At The Bottom: Poroshenko Was Accused Of Using Sick Children For The Sake Of PR

At The Bottom: Poroshenko Was Accused Of Using Sick Children For The Sake Of PR
At The Bottom: Poroshenko Was Accused Of Using Sick Children For The Sake Of PR

Video: At The Bottom: Poroshenko Was Accused Of Using Sick Children For The Sake Of PR

Video: At The Bottom: Poroshenko Was Accused Of Using Sick Children For The Sake Of PR
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In the wake of the Police Day in Ukraine the other day, a serious discussion has flared up in the society regarding the ethical standards of the country's President Petro Poroshenko. The basis for the discussion was the participation in the festive events of a 4-year-old boy suffering from cancer. Poroshenko, together with Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, presented the child with a police uniform and a personal badge, after which the boy was given a ride on a police motorcycle.


“If you believe, your dreams will come true for sure. I want to wish you - be courageous and strong, win, walk towards your goal. And everything will be fine,”Petro Poroshenko addressed the boy in the presence of dozens of journalists.

“It is obvious that all this was done for PR. But cynicism is not even that”, - this is how the Ukrainian Alexander Volkov reacted to the show with the child. According to him, the parents of the sick boy have been collecting money for his treatment since the end of 2016. We manage to collect small amounts - from one thousand to six thousand hryvnia (2.3 14 thousand rubles). At the same time, neither state structures, nor Petro Poroshenko or Arsen Avakov personally took part in the fate of the child, “until some of the pro-government PR specialists came up with the idea to promote this child,” the author claims.

The press service of the President of Ukraine "tactfully" bypassed the issue of Poroshenko's financial participation in the boy's fate. Apparently, the matter will really be limited to the presentation of the badge and the form. Users add: if real funds from the president were transferred for the treatment of the child, his press service would have trumpeted this long ago.

That is why, notes Alexander Volkov, the transformation of the little boy into a "real policeman" took place in the 40-degree heat in front of dozens of cameras. Although this could have been done on any ordinary day, Volkov said. And the mother of the young patient, as it turned out, doubted to the last, because the doctors allowed to take the child out into the sun for only a few minutes.

And especially for the smiling President, it is worth noting that there are tens of thousands of children with cancer in Ukraine who do not receive any help from the state he heads, the Ukrainian summed up.

His post quickly caught the attention of users, gaining thousands of likes and shares. Many share the author's indignation: “Living in a new way? This is how the level of the new government is hard."

In this regard, they also recalled the recent scandal at one of the Roshen factories due to the fact that a child with cerebral palsy was not allowed on a tour of the factory. Photos of a child in a wheelchair in front of a closed door moved and angered thousands of Ukrainians.

Double bottom

However, the story with the boy was not limited to a frank demonstration of the cynicism of the top Ukrainian leadership at the Police Day, moreover, everything that was happening unexpectedly showed a "second bottom". As it turned out, the Ukrainian TV channel “1 + 1” was engaged in the fulfillment of the “cherished desire” of the child within the framework of the project “Fulfill a Dream”.

The name of the project fully reflects its essence: the participants try to fulfill a variety of dreams of seriously ill children in order to give them positive emotions and give them strength to deal with difficulties. The project also helps parents find doctors and psychologists to work with their children. Donations collected within the framework of the project are most often directed precisely to the fulfillment of desires, especially since they are often quite expensive: to see Paris or take a ride on a real helicopter.

According to journalists, they held dozens of meetings and negotiations with top officials, made changes to the schedule of Petro Poroshenko so that the boy could become a policeman in the presence of the president and the minister. By the way, the boy was presented with a police uniform a little earlier, and this was done personally by the head of the National Police of Ukraine.

However, some users are not convinced even by these arguments, including the author of the angry post: “The fact of the matter is that Poroshenko has absolutely nothing to do with it. To fulfill his childhood dream, he did not put any effort and not a single penny. But it was his Ukrainian television that showed the whole camp together with the baby. Coincidence? I don't think so,”wrote Volkov.

Opponents urge the author to pay attention to the child's satisfied reaction at the time of handing over the badge and riding the motorcycle. “The main thing is that the baby was happy! Everything else does not matter "," I saw only the happy eyes of the baby, and what Poroshenko stood next to, I absolutely do not care. Pay attention to the beautiful,”write the Ukrainians.

The Ukrainian authorities got off easy by presenting a badge and a motorcycle ride to a seriously ill child. Of course, for a 4-year-old kid, everything that happened is really important: he really dreamed of becoming a "cop who saves". As it is written on his page in the project "Make a Dream", he is sure that the uniform and badge will help him become a real cop, who will be afraid not only of the bandits, but also of his terrible illness.

It seems that the President of Ukraine also perceives this tragedy as a child, believing that only the very beautiful show with the presentation of a uniform and a badge will miraculously save a child's life without any real actions and efforts on the part of those in power.