City Support: What Electronic Services And Services Help Moscow Parents

City Support: What Electronic Services And Services Help Moscow Parents
City Support: What Electronic Services And Services Help Moscow Parents

Video: City Support: What Electronic Services And Services Help Moscow Parents

Video: City Support: What Electronic Services And Services Help Moscow Parents
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The city provides active social support to mothers with many children, young families and pregnant women. Parents can apply for various types of benefits at any convenient time online, as well as use useful city services and services on the portal and in the Moscow State Services mobile application.


“We have converted into electronic form many social services and services that are in demand among the townspeople. On the portal, you can view the student's grades in an electronic diary, find out what the child ate in the school cafeteria, and issue various payments and compensations. More than 1.1 million Muscovites use electronic services for children and parents today,”said Eduard Lysenko, Minister of the Moscow Government, head of the Information Technology Department.

To date, the services and services of the social sphere have been used more than 800 million times.

“The social sphere is a priority area of our work. Special attention is paid to services for parents with children. Now, without leaving home, you can enroll your child in a kindergarten, school, various circles and sections, attach to the clinic and make an appointment with a doctor. And we continue to improve and modernize services to make them as simple, convenient and fast as possible for Muscovites,”said Elena Shinkaruk, head of the Moscow City Public Services Committee.

Services for parents and children

There are dozens of online services in the capital that help parents save time. For example, through the portal, you can attach a child to city and dental clinics, make an appointment with a doctor, receive the results of medical tests by e-mail, and also apply to enroll a child in a kindergarten, first grade, extended day group, club or sports section. In addition, parents can set up convenient widgets in their personal account, for example, "Appointment to a doctor", with which you can register any family member in a medical facility.

Through the service "My Payments" you can pay for kindergarten, circles, sections and other educational services. To receive an invoice for clubs and kindergarten, parents registered on must provide the SNILS number, child's birth certificate and passport details of the person to whom the service agreement has been drawn up. Information about the child can be indicated in the personal accounts of both the father and the mother.

Thanks to the service "Electronic student diary", each parent can monitor the progress of their child online: the electronic diary displays the schedule of classes, homework and grades. In addition, online communication with school teachers is available.

And with the help of the Moskvenok service, you can check when the child entered and left school, as well as what he ate during lunch. Parents have access to the function of replenishing the child's personal account for buying food at the school cafeteria. The service also allows you to exclude some unwanted foods from the child's diet.

In the spring of this year, a new family-ecological project "Our Tree" was launched for parents. Muscovites who have recently become parents can celebrate the addition to the family by planting a personal tree. This year, 2,300 applications were approved, and now applications for participation in the project in 2020 are being accepted.

New urban tradition: linden trees were planted in honor of newborns in Moscow In honor of newborn citizens: more than 2,300 named trees will be planted in Moscow forest parks this fall

Parents can also get popular services in the Moscow State Services mobile application. With its help, you can use the service "Passage and meals", enroll a child in a circle and make an appointment for him to see a doctor.

Benefits and discounts on the Muscovite card

Pregnant women registered in Moscow and registered with medical organizations before the 20th week of pregnancy can receive a Muscovite card. The card is also drawn up by children and one of the parents of a large family registered in Moscow. With its help, it is convenient to receive child support and other social benefits, as well as pay for goods and services.

In addition, the card can be used when paying for travel in the metro, ground transport, on the Moscow Central Circle, monorail and commuter trains. Large families with a Muscovite card can use public transport for free, and the Troika transport application is included in the card's functionality for pregnant women.

Upon presentation of a Muscovite card, you can receive discounts on children's products, purchases in pharmacies, cosmetics stores, online stores, as well as on the services of commercial medical centers, fitness clubs and cafes. Detailed information on the discount program can be found on the website or in the mobile application "Moscow State Services" in the "Muscovite Map" section.

Mothers-to-be and members of large families can apply for a Muscovite card at the My Documents centers, and check its readiness on the portal and in the Moscow State Services mobile application.

In addition, the card is used as a policy of compulsory health insurance - with its help you can make an appointment with a doctor in information machines installed in city polyclinics.

One card, dozens of possibilities: the Muscovite Card project turns 18

Social support for large and young families

On the portal, residents can apply for various payments, allowances and compensations, as well as a parking permit for a large family, apply for a subsidy to pay for housing and communal services, and apply for a free voucher for children's recreation and health improvement. You can apply for vouchers in the section "Social support", hereinafter - "For families, children, pregnant women."

In addition, the portal has an instruction that explains what payments the city provides at the birth of a child. Citizens of Russia can count on a one-time allowance for the birth of a child, a monthly allowance for caring for a child up to one and a half years, and monthly compensation during the period of parental leave for up to three years.

Moscow provides all families with a lump-sum compensation payment to reimburse the expenses in connection with the birth (adoption) of a child, and for young parents registered in the capital - an additional lump-sum benefit in connection with the birth of a child.

Large families can apply for the appointment and provision of monthly monetary compensation for the birth of three or more children at the same time, for reimbursement of expenses due to the increase in the cost of living, for housing and telephone payments, for the purchase of goods for children, for the purchase of school uniforms, as well as for obtaining parking permits.

In addition, for residents planning to become mothers, the portal contains answers to questions of interest and useful recommendations. For example, how to plan a pregnancy, register a newborn, obtain a custody permit, or receive foster parent training. Instructions are available in the "Family, children" section in the "Social support" section.