Vovka Against Injustice

Vovka Against Injustice
Vovka Against Injustice

Video: Vovka Against Injustice

Video: Vovka Against Injustice
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You are bad! - Vovka reacts immediately when he doesn't like something in the people around him. "Bad" are men and women, and strangers and their own, and adults and children. He is not a capricious child, he just reacts sharply to the slightest injustice. Aunt gave her sister a candy, but he didn't, right away: "You are bad." Mom screamed because she slowly eats, he answered: "You are bad."

At the meeting in the kindergarten, my mother was told about this: “Your Vova is constantly cursing. Yesterday all the kids watched the play, but you didn't hand over the money, he had to sit with a nanny at that time, as he constantly called her “you are bad”.

The child comprehends his first knowledge of both good and injustice in a team.

Domestic children are with close relatives, and kindergarten children are in their environment.

So Vovka found the "extreme", he, because of his youth, still does not understand what he was guilty of: everyone can watch the performance, but he cannot.

But the educators and the head of the preschool institution, for sure, have confirmation of their pedagogical education, knowledge of the psychology of the child. So the kid is right: they are bad specialists and people are also bad.

One cannot help but recall the wonderful film "French Lessons" based on the autobiographical story of Valentin Rasputin. The heroine of the film played with her student in the "wall", deliberately succumbing so that he could use the money he won to buy himself milk on the market in the difficult post-war years.

Time has changed a lot.

Kindness has become in short supply, and we face injustice almost at every step.

The stratification of society along material lines has left its mark on the behavior of children. Not only Vovkina's mother cannot afford to pay for performances, pay extra for the child's stay in a group with additional activities, dances and cocktails. And then there is "voluntary - compulsory" extortion, in addition to the increasing payment for the kindergarten. Less than a week after September 1, the meeting announced that they should bring soap, toilet paper, a sketchbook, pencils and paints. I had to buy, otherwise he will sit with the nanny again when others are drawing.

-You will definitely sign your album, and put the pencils and paints in a bag so as not to be confused with others, - the teacher warned, knowing from experience that children will start bragging about who has better paints and an album, someone will "encroach" on more beautiful ones …

Well, if he knows

Why should children arrange such a "teaser"?

In the old days, none of the parents even thought of bringing paints, soap, paper to the kindergarten, as it did not occur to the educators to collect a thousand from their parents for a carpet in a group or for coolers with water, moreover, for birthdays, for painting and repair, household needs.

Extortions in preschool institutions are spoken about in every family where there are kindergarten children. “Name in which kindergarten Vovka was offended, and where did they collect money for paints and carpets,” they will tell me. What for? To make Vovka even sadder? Even parents are afraid to express their dissatisfaction and disagreement, so that the consequences do not affect the attitude towards their child.

Now they will begin to explain to me that everything is legal: the parents sign an agreement with the kindergarten, everything is stipulated in it, I do not agree - do not sign. I would like to see someone who dares to do this.

So parents pay not only for stationery and soap, but also more -

they repair lockers at their own expense, change linoleum, repair fences, as if preschool institutions do not receive funds from the budget at all.

The word “levies” has replaced the term “voluntarily charitable assistance.” Pay attention - voluntarily. No one can force parents to provide charitable assistance to a preschool institution: there are also refuseniks who are well versed in knowledge of the law.

Passing money from hand to hand means questioning whether it will go to the needs of children.

If you pay voluntarily, in excess of the established one, be sure to make sure the intended use of funds: whether the carpet was purchased with your money, and not with other funds. Count how much water, soap and toilet paper your child consumes in kindergarten.

There are, after all, parental councils, their direct duty to take "charitable" activities under their control. And not only charitable, but also what and how they teach your children before school.