4 Ways To Learn A Foreign Language During Winter Vacation

4 Ways To Learn A Foreign Language During Winter Vacation
4 Ways To Learn A Foreign Language During Winter Vacation

Video: 4 Ways To Learn A Foreign Language During Winter Vacation

Video: 4 Ways To Learn A Foreign Language During Winter Vacation
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New Year's holidays are not only a time of relaxation and fun, but also a traditional starting point for a "new life": for example, for the one where you have an A in English. Victoria Zhukova, a specialist at the Preply tutor search site, spoke about where and how you can most effectively learn a foreign language during the winter holidays.


Learning English today has gone beyond textbooks. Both parents and children increasingly want to use the world's leading trends and proposals. Foreign schools and camps will be an excellent option for winter recreation and education of a child.

This method of learning English is gaining popularity. All thanks to rich programs and effective teaching. Immersing yourself in the language environment, communicating daily with native speakers (adults and peers), the child gets a lot of positive impressions for life, and learning is easy and effortless.

Winter camp

Remember your childhood: how fun it was to relax in the camp, make new friends and learn something unusual. Today, experts around the world organize dozens of winter language camps, ready to accept and teach children English, and to do this in an interesting and informative way. When choosing a language camp, it is necessary to take into account, first of all, the age of the child, his interests and desires, the country of stay, as well as the duration of the rest.

It can be a camp in the mountains (Five Stars in Slovakia), and a sports camp (International Winter Camp in Switzerland), and an educational camp (Berlitz in Germany), or even "religious" camps in the USA. GEOS in New York (USA) and LAL (in South Africa) are also very popular.

Host family

If you do not really trust group study abroad, winter language courses with accommodation with a host family are an excellent solution. Studying English in the so-called Host Family is one of the most effective educational methods. With this approach, the child learns to use not only "official" English, but also spoken. This experience will help to reveal communication skills, overcome the language barrier and enjoy the winter holidays in a cozy atmosphere.

Among the most popular homestay programs are GEOS Languages PLUS in Los Angeles (USA), as well as LSI (Language Studies International) in England.

Language school

If your goal is to pay more attention to education itself, rather than entertainment and holidays, you can choose specialized international language schools. They will provide the child with all the necessary conditions and materials for learning English with the best teachers. When choosing a program, it is worth considering the level of training and the age of the student.

So, for example, the LSI school brings together several centers for the study of English around the world and conducts courses and vacation programs for children in the UK, Canada, USA, New Zealand, Malta and Australia. Another leader in the field of education abroad is Sprachcaffe Languages PLUS. This network of international language schools will help you choose where to study - from England and Paris to exotic locations in China and the Arab world - and offer a variety of educational options.

Native walls

If the winter holidays are upon you, and you have not planned suitable activities, do not be discouraged. Nothing will prevent you from postponing your trip to another season, and spending New Year and Christmas with your relatives and family. Prepare themed cartoons and films for your child in the original language, offer to sign postcards in English, find several conversation clubs near your home so as not to lose communication skills.

Another option for studying at home can be using social networks and finding new foreign friends for communication. There would be time and desire.

Whichever method of teaching you choose, the main thing is to thoroughly study not only the curriculum, but also aspects such as the quality of food, the organization of leisure, living conditions and the level of teachers. I also advise you to clarify the details of travel insurance and read the reviews of parents whose children have already visited the camp or school you like. And, of course, do not forget to discuss the plans with the child himself. After all, he is on vacation, and our goal is to combine relaxation with study, and not ruin the New Year for the young student.