Dmitry Emets Shared The Secret Of Raising Seven Children

Dmitry Emets Shared The Secret Of Raising Seven Children
Dmitry Emets Shared The Secret Of Raising Seven Children

Video: Dmitry Emets Shared The Secret Of Raising Seven Children

Video: Dmitry Emets Shared The Secret Of Raising Seven Children
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The upbringing of children in our country is taken over by mothers. And fathers do it better. This is how the writer Dmitry Yemets, the father of seven children, does it.

Your child already knows individual letters and syllables, even, perhaps, reads simple words, but he does not give him any pleasure in reading. It worries you, but, in principle, not enough to ring the bells. Time runs. The child is more and more addicted to the smartphone and "YouTube", but does not read everything, does not read. Then I somehow learned to read, but I did not know the joy of reading, I grew up, there are lessons, the Unified State Exam, admission, and that's all. The book in his life did not become a value.

To prevent this from happening, you need to try to teach the child to read early, at an age when he does not yet offer strong resistance, and then reading can become a habit and a necessity for him.

It's no secret that we do the most difficult things with pleasure only in two cases:

1. When we feel like it

2. When we succeed

But few people want to study, except for the first time. The child quickly gets tired, and tired, loses interest. Therefore, training is best done discreetly and in a playful way.

Everything in the world translates into hours of experience! The more hours of practice, the more stable the skill. Your child will start reading quickly and easily when the total reading time reaches one hundred hours. Only four days around the clock, without sleep or rest! What do we have today? Monday? So by Friday! But of course it won't.

We'll have to split these hundred hours for five - ten - fifteen minutes, until the first signs of fatigue! And then immediately arrange runners, outdoor games and switch to something else. But nobody canceled a hundred hours. You still have to subtract them.

Simple secrets

1. Young children love to find letters at home and on a walk. For example, U is a broken off twig. A - two spoons and a fork. O - lives inside the handles of a cup or in a plate. It still develops a lot of creative imagination.

2. Children love to read shop signs, words in street advertisements, magazine headlines. Read in the city and while walking. The sign "SHOE REPAIR" is already a huge reading lesson! But you can still guess by the painted boot! And how much you can read while sitting in line at the children's clinic. No wonder they like to decorate the walls with useful posters about microbes so much.

3. Try to use any non-standard situation. Children are often afraid of activities as such, especially boys. When you walk, draw syllables in the sand. Scratch words on frosty glass. Lay them out of stones.

Paste from autumn leaves. Scribble through the dirt with a stick. At home, glue letters with plasticine from cocktail tubes, draw on the mirror with shaving foam and toothpaste, make them from old felt-tip pens, embroider from rags, bake from dough.

4. You need to type the first thousand words you read yourself as quickly as possible! Let them be simple words. U / XO, MA / SHA, ROT, BA / BA, RA / MA, OK / NO. Further it will go much easier. But from the word MA / MA to the word ZDRAV / STVUI / TE is a tremendous journey.

If the child wants to write something himself - great! The letters can be of any degree of roughness. This greatly speeds up learning. Do not criticize for crooked letters.

5. Reading and brain development are associated with fine motor skills. The more the child performs different tasks - sculpting, cutting, assembling constructors, doing applique work, origami - the better and faster he will read.

Therefore, you should always have glue, scissors, colored paper at home. For drawing it is best of all squared notebooks and A4 paper for printers. For some reason, children love cells very much.

It is convenient to structure and draw all sorts of small krakozyabr in them. And A4 paper lasts for a long time. It is cheaper than albums when counted on sheets, and is suitable for everything: you can cut, make airplanes, write, draw.

6. Soon you will find that your child DOES NOT READ WORDS, but RECOGNIZES THEM. Each time, meeting an unfamiliar word, he will stop, slow down and dig deeper with another complex word for a whole minute.

7. You can and re-read. Children love to read familiar texts because they know them well. Why not follow their lead? If you and your child have read some favorite book, let him read it again and again. He will enjoy the fluency of his reading. And the pleasure of reading is what we need.

Syllabic tables

Download or buy syllabary tables online. It helps a lot. What are syllabic tables? Combinations of different letters. Children, even ten year olds, often do not have a stable skill to read SCARY SYMBOLS.

All these SKRA, VZDRY, SHKRE, VSMI, SKLE. Children usually easily master simple syllables (especially with the vowels A, O, U, E, Y), learn syllables with I, E, E, Yu, Y a little more painfully, and then try to recognize words, because they cannot read complex syllables VZVI, ZDRA, etc. Try to read "MEANS" or "FEELINGS" through the eyes of a child.

On smaom for chelevk read not letters, but zpamoniyat svoa tsleiokm. Jae elsi to preset all bkuvs in solva, komre first and half a day, chelvok semzhot chitta, because he will leave the word. With rbennokm the same thing.

Fictional animal game

Children are very fond of drawing fictional animals. Keep this interest. Let him paint entire notebooks with these animals. Let him construct whole worlds. Some kids love this very much. It helps a lot for the development of imagination and fine motor skills.

This, by the way, is a very good moment for reading aloud and for audiobooks. The child is calm and focused. And constructors are useful too. As soon as you see that the child has sat down with the designer, immediately turn on audiobooks or radio plays.

At first, the audiobooks fall into the child like a bottomless barrel, he does not remember either the author or the plots, everything mixes into a big mess.

But it normal. Quite quickly, he will begin to memorize and retell. In about six months, you will see that the child's vocabulary has grown and speech has become artistic. A year later, he himself will begin to write or invent something. Come to my VKontakte page, there are many different audiobooks and techniques!

Letter to grandmother

Some children like to write but don't like to read. And great. These processes are related. Buy envelopes for your child - the stamps are better separately, it's so great to stick them on! - and let him write letters to his grandmother, a relative from another city, Santa Claus, etc. But it is important that they send him answers as well. Remember how it was mysterious and interesting in childhood to write a letter to yourself and get an answer from another city from some familiar child!

Teaching mom to read

A person learns very quickly when he teaches another! Even if he himself does not really know how, he still teaches. So that's great! Let your child teach you, your little brother or sister to read! Shows you the syllables, those pages of this book that he already knows well.

Deafness game

An evil sorceress bewitched my mother. Mom doesn't hear anything. But there are markers and paper on the table. If a child needs candy, she either writes the desired word or draws. Sometimes children start texting each other very funny.

Hand image DAY MNE Candy drawing Drawn legs NEDAM. PSILUCHE GULAT MAMASHLI KATATS VILOSPEDE It is difficult for a child to keep attention for a long time. As soon as the child begins to get tired, the evil sorceress should disenchant his mother.


Ignore mistakes. They will go away. Praise the child! In difficult cases, you can draw individual words.

We print on a computer

Children often think that they can only watch cartoons or play on the computer. And one day they discover that you can, it turns out, type on a computer, and this is a pleasure.

Type on your computer, for example:

Mom dad masha porridge milk

Cat table noodles chair spoon nose

As soon as the child reads a word, delete it! Hint: Children love to read funny texts. They make them laugh and reward them for the hardships of reading. Feel free to sit down at your computer and start inventing. The font should be large. Come up with any funny nonsense. For example:



MOTHER Escaped.

If the child likes it, after a while he will start typing himself! And he will quickly learn.

Rules for using a cat

Children love to write all sorts of rules and hang them around the house. For example, you can write the rules for using a cat. (A cat is drawn, and the rules around it. Each is accompanied by a picture - a hand reaching out to the cat, a hair dryer, scissors) Feed! Stroke! Do not lift by the tail and by the paw! Don't cut your mustache! Do not frighten with a hairdryer! Do not paw the cat in the face! Take care of your eyes! Do not douse with water! Don't lick the cat! Keep parrots and hamsters away from the cat!

Writing together

Take a strip of paper! Write with your child the words in turn, folding the paper so as not to see which word the other wrote. Write in print to make it easy for your child to read.

about the author

Philologist and writer, author of over 30 books. The main book series: "Tanya Grotter", "Methodius Buslaev", "School of Divers". The books "The Rebellion of Babies", "The Day of Babies", "The Mysterious Ktototam" are devoted to the problems of parenting and large families. Married, father of seven children.