10 Restaurants With Verandas And Entertainment For Children

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10 Restaurants With Verandas And Entertainment For Children
10 Restaurants With Verandas And Entertainment For Children

Video: 10 Restaurants With Verandas And Entertainment For Children

Video: 10 Restaurants With Verandas And Entertainment For Children
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A truly successful veranda is when there is a lot of space, the feeling of summer and delicious food. We have selected 10 establishments that have it all.


Simple New Vintage

A bright veranda, hidden in a small courtyard and immersed in blooming lilacs and chestnuts. Here you can spend half of Saturday bourgeoisly, studying the impressive wine list, and knowing that the child will not run away from the yard - the veranda is hidden from the roadway. There is no special children's menu, but there are dishes that are accessible to children's understanding: sorrel soup with chicken broth (390 rubles), farm chicken with polenta and young green peas (590 rubles) or beef stroganoff with mushrooms and creamy sauce (750 rubles). On weekends, children are entertained with cooking classes or blowing bubbles.

1st Brestskaya, 41

House 12

A restaurant in Mansurovsky lane, the veranda of which overlooks a remote, cozy courtyard with trees and paths. On weekends, a children's movie is shown here, so you can feed a child with chicken schnitzel (450 rubles), churros donuts with sour cream and jam (200 rubles) and sit down to watch some "Baghdad Thief", and then send them out into the yard to play rubber bands. Everyone in House 12 knows each other, so the children of visitors quickly become a team and do not get bored.

Mansurovsky per., 12

Cheese dairy on Red October

Cozy closed courtyard with a real playground. You can climb into a two-story wooden house with a slide, you can participate in master classes that are regularly held here in the children's corner, or you can stay with your parents and lie languidly in a straw chair waiting for turkey cutlets with mashed potatoes (650 rubles) or pizza "Margarita" (400 rubles).

Bersenevsky per., 2, p. 1


Cafe at the Museum of Modern Art on Petrovka. They often show children's performances, arrange all kinds of master classes, but even if you find yourself in "Martha" in the interval between children's entertainment, the child will still have something to do. The courtyard of the cafe is flooded with idols made by the sculptor Zurab Tsereteli and looking at them is no less interesting than, for example, making bagels. Follow the schedule of children's entertainment in Marta social networks.

Petrovka, 25, building 1


A Georgian cafe, proven over the years, whose veranda is located in a small Arbat courtyard. Children have a separate corner where they will be fed (there is a children's menu with homemade noodles (240 rubles), beef khinkali (60 rubles apiece) or dumplings (280 rubles) and entertained. Every weekend from 14.00 to 18.00, animation programs are arranged here, culinary master classes led by professional chefs start on Sundays at 4:00 pm And there are rabbits living here, taking half of the audience away from the animators.

Gagarinsky per., 15 a

Odessa-mother in Krivokolenny

A restaurant of Odessa cuisine, where almost all items from the menu fit into children's ideas of beauty: dumplings with cherries (330 rubles), borscht with beef and beans (430 rubles) or turkey cutlets (430 rubles). There is no need to entertain the children after dinner, they can cope with this here on their own - right a stone's throw from the veranda there is a serious playground where the children hang upside down and laugh.

Krivokolenny lane, 10


Russian cuisine restaurant, opened by the farm cooperative Lavka-lavka. The restaurant is located in the courtyards on Petrovka, there are no cars there, so the child can be safely released from the veranda into the courtyard. On holidays and weekends, children have fun with the animators or cook something together. There is no children's menu, but there is chicken soup (550 rubles), easily recognizable and loved by children, chicken breast (750 rubles) and burnt new potatoes (550 rubles). Prices are high, but they really cook here from selected farm products.

Petrovka, 21-2


A cafe in the city center, besieged all year round by parents with children. There is no more convenient place for a family dinner. "32.05" is located in the depths of the park, where there are no cars and cannot be, but in the neighborhood there is one of the best playgrounds in the city. There is no separate children's menu, but children are happy to eat homemade beetroot (280 rubles), chicken cutlets (390 rubles - homemade adjika is attached to the cutlets, which you can refuse), beef tenderloin cheeseburger (600 rubles) or grilled corn (250 rubles).

Carriage row, 3


One of the most spectacular terraces in Moscow is located on the platform overhanging the Patriarch's Pond. It is expensive and sometimes too decorous, but elegant visitors against the backdrop of a beautiful pond make children keep their backs straight and give dinner an unprecedented solemnity, which one can only dream of on weekdays. While the parents are eating risotto with crab, the children lean on fish soup (1100 rubles) or spaghetti with seafood (1200 rubles), and after dinner they secretly feed local swans with a profiterole shell (350 rubles).

B. Patriarshy, 7, bldg. 1


The tallest and most impressive terrace in the city. "Outdoors" is located on the roof of a skyscraper in the City and it opens only in the warm season. There is no need to entertain the children here - they hang around the windows for a long time and you can only distract them with chicken cutlets (570 rubles), pasta with shrimps and tomatoes (1130) or pistachio roll (670 rubles).

1st Krasnogvardeisky proezd, 21/2, OKO tower