6 Fun Activities To Improve Your English During The Holidays

6 Fun Activities To Improve Your English During The Holidays
6 Fun Activities To Improve Your English During The Holidays

Video: 6 Fun Activities To Improve Your English During The Holidays

Video: 6 Fun Activities To Improve Your English During The Holidays
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We will tell you what will bring the greatest result and will not let you die of boredom.


Summer vacations provide free time to pursue interesting hobbies. In the process of mastering a new hobby, you can learn English, combining business with pleasure. Since the memorization of new words does not happen under a stick, but for the sake of an interesting goal, learning is faster.

Victoria Zhukova, manager of the international marketplace for finding tutors, Preply, spoke about unusual summer hobbies that will help develop a child's talents, and at the same time improve their English.

Programming and Robotics

Numerous academies and online courses offer kids ages 6 and up to learn basic programming and robot building skills. Most programming languages contain commands based on English words.

If, then, go, define, begin are the basic commands that the child will get to know in the first lessons.

There are many manuals and articles on programming for children on the Internet that have not been translated from English, so a young IT specialist will have to understand English-language articles to become a pro.

You can start with Scratch, a visual programming language developed at MIT.

Drawing in nature

Rural landscapes and the seaside awaken even the smallest desire to create. Taking an album and pencils with you on vacation or on a picnic, you can engage your child in developing creativity and learning new English words.

A city child rarely sees wildlife, which means that a trip out of town is an excuse to learn the English names of plants, animals and natural phenomena. While drawing, new words are easier to remember thanks to the creation of visual associations.

Fashion and Style

To keep abreast of the latest fashion trends, you need to know a lot of English words. Studying the history of the famous little black dress or new look silhouette will surely enrich your horizons and vocabulary.

Board games and interactive books, in which the doll can be dressed in paper costumes, will help you to learn the names of all wardrobe items.

Summer vacation is a great time for small experiments with style, when school rules don't restrict your imagination. Teenage makeup and style blogs are rich not only in recommendations on how to wear makeup and what to dress in, but also in English terms: highlighter, dress code, foundation, total look, glitter, daily make-up.

Blogging and social media

The addiction to social media can be more rewarding than it seems. After all, even using hashtags in publications is the first step in learning new English words.

Speaking comprehension is trained while watching videos of English-speaking bloggers.

Today, children are the main consumers and creators of YouTube content, so it is easy to find a channel that would be of interest to the child and not arouse concerns from the parents. Advanced English learners keep a vlog of their own, talking about their hobbies or reading books on their video channels.

Of course, young bloggers should create under parental supervision so that the child does not talk about himself and his personal life more than he should, for safety reasons.

Space and astronomy

The word "vacation" comes from Latin and literally means "dog days". The summer period owes this name to the appearance of the star Sirius in the sky, which the Greeks called the "dog of Orion". When at night you could see Sirius in the sky - in the ancient Greek schools a pause in classes was announced, that is, a vacation.

Summer is a great time to watch the bright stars at night, as you don't have to get up early for school in the morning.

Astronomy and space exploration are closely related to learning new English words. At the same time, the vocabulary is replenished not only with technical and highly specialized terms, but also with words for expanding the everyday vocabulary, take at least the names of the rovers Opportunity (from English - "opportunity") and Curiosity (from English - "curiosity").

So a telescope as a gift to a young space explorer can be a great motivation to learn English.

Acting skills

Perhaps the dream of any actor is to play in a Shakespeare play, and the dream of any parent is to see his child recite Shakespeare in the original. It's an ambitious goal, but a dream gives inspiration to achieve. Moreover, the role of a bunny in a children's fairy tale is suitable for the start, and over time the child will grow up to Juliet's monologue.

You can start simple: buy or download a couple of books in English and read them aloud.

It can even be done on the beach, combining healthy relaxation with education and fun. Then you can move on to the plays: just read them in faces or put on a real show with costumes and decorations.

Any hobby will benefit. The main thing is not to force the child to engage in that hobby, to which the heart does not lie. Even if you dreamed of a stage or creating models in a club as a child, this does not mean that such an activity will appeal to your children.

The child's personal interest in classes, plus the discipline and systematicity that parents provide, is the key to the harmonious development of talents.