Dmitry Emets: What Is More Important Than Ratings

Dmitry Emets: What Is More Important Than Ratings
Dmitry Emets: What Is More Important Than Ratings

Video: Dmitry Emets: What Is More Important Than Ratings

Video: Dmitry Emets: What Is More Important Than Ratings
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We all make mistakes sometime, but parenting mistakes can be fatal and ruin the lives of your children. School, lessons, homework - all this does not necessarily give them pleasure, so your task is to make the children feel your support and understanding, and ultimately be happy.


Don't avoid kindergarten

It helps a lot. After kindergarten, school is easier. Without a kindergarten, the first couple of years of school can be very difficult due to adaptation among peers.

Often parents and teachers scold the child that he does not study

And he actually studies, but haphazardly, not the way they want at school. The child cannot but learn! He is filled with impressions, observes animals, watches cognitive channels, reads, listens to audiobooks, etc., and not in the way that teachers think that he should receive knowledge. But it is difficult for him to focus on the systematic acquisition of knowledge, especially for boys in elementary school.

As long as the child willingly goes to school and enjoys his success, he is in perfect order.

Help him in the direction of his main hobby. For example, if he likes tasks, download more interesting tasks or find YouTube channels with interesting logic tasks. There are the same channels in literature, biology and, in general, in any direction. The value of these channels is that the child receives knowledge, so to speak, through contraband, without experiencing the school syndrome and fear of memorization.

Try to keep the child in the zone of joy

And I also studied with joy. Joy is more important than grades. If your child has four, and you torture him to have five, then, as a rule, this does not justify itself.

A child's powers are not limitless, especially creative ones.

There are things that destroy them in the bud. These are primarily games on a smartphone and computer. No education can compete with either one or the other. This will require your parental will and the ability to suppress and limit.

It is good to alternate study with physical activity and training.

If after school you just sit down at the computer, and then again for the lessons, then the brain does not rest.

Get a horizontal bar at home and teach your child to pull up

Even a girl won't hurt. The easiest way to learn to pull up is by supporting the child from below under the feet and helping him, but not very much. You yourself will feel the moment. This will solve the problems with posture, and the children will be a little more cheerful.

Never scold teachers in front of a child

But also do not support the teacher against your child according to the "teacher is always right" scheme. Try to be objective.

Choose a school according to your strength

It is better to be calm like a good boa constrictor in an unimportant school than a twitchy, everyone and everyone hating C grade, whose parents every week say that he has no place in the gymnasium, does not pull. There are classes and schools that your child cannot afford. They can kill the interest in learning at the root. The child will forever write himself as a failure, and the parents of his child - in mediocrity. Although, in fact, this school is simply not for him. There are individual differences in the program, the timing of the maturation of the psyche of the child himself, etc. All of this will be straightened out, but the attitude may remain. Look for an adequate school where your child feels successful and happy to go there. This is the main sign that you are not mistaken with the door.

Do not scare your child with the army or that he will become a cashier in a hypermarket.

This greatly develops hypocrisy, empty superiority based on nothing. "I'm not a cashier! - Fine, but then who are you?" As a result, the child may well hang on your neck, because he will despise the job of a cashier, run from the army, and will not pull something more complicated, because he has not formed many important skills. Independence, ability to occupy oneself, social adaptation, etc. The problem is not that everyone must necessarily be a cashier, but that a person who is not afraid of any work and is ready to be both a janitor and a cashier, who undertakes everything, seeks, will rather pave his way in life than a person who is squeamish understands that I will do this work, but not this one. And the whole thing is partly in parental programming.

It happens that a parent is not able to do homework with an unsuccessful child.

He shakes with anger and ambition. He tears notebooks, screams, uses a belt. The climate in the family is deteriorating. The child gets scared, begins to hate school, the relationship deteriorates. Connect other people, tutors to help you, or just find a normal calm neighbor for a reasonable price. Primary school does not need a specially trained tutor so much as just a calm, adequate person. And the parent sometimes realizes that, alas, he is not this person. Not because he is bad, but simply takes everything too close to his heart and begins to boil. Sometimes it's easier to communicate with other people's children than with your own. And it's easier to study. This is a famous moment.

Try to let the child do everything on his own.

Do not kill him with overprotection, do not look every five minutes in his notebook and diary. A crooked letter is not a tragedy yet. But it is not worthwhile to completely withdraw from the lessons. The child can start everything very strongly, which then you will not catch up. But in any case, your guardianship must be careful and wise. And do not interfere with the formation of independence.

The child grows in jerks

There are years when he adds ten centimeters and a couple of clothing sizes. All this is a huge burden on the body. There will definitely be periods when he will close from you, not let you near him, get irritated, and be capricious. Be patient and understanding. The most important thing is to maintain a good relationship with your child for years to come.