Cartoons That Parents Will Never Show Their Children

Cartoons That Parents Will Never Show Their Children
Cartoons That Parents Will Never Show Their Children

Video: Cartoons That Parents Will Never Show Their Children

Video: Cartoons That Parents Will Never Show Their Children
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Have you ever thought while watching a cartoon: “No, you can't show this to children”? Many parents, having seen some new creation of animators, grab their head first, and then the child's head to close their eyes. This child of mine will not watch!


We asked around people, read thematic forums and found out which cartoons were, in the opinion of moms and dads, the most “harmful”.

Julia, daughters 7 years old:

“I am against the prohibitions 'Mom said that you will not watch this.' My maiden is now 7 years old. She, of course, is already more interested in feature films or TV series (like H20: Just Add Water, Cool School); loves Gravity Falls (I don't like it, my daughter really likes it, but I see nothing critical in this cartoon). But! There is one cartoon that I would not allow to watch - this is Animatronics (well, or about animatronic heroes). I didn't even really understand this nonsense. I just saw some episode about Freddie the bear and was horrified why they even do this. But again, I would try to find the right words so that she herself does not want to watch))) In my opinion, you need to try to direct in the right direction, and not prohibit"

Elizabeth, son of 6 years old:

“I can't stand Masha and the Bear, for example. We did not have him at home and does not. Tales with dumb morality for girls like "Girl, be nice and wait for your prince" also by. At the same time, we may well watch some very stupid cartoons all together like "Kingdom of Benn and Holly." We go to "Star Wars", because marvel, pixar and disney are always together. We watch stupid videos with experiments on the tube) ".

Olga, son is 3 years old:

"I will forbid my boy South Park until he is 16, then we will watch together:)"

Orionka, nephews 5 and 3 years old:

“While I was going to the kitchen, my nephews managed to turn on the TV (in fact, why am I surprised ?!), and find something that interests them, my husband and I were in shock - Spongebob, some kind of samurai, some other nonsense called my parents, Is it possible for children to watch this. To which the parents told us: "What's wrong with that, now all these cartoons are watching, and Soviet cartoons are the last century." Horror! I won't let my children watch this!"

Anonymous, daughters 4 years old:

“I don’t allow you to watch the current foreign cartoons with monsters, monsters, etc., all sorts of moronic cartoons that do not give any knowledge, that is, I don’t forbid, but I just say look for another cartoon that is more useful and good and my daughter listens, mostly watching Russians old cartoons, well, Disney ones with a normal plot, and not Chinese horror stories or what they are like, how can such cartoons be offered to children and played like GOBODYTATELY, I'm just shocked."

Timasha, children 2 years old:

“I don’t turn on Masha and the bear, as for me it’s a funny cartoon, but it’s too early for little children to watch it, they don’t teach anything good there, the hyperactive Masha runs and plays naughty”.

Maria, son of 6 years old:

“He himself knows how to turn on cartoons via the Internet, recently he became interested in Sponge BoB, some kind of Lego cities and transformers, so I would definitely forbid them, this is sheer idiocy !!! There is a sponge Bob and his eyes fall out, or someone burps (sorry, but our children are watching). Such an impression America is deliberately inventing such plots and characters (either there is no nose, then one eye is shorter than ugly creatures) in order to morally cripple Russia from the cradle !!! .

Sergey Vorontsov, son 3 years old:

“Mine was very fond of umizumi, kanuki kapuki-coloring, theme's drawings, then we went to fixies, paw patrol. I won't show Masha for sure. Smesharikov also don't really understand what's interesting about him."

Vasilisa Mikulishna, son of 5 years old:

“Until the age of 5, I strictly selected what you could watch. Basically, she included Soviet cartoons. From the foreign I looked to the sane were. No "Sonic" or "SpongeBob" or the like. In short, to make sense in the cartoon, to teach something good."

Mixed breed, daughters 4 years old:

“She only watches good Soviet cartoons - Tsvetik-Semitsvetik, Prostokvashino, Malysh and Karlson, Mowgli, Ivashka from the Palace of Pioneers, etc. I forbid watching stupid (excuse the expression) cartoons, and my daughter is not even interested in them. I recently fell for Luntik, she loves this series very much. And a friend recently gave us a disc with the cartoon Reef, this is such a bright and colorful cartoon about fish, so there at the end the main characters-fish kissed so passionately that my husband, who was eating at that time, choked, and my daughter closed her eyes with her palms … In general, these Americans were stunned."

Braindbrigada, son 2 years old:

“I don’t show my 2 and 5 foreign cartoons. Some of them are evil, or something:) I also try, I even forbid watching “idiotic, evil” cartoons, such as those shown on Jetix."

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