Vitorgan Thinks About A New Child

Vitorgan Thinks About A New Child
Vitorgan Thinks About A New Child

Video: Vitorgan Thinks About A New Child

Video: Vitorgan Thinks About A New Child
Video: Эммануил Виторган показал как меняется характер у 2 летней Этель 2023, September

Vitorgan Sr. is already a father of many children. He has a daughter Ksenia (53 years old) from his first marriage, a son Maxim (47 years old) from his second. With his third wife Irina Mlodik, the actor brings up two babies - Ethel and Klara. Both girls are rumored to have been born through surrogacy.


The couple Vitorgan does not advertise this, but does not deny it either. Moreover, Emmanuil Gedeonovich recognized the fact that the embryos were obtained artificially, and with a margin! Therefore, there is an opportunity to acquire new offspring.

- I would like another son, - said Vitorgan Sr. - Well, if not a boy, then let me have three girls …

Note that Emmanuil Gedeonovich is 79 years old, and his wife Irina is 57. Therefore, their plans for further replenishment of the family somewhat shocked even those close to him.

“Emmanuel just starred in Yeralash,” said family friend Boris Grachevsky. - And we, frankly, did not touch on this topic. I didn't know that he would like to give birth to a son … How do I feel about this? I can't say yes or no. But if this happens, then I can only wish the Vitorgans long years and good health, so that all the children can be raised. It is most important.

- And a son too? - the old friend of the actor Alla Ioshpe was surprised. - I welcome this decision and will congratulate my beloved friends! Emka is a wonderful person. Kind, reasonable and at the same time so … sensual. Since he thought so, it means that Irochka supported him. It means that this is how it should be in life. May God give them strength!

Meanwhile, the former daughter-in-law of Emmanuil Vitorgan, Ksenia Sobchak, in her YouTube show, just raised the topic of surrogacy and abortion. She spoke with director Valeria Gai Germanika, and she said that surrogacy is human trafficking, and abortion is murder. Because the embryo is also a person who has a head and a heart.

- But you can't give a molecule (as the TV presenter called the embryo. - Ed.) More rights than a woman who does not want to give birth, objected Sobchak. - Maybe she was raped or stupidly there is no money to support this child. Why breed poverty?

“The question of abortion should be decided not by a woman, but by an unborn child,” says Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin. - Does he want to live or not? But since we cannot find out his decision, then there must be a presumption of disagreement. After all, from the point of view of being, this is the same person as the mother, and not at all a molecule or a part of the body. If only because he has his own set of genes. That is, this is a unique personality. And he has a soul, which after an abortion will not enter the kingdom of God …

But surrogate motherhood is completely rejected by the church, because it violates the order established by God. And commercial surrogacy is worse than prostitution, because here we are talking about violence against the soul of both the mother and the child, who will then surely find out about how he was born. And everyone will have mental trauma: biological parents, a surrogate mother, a baby.

After all, if God didn't give children, then maybe he gave something else? And maybe, through prayer, we need to ask God what is his special will? This is what concerns the childless. And about those who already have children, but they still decided to resort to surrogate motherhood, I can say this. Everything should correspond to how God created us.

Many children are, of course, good. But Mr. Vitorgan, in my opinion, has children out of pride and on some whim, and not out of a desire to raise children for a long time and with dignity. How much life did the Lord measure for him? Well, let's say another 10 years. But you need to bring up children longer! As long as they need this education and care. Does Mr. Vitorgan think about it? I do not know…

Lydia Mezina.

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