Playing "Jackal", Audiobooks, Borscht And Springboards For Cars: How Do The Stars Entertain Children In Quarantine

Playing "Jackal", Audiobooks, Borscht And Springboards For Cars: How Do The Stars Entertain Children In Quarantine
Playing "Jackal", Audiobooks, Borscht And Springboards For Cars: How Do The Stars Entertain Children In Quarantine

Video: Playing "Jackal", Audiobooks, Borscht And Springboards For Cars: How Do The Stars Entertain Children In Quarantine

Video: Playing "Jackal", Audiobooks, Borscht And Springboards For Cars: How Do The Stars Entertain Children In Quarantine
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Angelica Revva: audiobooks as salvation


The wife of humorist Alexander Revva, Angelica Revva, told us that the family recently acquired a set of board games and spend their spring evenings with them. However, this is far from their only entertainment.

Angelica listens to audiobooks with her children and admitted that she used to read fairy tales to her daughters herself, and audiobooks became a kind of lifesaver for her. “When you read for children, you fall asleep yourself,” says Angelica Revva. “Therefore, in this situation, we decided that audiobooks will replace mom, because she also needs time for self-development and reading fiction and educational literature.” Since the eldest daughter of Alexander and Angelica Revva, Alisa is in the sixth grade, and Amelie is still in preparatory, the audiobooks are selected taking into account the interests of both girls. And while they absorb cognitive information like a sponge, Angelica can calmly go about her business.

In order not to get tired in quarantine, the young woman advises all parents to come up with and even print out an organizational plan for hourly lessons with children.

Angelica encourages moms and dads not to forget about a breath of fresh air and to go out with their children into the staircase, onto the balcony - and wherever you can. In her opinion, if a tired child spends time on the Internet all day, he will not learn any information. “When we wake up, in order to wake up the body, we must do exercises with the whole family. This process is very invigorating. In general, I just admire all the moms and dads who manage to keep some kind of good atmosphere in the family, - says Angelica. - All love, health and patience. After all, with love you can overcome everything. Maria Pogrebnyak teaches children to cook

The designer, socialite and football player's wife Pavel Pogrebnyak, Maria Pogrebnyak and her three sons, have their entire day scheduled literally every minute. In the first half of the day, Maria devotes to classes in an online school, in the second she prepares lunch with her three heroes: borsch, cabbage soup, homemade dumplings, and bakes cakes.

In their free time, the family can come up with challenges on Instagram, play cards, checkers, and cars. But the main principle that Maria uses when raising children is “Time is for business, and an hour is for fun”.

Maria Pogrebnyak involves them in the cooking process. So, for example, the elder peels vegetables or makes dough, the younger adds spices, can chop onions. Maria, as an experienced chef, only guides the process. “Before the crisis, the children cooked with me, but I didn't ask them to clean up. And then I thought, why are three men doing a mess? Let one vacuum, the other washes the dishes, but I can rest, - says Maria. - They also say that only girls can be assistants. It seems to me that we could have disagreements with my daughter, because I have a very demanding character. Maria believes that parents need to completely give their children independence. And quarantine is exactly the time when children need to be taught to clean, cook and other household chores. “My children put their clothes in the washing machine and clean their room. I used to think that it would be easier for me to do everything myself than to teach my sons.

But now I am giving an ultimatum: we will not go anywhere until we have cleaned the apartment. At first it was scary to let the child even peel potatoes. So, the first time he cut himself. But next time I already held the knife correctly. And I have more time for myself,”says Maria.

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The daughter of the singer Slava Antonina spends a lot of time with a dog, which was acquired literally after the start of quarantine and a cat. In addition, the girl does various exercises with her exercise ball, on which she also eats, sleeps and does her homework.

Slava also told us about the games she plays with her beloved daughter. “We advise everyone to play the board game“Jackal”,” the singer shares her impressions. - And we also play cards: the "fool", the "drunkard". Since we live outside the city, we ride a bike”. When asked what is needed in order not to get tired of children in quarantine, Slava gave a very laconic answer: “To drink. There is no more advice."

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The actress and mother of many children, Glafira Tarkhanova, in self-isolation, reads books with children, watches films and plays sports. Since Glafira's children have a big age difference, she has to occupy each of them. But the eldest son has already found ways to properly organize his leisure time. “He is now at my grandmother's. And there is a tradition there - at nine o'clock in the evening to play different board games, - says Glafira. Glafira Tarkhanova said that she also recently acquired a large set of books, among which there are both adult and children's editions. And children are happy to immerse themselves in the reading process.

And when asked how not to “burn out” during constant communication with a quarantined child, Glafira answered: “You need to remember the period when you simply did not have enough time to communicate with children. And this is now clearly visible in contrast. Children are well connected to various video resources, challenges, joint entertainment. Therefore, leisure can always be organized”.

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One real man, singer Denis Klyaver, organically fit into the company of star moms, who gave very detailed answers to all our questions.

- How do you spend your time with quarantined children?

- Silently. And patiently. (Laughs) In fact, everyone is busy with their own business. Small performs entertaining interactive tasks, rages on the site in the yard with dogs, we have two of them, huskies. At home he trains cats, builds houses for them from improvised means and toys, draws, watches scientific videos for the category of children. In general, he has something to do.

We are lucky, he doesn’t tug on us much, he finds things to do on his own. The spouse got into cooking, every day she makes us happy with new recipes and dishes. Of course, in parallel and is engaged in himself, yoga and various spiritual practices.

What am I? I'm in the studio, in musical creativity and euphoria. I have long wanted to plunge into myself, but here is enough time. Therefore, everyone has their place in the house, no one bothers anyone or torments anyone, oddly enough. Although, to be honest, when they introduced quarantine for a month, I thought that I would go crazy.

But fortunately, it proceeds peacefully and in harmony! With admiration and respect I treat parents who have to do school homework with their children. We will have this only next year.

- What games do you play with children?

- In any. For example, in cars, we build tracks from auxiliary materials. Everything is used: both shoe boxes and books are ideal for trampolines. Let's not forget board games like Monopoly and Emanginarium. We also draw, dance, go in for sports, go crazy in a variety of ways)).

- Do you and your children have any family traditions, for example, evening fairy tales or watching a certain cartoon together?

- Yes, every night I try to put Daniel to bed myself. Before going to bed, we talk on different topics, who did what all day, and then, of course, a bedtime story follows.

Now, in quarantine, a joint family viewing of films and cartoons has become a mini-tradition. Watching cartoons every day - this requires a certain steely patience of parents, that's why we alternate.

- What advice would you give to parents who cannot cope with their children and get tired of them in quarantine?

- Try to keep your child busy with your hobbies. I recently ordered Daniel's puzzles. Before that, he was not at all interested, bored, since "Lego" was in the first place, but as soon as a picture with his favorite hero appeared, the child could not be torn off by the ears.

As a last resort, gadgets, virtual reality in games always come to the rescue, but, of course, you need to understand that you can devote limited time to this. It is always better to keep the child busy with something useful to him.