7 New Year's Force Majeure And Spare Options For Them

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7 New Year's Force Majeure And Spare Options For Them
7 New Year's Force Majeure And Spare Options For Them

Video: 7 New Year's Force Majeure And Spare Options For Them

Video: 7 New Year's Force Majeure And Spare Options For Them
Video: Force Majeure in Contracts explained | International Law | Lex Animata by Hesham Elrafei 2023, March

We plan the holidays carefully, but some things are impossible to predict. There is only one way out - a backup plan.


And remember that New Year is not an exam in home economics or successful parenting, but your own holiday, the scenario of which can be changed.

The child is ill

Despite all the vitamins, garlic spread around the house and isolation of sneezing relatives on day X, the child begins to sniff, cough and complain of a "hot forehead".

Viruses do not care how much a dress for a matinee cost, tickets for a Christmas tree or a festive menu in a cafe, or how long the baby was waiting for the holiday.

Plan b

We assess the condition of the child and the level of complexity of the event. If we are talking about a runny nose and the arrival of Santa Claus or a home holiday quest, we simply shorten and simplify the program.

If there is a fever, a sore throat, the child does not feel well and is clearly contagious, the holiday is not canceled, but postponed.

Tell your child that you will certainly come up with an alternative as soon as he recovers - for example, celebrate the Old New Year on a large scale, replace the tree with a water park or a museum.

As for the matinee and the main role, the performance for the family, with real applause, slightly compensates for the offense.

Signature dish did not work

The gingerbread house has fallen apart, the cupcakes are burned, the turkey is tough as a sole - the beautiful table that you planned to dress up together looks like the second part of the "expectation is reality" photo.

Plan b

If cooking together is your home tradition, you shouldn't give it up altogether. But keep in the closet a few long-lasting blanks that, if anything, can wait for Christmas - ready-made gingerbread cookies with icing and sprinkles separately, cake cakes and boiled condensed milk, tartlets and pate.

Didn't let you go to the matinee

They promised that it would definitely work out, but it was for this day that a meeting was scheduled, an important meeting and the Nordland earthquake. And the child so wanted to show off the snowflake dance!

Plan b

If possible, send another relative or family friend with a camera, and if it doesn't work out, arrange a video with one of the mothers and tell your baby that you will definitely watch it together.

Just do not deceive the child that you will try very hard to come!

Otherwise, he will be looking for you in the hall throughout the holiday instead of guessing riddles and participating in contests.

Forgot poems at the holiday

He was embarrassed, frightened, cried - this is the case with both kids and pre-school students. Where to get the flywheel of time?

Plan b

Don't make fun of the situation after the holiday, even kindly. Tell us that this happened to you too, and there is nothing to worry about. And if you want, you can repeat the poem and read it at home. You can near the window - Santa Claus will definitely hear!

The child found a gift in advance

The kid pulled out the coveted box from the closet and runs to you, contented and happy. There is neither time nor money for a new gift.

Plan b

The most difficult and most necessary point is not to scold. The child did not want to spoil your holiday and is sincerely happy with the gift, and punishments and shouts as an association with the New Year can remain in your memory for a long time. If a child believes in Santa Claus, be surprised with him: perhaps Grandfather hid the gift here so as not to overload the sleigh, so let's better put it in its place, otherwise he will look and get upset.

If the child no longer believes, offer two options - to give the gift now, but put some trifle under the tree, or to endure it until the holiday.

Yes, and don't hide all gifts in one place!

The courier did not deliver the order on time

Traffic jams, goods are out of stock - no matter what the reason is, but the long-awaited gift will not be there.

Plan b

We write a letter from Santa Claus and attach a certificate to it for a gift, with which you can go to the store. And some nice little things - to brighten up the disappointment.

You can explain everything to adult children in plain text, only a bank card will act as a certificate.

Brought Santa Claus

Rude, not very sober, or just noisy and loud - so much so that the kid got scared and hid in another room.

Plan b

Send Grandfather home and tell the kid that by mistake the younger brother of Frost has come to you, who does not yet know how to congratulate the children. The present, however, brought the right one. And you will certainly meet a real Grandfather on vacation - for example, in a shopping center.

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