Childhood Without Danger. What Can Parental Carelessness Lead To?

Childhood Without Danger. What Can Parental Carelessness Lead To?
Childhood Without Danger. What Can Parental Carelessness Lead To?

Video: Childhood Without Danger. What Can Parental Carelessness Lead To?

Video: Childhood Without Danger. What Can Parental Carelessness Lead To?
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Close the window!

One of them is a fall from a window from a great height. The statistics of such incidents is very sad: in our region last year they ranked 4th in the ranking of accidents with children, yielding to poisoning, burns and other falls from a height. According to the Ministry of Emergencies, 32 children fell out of windows in 2017, two of them died. Since the beginning of 2018, 10 babies have already fallen out of the windows, one has died. In all misfortunes, according to experts, the main fault lies with the parents, their frivolity leads to the fact that every day at least one child gets into trouble.

The situation did not leave indifferent the public figures from the "Gubernia Club" organization, who decided to draw attention to the urgent problem, and came up with the "Childhood Without Danger" project, timed to coincide with the summer holidays. They were joined by the Let's Smile volunteer movement, the Comics Field youth project and the AiF in Eastern Siberia weekly.

The first event of the “Childhood Without Danger” project was the flash mob “Window - Danger for the Child”, which took place in Irkutsk on May 19.

“We are very concerned about the situation related to children falling out of windows, and we believe that it would not be superfluous to remind adults once again what danger an open window is fraught with. After all, the child does not know about this, an open window for him is just an interesting game, - explains the deputy director of the Gubernia Club Irina Khorosheva. - Only an adult can ensure the safety of a child. If you opened the window, then you shouldn't leave the little person unattended for a second. There is nothing more terrible than a tragedy than the death of a child or his severe injuries.

"Restless Heart"

The participants of the flash mob, including myself and my two three-year-old daughters, gathered at the monument to Yuri Gagarin, where they handed out leaflets to passers-by urging parents to be attentive and not to leave their children unattended. Gradually we were joined by families with small children, for whom this topic is especially relevant. And then adults and children lined up in the shape of a small heart, symbolizing concern for the safety of the children.

The hospital clowns of the Let's Smile movement took an active part in the event - they came directly from the Ivano-Matryoninsky Children's Hospital. The guys, by the way, have already been there more than once in order to humorously remind children and their parents about the dangers of open windows, and also that mosquito nets are not designed for the weight of even a small child.

Mikhail Zverev, a volunteer of the movement, believes that this topic will always be relevant.

“It's great that we raised such a topic,” he says about the organizers of the action. - The Let's Smile Movement supported the Childhood Without Danger project, and we went to the hospital with the theme: “Close the window, baby at home”. As it turned out, all the children knew better than we did that getting out of the windows was not good, we could only be surprised at their awareness. But adults sometimes forget the simplest truths.

By the way

The project has also been launched on social networks. It can be found using the hashtags #security_childhood, #closeuphomechild. The Internet participants in the project were mainly concerned mothers.

- My son and I join the flash mob # childhood_security, because there is no worse disaster that could have been prevented, - Ksenia Bondareva from Nizhneudinsk writes on her Instagram page. - Now almost every company that installs windows has child safety systems of different functionality and for any wallet. Please secure your windows, these tragedies are easier to avoid than to kill yourself from despair!