Tatyana Totmianina And Alexey Yagudin: "Daddy Has A Carrot, Mommy - A Whip"

Tatyana Totmianina And Alexey Yagudin: "Daddy Has A Carrot, Mommy - A Whip"
Tatyana Totmianina And Alexey Yagudin: "Daddy Has A Carrot, Mommy - A Whip"

Video: Tatyana Totmianina And Alexey Yagudin: "Daddy Has A Carrot, Mommy - A Whip"

Video: Tatyana Totmianina And Alexey Yagudin: "Daddy Has A Carrot, Mommy - A Whip"
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However, Tatyana and Alexei decided to register their relationship only last year, and this despite the fact that earlier they had assured that the stamp in the passport was an empty formality. We talked about this, as well as about their daughters, family responsibilities and overcoming difficulties after the world premiere of the drama performance on ice "Romeo and Juliet"


Interestingly, the director of the show, Ilya Averbukh, immediately distributed the roles in this way: Tanya - Juliet, and you, Alexey, - Mercutio?

Alexey: We were lucky to work with Ilya. We have known each other for over twenty years. He doesn't need to give us screenings to figure out which role is right for whom. If you need to play a rat, a parrot, then, of course, it's to Lyokha. (Smiles.) And here we are not talking about our favorite artists, no. It's just that Averbukh is the only person who sees the entire performance from start to finish, while the rest of the team cannot even imagine how to get used to the role they have chosen. He always hits the target, and the best confirmation of this is my tears, which arise from the emotions experienced during the performance, and this is worth a lot, because you still need to look for cynics like me.

Tanya, this is not your first time playing Juliet?

Tatiana: A similar story happened in my life eleven years ago. Then my partner Maxim Marinin and I won the Olympic Games in Turin. I reread Shakespeare's tragedy several times, watched films. Of course, this story will always excite the imagination, especially young girls. A romantic person from a beautiful family falls in love with a young man and for the sake of this love challenges her family.

Of course, the story is closer to girls. After all, not all men will be able to understand what nonsense we women are ready to go for for the sake of a loved one. (Smiles.)

The premiere of the show took place in Sochi, did the rehearsals also take place there?

T: Yes, rehearsals started last year.

And all this time you were there?

T: No, not everything. We had agreed in advance the schedules of our tours and vacations. And in between we had rehearsals.

A.: Spectators come to the show and watch a well-rehearsed performance for two and a half hours. But I think it would be interesting to show what happens on the ice during rehearsals, when there are no spectators in the palace. This is hard, colossal work. We spend a lot of time on the ice, train in the gym, and practice fencing. There was a funny situation this morning. At the beginning of six in the morning, when I returned from the rehearsal, Tanya's dad just woke up and said: "Oh, where did you go so early - for a run?" And I just returned home! Rehearsals are a very long process, painful collecting puzzles into a colorful picture.

Have your daughters been with you in Sochi all this time?

A.: Yes, the youngest, Michelle, of course, still has an eternal vacation. Tanya arrived with her earlier, and I waited until Liza would return from France to Moscow. And we, taking the dog, went together to Sochi. And then we arranged a vacation for her a month earlier, because in France they study until July. Now in the afternoon, between rehearsals and shows, we try to sunbathe and swim in the sea.

Is your older daughter interested in figure skating?

A.: Fortunately, she is not drawn to the ice. And we love it. Sometimes she comes to the palace, but she skates without much desire. Tanya and I are in solidarity on this issue, education is in the first place for Lisa, so we do not suffer from our daughter's unwillingness to skate on ice. But sport is still present in her life. Last summer, she went to workout at a rhythmic gymnastics school. In the near future, we plan to resume these activities and, possibly, add tennis. In France, she is engaged in dancing, swimming. But we do not set ourselves the task of making her go in for sports the way our parents made us.

T: Not that we were standing near the gate and forbidding her to ride. No, that was not the case. She had skates, but she was never drawn to the ice. Last year she stayed with us at rehearsals for three months and never went out to ride. The younger, on the contrary, likes it. If she is with us in the palace, then it is necessary for mom or dad to take her for a ride. Maybe Michelle will follow in our footsteps.

A.: Sport is great, only one in a thousand achieves success in it.

T: It was in the eighties that sport turned out to be the only opportunity to be not like everyone else, it could allow me to leave the country and see the world. The world is open today, this is not the goal. When you play sports seriously, you have to choose: either sport or school. We want our girls to be educated.

Is that why you sent Lisa to study in France?

T: We decided that Lisa should try to learn and learn the language there.

A.: Why not? The twenty-first century is in the yard! A good education is a priority for me and Tanya. It is easier for a smart person to live. Even in tsarist Russia, it was customary to speak several languages. Why not bring back the tradition? But not to the detriment of the native language. Having the opportunity to give the child the maximum, we do not want to waste time. Lisa is at an age when she can easily absorb languages. Tanya and I went to language courses, and this training was given to us very hard. But even when Lisa went to a French school, she still attended Russian language lessons. It's terrible when our children studying abroad suddenly start speaking broken Russian. We were born in Russia and our native language and culture are the foundation.

T: This year we enrolled Lisa in a Moscow school. So she will go to first grade in Russia.

While your daughter was studying in France, did you spend a lot of time with her?

T: Despite our wishes, we have a touring schedule. But we spend all our free time with the girls.

Is Lisa used to the fact that mom and dad are often on the road?

A. A.: Since we started touring when she was still very young, the addiction happened gradually. Now for her, our departures are in the order of things.

In raising children, which of you is more strict?

T: Daddy has a carrot, mommy has a stick. It happened so. But we initially had an agreement that even if someone does not agree with the opinion of another, it is impossible to contradict each other. That is, if I tell the children that there is no need to do something, then Aleksey does not fit and does not say that it is possible to do it. We try to blow one tune, but still our dad is a “good cop”. (Laughs.)

If Liza wants to watch cartoons, she always asks Lyosha first, but despite her father's approving answer, the last word in such questions always remains with me.

Are there rules in your family that are prohibited from breaking?

T: We try not to give gadgets to children.

A.: Mom has a strict rule for dad: you can't go to bed and turn on the TV without taking off your clothes. Even if dad came home from work very tired. (Smiling.) Mom also swears when dad does not make the bed and when he does everything at the last moment, and then the whole family, being late for the plane, runs through the airport

But you have time! Your colleagues even call you a lucky man.

A.: Yes, I'm a lucky man. But I must say, I went through many stages to be called that. I was a flying stool, a hamster, and Konstantinovich, and now I'm retired, so a man

luck. I look at life with optimism, in pink glasses, and everything is always great for me. The inner state does not allow me to lag behind. Even if I'm definitely late, something will happen at the last moment and I will definitely be in time.

T: Next time I will give Alexey the children, the dog, the suitcase so that he understands that he is not late. And then we'll see (Laughs.)

Has your life changed a lot with the advent of your second child?

A.: Well, of course, now you can apply for maternity capital.(Smiles.) We also had a kind of agreement: if the second child, then the second dog. Because we love dogs and I really wanted a second dog. I also wanted a child, but the child appeared, but there is no dog yet. Although the wife promised. (Smiles.) But it seems to me that with the appearance of children, something may change in the life of a mother, and for a father, where the first child is, there is the second and the third. When my first child was born, I felt colossal changes. I suddenly realized that everything that happened before does not matter. The emotions from medals and sports victories will never be compared to what you feel when you become a father, when this little man smiles at you, kisses and hugs you.

Are you not afraid to be alone with your daughters?

A.: No. I'm good at everything. (Smiles.)

T: Of course, I can leave Alexey with the girls. Why not? I can afford to go to the store, somewhere else, knowing that the children are under supervision. Dad will feed them, albeit with sausages, but still. He goes for a walk with them, and they will be happy.

A.: The most important thing is that the father is also calm when he leaves for work, leaving the children with their mother. I'm sure she can handle it too. Maybe she won't give them sausages, but she can handle it. (They laugh.)

And how did Lisa react to the appearance of another child in the family?

T: We had a very difficult moment when Michelle was born. Initially, when we told Lisa that she would soon have a brother or sister, she was worried. Then she digested this information, came up to me and said: “Listen, I've discussed with my friends here: maybe she won't appear? there is no belly. And then we realized that the older child does not really want to be added to the family. Then she began to torture us with the question of where the new child would live. Is it in her room? Because where the second nursery is now, there was a guest room. When Michelle was born and we brought her home, Lisa literally fell ill. She went to bed for three days, refused to get up, she was very

very bad. But fortunately, we have dealt with it.

A. A.: And even when there was the first photo session with the babies for OK! Magazine, it was practically impossible to insert photos with Lisa into the material, because she had hatred in her eyes. She did not understand at all how it was - now Michelle is also in the frame.

T: Now Lisa treats Michelle very well, takes care of her. When Lisa was studying in France, and Michelle and I were leaving, we constantly called each other. And seeing Lisa on the screen, Michelle was ready to lick her, so she wanted her older sister to be next to her.

Didn't you turn to the help of psychologists?

A.: No, but our mother was finishing some psychology courses. (Smiles.) Now I'm waiting for my mother to finish the course of the massage therapist so that my father has complete harmony. She cooks very well, psychologically adjusts everyone perfectly, selects clothes for me to work - Tanya also completed the course of image maker. But the massage is not enough. I hope we will be able to agree on this. (They laugh.)

How did you manage to agree to finally put a stamp in your passport?

T: In fact, Alexey made me an offer on the night of 2008 to 2009. Then he gave me a ring, and then the question did not arise when we would go to the registry office, that is, we actually considered ourselves husband and wife. Then our oldest daughter was born, then the second was born, and in principle there was no need for this. It just happens - the man joked: "I want!" Do you want Come on.

A.: I cannot answer the question why I needed it. Although that was my idea. It arose during an autograph session in Novokuznetsk. We bought the rings in Vladivostok and got married in Krasnoyarsk. Probably, I wanted to get married so that they would no longer ask us: "When will you get married?" But who would have thought that now they would start asking other questions: “Why Krasnoyarsk?”, “Why February 22?”, “Why did you decide to get married?”, “Why was Tanya in a dark blue dress, and not in white? " In short, it would be better not to get married. (Laughs.) Anyway, nothing has changed at all.

T: You know, sometimes girls say that with the appearance of a stamp in their passport, they feel much more confident. It seems to me that it is not the stamp in the passport that gives you confidence, but the inner state: either you are confident in the person with whom you live and in yourself, or you are not, but there is a stamp in the passport today, but not tomorrow.

Tanya, have you always been sure that your person is next to you, or has it come over the years?

T: No, not right away. We ran away from each other for a very long time. Probably three years. Now one left, then the other. Rented apartments, moved

A.: We really got used to it for several years, looked for approaches, tried different options for coexistence.

T: But children appeared and there was less time for unnecessary thoughts. Now we have absolutely no time to sort things out.

A.: I am incredibly happy and grateful to Tanya for giving me daughters.

Do you want a son?

A.: No, I don’t want to. It doesn't matter to me if my last name continues. The main thing is to enjoy life now. Therefore, Tanya and I always wanted daughters.

T: When we were expecting our second child and I went to the first ultrasound scan, Liza and Lyosha walked under the windows of the hospital. I wanted to joke at first - to write that there would be a boy, but my hand did not rise, I was afraid that he would take it and leave. (Laughs.)

A.: Boys have only problems.

T: Alexei just likes that he is our only boy in the family.