I Do Not Regret At All That My Daughter Has Been In The Modeling Business From The Cradle: Mom's Personal Experience

I Do Not Regret At All That My Daughter Has Been In The Modeling Business From The Cradle: Mom's Personal Experience
I Do Not Regret At All That My Daughter Has Been In The Modeling Business From The Cradle: Mom's Personal Experience

Video: I Do Not Regret At All That My Daughter Has Been In The Modeling Business From The Cradle: Mom's Personal Experience

Video: I Do Not Regret At All That My Daughter Has Been In The Modeling Business From The Cradle: Mom's Personal Experience
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Someone strives with all their might to introduce their child into this business, while someone categorically declares that the model and the child are incompatible concepts.


There are so many rumors about modeling - from paid castings and lost childhood to backstage intrigues and boys and girls suffering from unreasonable parental ambitions.

Marina Brown (@marinabraunnn), model, travel influencer, doesn't believe in these horror stories. Moreover, she is raising a world-class model from her 5-year-old daughter Agnia.

Especially for our readers, Marina told why she needs it and how her little daughter relates to everything that happens.

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Frankly, plans for Agnia appeared long before her birth. This is, so to speak, a story about "catching up" or simply my childhood dream! Therefore, when I saw that Agnia was born very pretty and a huge number of enthusiastic comments began to flow to her, I realized that the opportunity should not be missed - we must work with what God has awarded!

I've always liked beautiful kids on magazine covers, in advertising campaigns.

Everyone sees something different in this, but, in my opinion, these boys and girls broadcast a very sincere natural beauty to the world.

Agnia and I started filming early. But I never insisted or pressed, because these are not games, this is work, and, moreover, it is very difficult! I gradually connected my daughter to various interesting projects.

The starting point in this whole story was our wintering trip to the Dominican Republic. There every day 20-30 people came up to us with the words:

“What a beautiful child you have!”, “You need to advertise!”, “Have you thought about going to modeling?”

The attention to my daughter was tremendous!

Imagine a blonde with chocolate skin with blue-green eyes! Upon returning to Russia, it was immediately decided to go to a modeling agency. True, there we were immediately categorically told: "Laid yourself out!"

But this is another story about modeling and types in Russia.

Nevertheless, work began. Again, these ad campaigns look very simple in the pictures. In fact, as in all areas of life, what seems easy is a tremendous amount of work.

It's difficult for adults, what can we say about children

It is difficult for a child (especially at an early age) to convey the idea of shooting, it is difficult to explain why all this is needed and why he is now not building Easter cakes in the sandbox with his peers, but is in the studio.

But, you know, all this develops responsibility! Great! And, of course, good manners. Of course, provided that they are properly engaged with the child and do not repeat like parrots: “You are a star! You are perfection itself! You are the most gorgeous in the world!"

Yes, many adults (and the older generation in general) told me that Agnia did not need this, that at three years old it is too early to give a girl to a model.

But I see from her a real interest in what is happening.

Yes, when she just started (I repeat, she was about three years old), then, naturally, she treated everything as a game. She always had a very funny mood, she was happy, fooling around. But today the daughter approaches filming very consciously. Agnia asks when she will be, and sometimes even asks her to organize.

The daughter understands how to work in front of the camera. Even when we are just taking pictures: she is no longer afraid of the camera, does not huddle, knows how to show herself, how to turn around. For a girl, I think this is a very cool skill.

Plus, Agni developed a serious interest in photography and, as a result, a new hobby - she likes not only to be photographed, but also to photograph herself.

We are even considering buying a camera for my daughter so that she can train, learn and develop her skills and observation.

In general, I dream of immersing her in the world of photography, when they shoot on film and then develop these frames. It would be cool to create your own mini-laboratory! These are the origins of art. It fosters a craving for beauty and pushes the opinion that photography is a banal clicking on the buttons on the phone.

Therefore, if a child starts modeling and becomes successful, the main thing is not to forget that, first of all, this is a child and he needs simple childish joys.

Parents should help their child to remain himself, to control himself and not "catch a star."

Please, here's a vivid example of a competent attitude towards modeling. Anna Pavaga is a 10-year-old world-class model. She is a wonderful, well-mannered and polite child!

I was lucky to meet Anya's mother, who gave us a lot of valuable advice. I am incredibly grateful to Katya and admire her talent in raising children and producing!

But what about study, preparation for school, you ask. So that modeling does not interfere with studies and education, we try to take days off on the days when the shooting is scheduled, and then we compensate for this with intensive classes.

Now Agnia has a very high workload: she goes to an English kindergarten, attends lessons on the development of speech (in addition to the fact that classes are held in a foreign language all day in the kindergarten), does gymnastics, vocal, learns to play the piano and drums.

Therefore, we try to shoot on weekends or no more than twice a week so that the girl does not get tired.

I feel that my daughter is internally more mature than her peers.

Largely thanks to modeling. Many points concerning her field of activity teach discipline, work with adults, with professionals in their field (which is very important!). She already understands what work is in principle. She knows for sure that everyone has their own area of responsibility, that there is a work schedule and that you need to follow it and be on the set on time.

In general, all this very disciplines the child, and Agnia already has a fairly mature idea of many things.

In fact, I see more advantages than disadvantages in modeling.

At the agency, Agnia studied acting, performing arts, and the catwalk. And it's trite, the girl, who started modeling early, has a wonderful gait.

Do not think that all this is pleasant not only to me. Agnia is delighted with what she is doing. She loves to revise her work, videos and photos from the set. And after the shooting itself, the daughter for a long time with burning eyes shares her impressions with her friends and relatives.

And recently she saw an ad on TV and says:

“Mom, we haven't had such a shoot yet. It was great to record such an advertisement too”.

So we have a lot of plans. We will study, take photographs and, of course, develop modeling.

Do I regret that my daughter started her "adult life" early? I will say this: the modeling business is not the same as the modeling business. If my daughter likes it, then we are on the right track! This is the most important thing for me as a mother.

Photo: personal archive of Marina Brown

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