Decade Of Childhood: What Will The Altai Territory Get?

Decade Of Childhood: What Will The Altai Territory Get?
Decade Of Childhood: What Will The Altai Territory Get?

Video: Decade Of Childhood: What Will The Altai Territory Get?

Video: Decade Of Childhood: What Will The Altai Territory Get?
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In the Altai Territory, as well as throughout the country, the decade of childhood began. Until 2027, the child and his needs will be in the spotlight. Programs, funding, big words - everything is planned. Adults who want to convince other adults that children are our everything.

Where is the quality of the environment?

Here, for example, is a common problem that every parent has to solve almost every day - where the child should go for a walk and where to play with him. Apart from the apartment? There are two options - on the street near the house or in the play areas of the nearest shopping center. A visit to the shopping center is more expensive - from 400 rubles for "unlimited" per child. At the same time, he will have to play in the scenery, from which you cannot quickly get out. And not a single large entertainment zone in the regional center is located on the first floor of a large shopping center. Considering the Kemerovo experience, this is a risky place of entertainment.

There remains a street. But the condition, location of slides, swings and merry-go-rounds does not always mean that adults understand children's needs. So, on the site on Baltiyskaya, 42a, the traumatic swing, which "AiF-Altai" wrote about several years ago, is still standing. Or the playground at 28 Entuziastov Street - a dangerous slide for children available - with holes full of bumpers, where the hands and feet of kids fall during the ride. And every parent can recall many such examples. The safety of playgrounds is not yet about the Altai Territory.

There is little hope that for the "Decade of Childhood" announced in the region, entertainment complexes in shopping centers will be transferred to the first floors, and children's playgrounds will be seriously checked for safety. What will be done?

What are the plans?

It is assumed that the Decade of Childhood will be officially supported by targeted federal funding. So far, the main goal is to correct the demographic situation. In particular, the task was set to introduce monthly payments for the birth of the first child everywhere, to extend the maternity capital program until 2021, to support young families with moderate interest rates on mortgage loans, to eliminate queues at nurseries and kindergartens, and to bring children's medical care to a qualitatively new level.

As in many other areas, activities within the decade of childhood are likely to be divided into two parts - financial and reporting. In the first case, the money allocated by the federal budget will be spent on some specific things - for example, on medical equipment for the pediatric service, benefits and subsidies. In the second, events will be held that do not fundamentally change the situation, but appear beautifully in the reports on the implementation of a significant federal project in the region. For example, it has already been decided to conduct field consultations for families with children in the regions of the region. Teams of psychologists, lawyers, social workers will tour the villages, promoting the prevention of divorce, advising on legal issues.

In general, according to the Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Altai Territory Vitaly Snesar, the regional plan for the "Decade of Childhood" will be drawn up by June 1, 2018.

It is already clear that it is planned to help young families in building or purchasing housing and to assist young mothers in acquiring new professions.

Who is nutrition and teaching?

A separate big line will go to the provision of the inhabitants of the region with high-quality food for children's nutrition. Moreover, according to the announcement of the governor of the region Alexander Karlin, at affordable prices.

According to Tatyana Zelenina, head of the Altai Territory department for food, processing, pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology, last year the region launched the production of gluten-free cereals for baby food. In the near future, it is planned to increase the capacity of the existing production facilities, as well as to organize a new workshop for the production of milk-based baby food. Altai meat processing enterprises are already mastering the production of a new generation of sausages for preschool and school children - frankfurters, sausages, ham, block meat are made from the highest grades of local raw materials.

Also, over a decade, the authorities in the region want not only to solve all the issues of school and preschool education, but also to start implementing the long-cherished idea of additional education. In theory, institutions of additional education for children should be as ubiquitous as schools. The first sign should be the strengthening of additional education in summer camps. According to the chairman of the committee on social policy of the AKZS Tatyana Ilyuchenko, in connection with the start of the presidential project "Decade of Childhood" in all summer health camps this year, much attention will be paid to the content of children's recreation. In particular, it is planned to introduce short-term programs of additional education.

Also in the "decade" they want to oblige the municipalities of the region to pay more attention to the preservation of the health of children through systematic physical education and sports. How, by what means, the availability of sports for children from families of different incomes will be realized is not yet clear.

The availability of knowledge, books, libraries for children also remains outside the announced decade. The convenience and safety of the urban environment is questionable. Culture and useful entertainment, theaters and museums? Of course, the new sofas in front of the doctor's offices are nice and comfortable. But the same children's, regular sausage, mastered by the enterprises of the region, has not yet been found on the counter - it is probably expensive, and it is not profitable for retail chains to take it for sale. There are almost half a million children in the region. To report to the federal center on the spending of funds, it is probably enough to do a few thousand good. But what will the Decade of Childhood give to everyone else? There is no answer yet.

By the way

According to the Ministry of Health of the Altai Territory, the children's population of the Territory under the age of 17 has grown from 454 thousand in 2012 to 491.6 thousand in 2017.

Despite the fact that the child population in the region has grown, the birth rate is declining. She fell especially hard in Barnaul. The decline in fertility affects the rate of infant loss. In Aleisky, Biysky, Rubtsovsky and Kamensky districts, infant losses are decreasing, and in Barnaul, Zarinsk and Slavgorod, despite a decrease in the birth rate, losses are growing. Late neonatal mortality is also increasing in the Altai Territory.

In contrast to early neonatal mortality (the first week of a child's life), which indicates the level of development of pediatric services, mortality of children aged 7 to 28 days is largely associated with social and living conditions in the family, the quality of child care, respiratory diseases, and infectious diseases.

The opinion of the authorities

Minister of Health of the Altai Territory Irina Dolgova:

- For the "Decade of Childhood", which started in Russia, it is planned to form a pediatric cluster in the region. This will allow to unite the capacities of the leading medical organizations in the region, to build under its structure the entire complex of medical, diagnostic and auxiliary resources used to provide medical care to children in the region.

Within the framework of activities related to the Decade of Childhood project and the creation of the Pediatric Cluster, an extensive plan has been developed that is related not only to the development and strengthening of the material and technical base of medical institutions. Almost every polyclinic and polyclinic department within three years will receive part of the money from the federal tranche of 242 million rubles for the implementation of the projects "Open Registry" and "Lean Polyclinic". With this money, it will be possible to make repairs and purchase the missing equipment for the needs of the pediatric service.

In addition, in the city of Barnaul, the issue of organizing pediatric reception rooms on the first floors of houses in new densely populated microdistricts is being worked out.

Expert opinions

Marina Ermolenko, Co-Chair of the Regional Headquarters of the All-Russian Popular Front in the Altai Territory:

- Over a decade of childhood, dozens of kindergartens, clinics, music, art, sports schools and 25 new secondary schools should appear in Altai. This means that absolutely all children in the region will be able to study in the first shift.

Chairman of the regional council of fathers Yuri Abdullaev:

- The Decade of Childhood should solve the problems of strengthening the institution of the family, the formation of responsible fatherhood and motherhood, and the upbringing of the younger generation.