Parents From The Lefortovo Region Will Be Able To Enroll Their Children In Circles And Sections Through The Portal

Parents From The Lefortovo Region Will Be Able To Enroll Their Children In Circles And Sections Through The Portal
Parents From The Lefortovo Region Will Be Able To Enroll Their Children In Circles And Sections Through The Portal

Video: Parents From The Lefortovo Region Will Be Able To Enroll Their Children In Circles And Sections Through The Portal

Video: Parents From The Lefortovo Region Will Be Able To Enroll Their Children In Circles And Sections Through The Portal
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Muscovites submitted more than 1.5 million online applications to enroll in city clubs, sports clubs and art houses through in 2019. These are supplementary education programs for children and adolescents. This was announced by the official portal of the Moscow government. Most often, residents left electronic applications to enroll children in circles and sections of the Department of Education and Science of the city of Moscow. Also, users signed up for classes that are held in the organizations of the Moscow Department of Culture and sports schools of the Department of Sports.


“The electronic service“Signing up for clubs, sports clubs and creative houses”helps children and their parents quickly find the necessary programs of additional education - for convenience, they are systematized and divided into 35 types of activities. For example, music, tourism and local history, physical culture and sports, literary creativity and others. Having decided on the type of activity, the user can already select a specific profile, that is, a circle or section. These can be classes in astronomy, biology, linguistics, history, engineering, painting, graphics, modeling, volleyball, swimming and others,”said Moscow Government Minister, Head of the Information Technology Department Eduard Lysenko.

If a child is under the age of 14, only parents or legal representatives can submit an online application. Users who have reached the age of 14 can sign up for classes on their own.

“The service was launched in 2012, and its popularity among citizens is growing. We are constantly working to make it even simpler and more convenient, we are analyzing how we can reduce the time to receive a service. So, for example, for the convenience of users, we created an opportunity to select an institution by its location, metro station or district, as well as the time of the classes,”said Elena Shinkaruk, Chair of the Moscow State Services Committee.

Most of the circles and sections are designed for children from five to 18 years old. According to the Moscow Department of Information Technologies, children under 14 are most often enrolled in classes through; they account for about 70 percent of all online applications, and over 30 percent of e-applications are submitted by teenagers from 14 to 18 years old. In the circles and sections of the Department of Education and Science of the city of Moscow, children are trained in a variety of areas. These are social pedagogy, tourism and local history, physical culture and sports, as well as technical, natural-scientific and creative spheres.

Additional education programs of the Moscow Department of Culture are aimed at those who want to engage in artistic activities. In circles and sections of cultural centers and houses of creativity, children are taught arts and crafts and theatrical arts, painting, graphics, music, choreography.

The sports schools of the city Department of Sports prepare highly qualified athletes, future candidates for the national teams of Moscow and Russia. Institutions place high demands on the physical fitness of children. In order to get there, you must pass entrance tests. In total, there are 83 sports schools in the capital, where more than 70 kinds of sports are free.

It is important to remember that through the portal you can enroll a child or adolescent for classes only in institutions subordinate to the Moscow Department of Education and Science, the Department of Culture and the Department of Sports. To do this, the user needs to select the "Education" section in the service catalog, and then the service "Registration in circles, sports clubs, houses of creativity". On the page that opens, you will need to indicate the stage of training (beginner or continuing), and in the search bar, enter keywords for the name of the circle.

You can also use the advanced search. It allows you to find the desired section or circle for certain parameters. So, it is necessary to indicate the gender and age of the child, the district, the metro station or a specific institution where it is convenient to attend classes, as well as the type of activity (for example, "Psychology", "Science and Technology", "Music") and profile. In addition, the user can choose the direction of the additional education program (sections, circles, studios, sports training or children's art schools). You can specify the desired time for classes - morning, afternoon or evening.

After setting the parameters, the page will display a list of suitable educational programs. All that remains is to select a circle or section, a convenient start date of classes from the available ones, enter the required data and click on the "Send" button.

If the child is less than 14 years old, the application is left by parents or legal representatives. To do this, you need to enter your last name, first name and patronymic and contact information (mobile phone, e-mail address), as well as the last name, first name and patronymic of the child and the details of his birth certificate. Users who have reached the age of 14 can apply themselves. In this case, they need to indicate the last name, first name, patronymic, date of birth, mobile phone number, e-mail address and information of an identity document - passport or birth certificate. The data specified in the personal account will be filled in automatically.

During the day, a notification is sent to the specified e-mail address and to the user's personal account with an invitation to conclude a contract or to pass listening or testing. This may be necessary when enrolling in music or theater studios, scientific or technical circles, and sports schools. If the child successfully passes the introductory test, the user is also notified.

Parents or teenagers need to contact the institution to conclude an agreement on the provision of services within 30 calendar days. If the child is enrolled in a sports school, then the contract must be concluded within seven days from the date of receipt of the notification. You can find out which type of physical activity is more suitable for a child - swimming, athletics, artistic gymnastics, karate or football, thanks to the test on the choice of sports for children. Parents can enroll a child on it only through In October last year on the portal the service "Registration for testing by choice of sport for children from 5.5 to 12 years old" was updated. Now it has become more convenient to use the service: the number of information fields that need to be filled in has decreased, and hints have appeared next to some lines. They will help parents remember important test requirements.

Since October 2016, 11 testing centers have been operating on the basis of the sports schools of Moskomsport, opened within the framework of the city program “Helping parents in choosing a sport for children”.

Parents also have the opportunity to conduct preliminary self-testing of the child. You can do this online without leaving your home. Testing will help the parent determine the current physical and psychophysiological capabilities of the child. To do this, go to the "Services" section, select the direction "Recreation, culture, sports", then - the "Sports" section, the service "Online testing: what kind of sport is right for your child", then "Take your own test" and press the button "To begin".