7 Easy Ways To Keep Your Child's Eyesight

7 Easy Ways To Keep Your Child's Eyesight
7 Easy Ways To Keep Your Child's Eyesight

Video: 7 Easy Ways To Keep Your Child's Eyesight

Video: 7 Easy Ways To Keep Your Child's Eyesight
Video: How To Heal Your Eyesight Naturally | Vishen Lakhiani 2023, September

No matter how stylish children's glasses are, all parents would like to do without them. What preventive measures will help?


LatPo statistics show that 1.5 million Russian children under 14 are diagnosed with vision problems. We are figuring out how to preserve and protect the child's vision together with Yulia Sergeevna Latynina, an expert in diagnostics of the LabQvest laboratory.

Observed by an ophthalmologist

Children undergo the first examination by an ophthalmologist a year, then they are invited at the age of three and seven, and then they are examined annually at school. But if you or your family members wear glasses, lenses, or have other vision problems, you need to tell your child's ophthalmologist about this. He may advise you to check more frequently. Remember that many vision diseases are inherited, such as astigmatism, myopia, hyperopia, strabismus. Their development in a child can be controlled if you do it on time.

It is also worth going for an unscheduled examination if the child often blinks or squints, turns his head to examine an object, holds a book or toy too close to his eyes, loses coordination, complains of headaches and eye strain.

Walk in the street

Walking protects vision, because on the street the eye muscles are well trained by switching from distant objects to close ones. Sunlight also helps: it gets on the retina, stimulates the synthesis of dopamine, which inhibits the growth of the eyeball and reduces the development of myopia.

But to achieve the desired effect, the child needs to walk for two to three hours a day.

Alternate activities

Schoolchildren spend a lot of time with textbooks and computers. If preschoolers can be distracted from the TV by playing, then students just need to do it. To keep your eyes from getting tired, you need to alternate classes.

Instill a habit in your child: read a book or sit at the computer for 25-30 minutes - take a break, preferably in the fresh air.

Train your eyesight

You can train your eye muscles not only on the street. Oculists offer different training options, even table tennis helps. In the game, you have to constantly monitor the movement of the ball, the eye muscles either contract or relax and eventually train.

If it is too early for the child to play such games, you can train the eye muscles by moving your gaze from a near object to a distant one.

For example, look from a distance of 50 centimeters at a mark on a window pane, and then at an object outside the window.

Create the right lighting

The workplace must be organized according to the rules, for example, you can use SanPin for schoolchildren or preschoolers. There should be a 60W lamp on the desktop, for right-handers on the left, for left-handers on the right. The table and chair should be matched in height so that it is 35 cm from the eyes to the notebook or book.

The more natural light, the better, so it's worth working with your child in the morning.

Schools must also monitor lighting. If a child complains that his eyes hurt at school, you need to come to the place and assess the conditions in which he is studying.

Eat properly

By itself, the diet does not greatly save you from vision diseases - blueberries, carrots and vitamins cannot cure myopia. But you should not exclude them from the diet, because it is important that the child has enough vitamins, minerals and proteins, in particular calcium.

Form good habits

For example, you need to disaccustom a child to read lying down - this is how not only the eyes suffer, but also the neck and back.

On the other hand, if there is enough light, the distance to the book is 30-35 centimeters, and the neck does not hurt, then you can read in any position.

It is also not advisable to read in transport, from the constant flickering in front of the eyes, the muscles need to adjust all the time and a spasm of accommodation may occur. Because of him, the head hurts, vision is sharply reduced, eyes hurt.

In general, walks in the fresh air and the phone in airplane mode are the best way to relieve not only the eyes, but also the child's nervous system.

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