A Center For Parents Of Premature Babies Was Opened In Voronezh

A Center For Parents Of Premature Babies Was Opened In Voronezh
A Center For Parents Of Premature Babies Was Opened In Voronezh

Video: A Center For Parents Of Premature Babies Was Opened In Voronezh

Video: A Center For Parents Of Premature Babies Was Opened In Voronezh
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VORONEZH, June 20 - RIA Novosti. The educational center "Toropyzhka36. RF" for parents of premature babies has opened on the basis of a perinatal center in Voronezh, the Voronezh Regional Duma reports.

Voronezh school "Toropyzhka36. RF" became the fourth in Russia, opened on the basis of typical perinatal centers, after Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg. The solemn event was timed to coincide with the seven-year anniversary of the work of the perinatal center.

Lyudmila Ippolitova, Chairperson of the Committee on Labor and Social Protection of the Population of the Voronezh Regional Duma, Chief Freelance Neonatologist of the Voronezh Region, congratulated patients and medical staff of the center on the opening of the school and held the first lesson. According to Ippolitova, the problem of nursing premature babies is very urgent for the region.

“We are fighting not only for the survival of such children, but also for their quality of life. And here proper parental care is of great importance. We have been developing school elements for parents of premature babies for all seven years. Now we have simply summarized our experience, studied modern world methods and formalized it into a single training program, Ippolitova said.

She noted that not only mothers and fathers, but also grandmothers and other family members will be able to study at the educational center with specialists and learn how to properly care for their child. The school will work on a permanent basis, all consultations will be free.

According to the chairman of the Voronezh Regional Duma, Vladimir Netesov, today, as part of the development of the regional health care system, there is a subprogram designed to improve medical care for pregnant women and newborn children. Among the expected immediate results of its implementation is an increase in the percentage of survival of children who had very low and extremely low body weight at birth in an obstetric hospital.

The total amount of funding for the Maternal and Child Health Subprogramme, which was launched in the Voronezh Region in 2014 and is designed for a long period, is about 6.6 billion rubles. At the same time, as noted by Netesov, in recent years it has been financed exclusively from the regional budget.

"This year, the deputies have pledged almost 200 million rubles for the implementation of this subprogram. Next year, expenses will increase by another 28.5 million. And such measures have already proved their effectiveness. For example, infant mortality last year decreased by 18.5%. This is, by the way, a historical minimum, "- said Netesov.

The Voronezh Perinatal Center has been operating since July 2011. During this time, about 40 thousand children were born here, of which more than 4.5 thousand were premature, and more than 600 - with a body weight of less than 1 kilogram. The smallest baby weighed 530 grams. About 98% of babies weighing less than 1 kilogram are born within the walls of the perinatal center, today the survival rate of such children is 87%. In 2010, this figure was 41%.

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