The Dangers Of Home Birth

Home childbirth is not prohibited by law, but, for example, in the West, only licensed specialists take part in childbirth.


In one of the families in St. Petersburg, they lost a child who was supposed to be born at home. Now parents believe that the midwife is to blame for the death of the newborn.

Yuri Dormidonov did not immediately agree to an interview. Less than a year ago, his wife Valeria lost her child and almost died herself. Parents of two children were waiting for the next replenishment and for the first time decided to give birth at home. The midwife was advised to them on courses for pregnant women.

This is a catastrophe. The worst that could have happened happened,”said Yuri.

The girl started bleeding, so she had to call an ambulance and go to the hospital, where she was given an emergency caesarean. However, the child was not saved. Recovering from the tragedy, Yuri called the midwife, she disclaimed responsibility for what had happened.

“All this time I have been living in a terrible state and I would also wish that our meeting with him did not happen,” the woman said.

The Dormidonov family's lawyer showed the mother's correspondence with the midwife. She initially knew that the woman had already given birth twice by cesarean section and childbirth at home in this case was contraindicated for her. It is extremely difficult to prove the midwife's guilt through the court in such cases; nevertheless, the family prepares a statement of claim. Another medical examination has been appointed. Meanwhile, the midwife who took their baby continues to practice home delivery.

Also in St. Petersburg, during other home births, an infant died, having lived only a few minutes. His heart stopped. Both tragedies occurred under similar circumstances: the parents paid a large sum of money, and the invited midwives were experienced in medical institutions.

Taras and Juliana, who already have three children, talk about the positive side of childbirth at home. The eldest daughter Emelyana was born in the hospital. Son Spartacus and their youngest Vesna came to this world already at home. In the first case, they used the services of a midwife, and in the second, the father himself, a swimming instructor for infants, took matters into his own hands.

“If you are going to give birth, you have to understand what you are going to do. Questions of a medical nature must be studied. The situation may not go as intended. This is a serious matter,”explained the father of many children.

Home birth is not prohibited by law. There are many communities on social networks that encourage pregnant women to give birth in a comfortable and familiar environment. With the popularity of home births, so-called doulas - helpers during pregnancy - have become in demand.

“Doula is not a home midwife. Doula has no medical education. It is not required of her. The Doulan task is physical, emotional, informational support during childbirth. That's all,”explained Lilia Giba, director of the Association of Professional Doulas of Russia.

The care and attention of a doula is noble, but there are also cases of fraud. For useful advice and various services, including obstetric services, tens or even hundreds of thousands of rubles are pulled out of people. Proponents of home childbirth cite the experience of European countries as an example, but they forget to clarify that in the West only licensed specialists take part in childbirth.

“In order for our woman to give birth, we will not have an intensive care unit under the entrance or near the house. Therefore, you need to think about it. Think about yourself, about the health of the child. The worst thing that can happen is death,”said Irina Filatova, gynecologist-endocrinologist, MD.