Places In Kindergartens In Perm Have Become More Accessible

Places In Kindergartens In Perm Have Become More Accessible
Places In Kindergartens In Perm Have Become More Accessible

Video: Places In Kindergartens In Perm Have Become More Accessible

Video: Places In Kindergartens In Perm Have Become More Accessible
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In 2018, about a thousand new places in kindergartens were created in Perm. A kindergarten "Erudite" has opened in the Motovilikha district. In the Verkhnyaya Kurya microdistrict, the building of the kindergarten 404 resumed its work after the repair. Recently, the kindergarten at 35a Kalyaeva Street was renovated. In addition, at the beginning of next year, a kindergarten on Chernyshevsky Street, 17. The Perm administration is working to increase the availability of places in kindergartens closer to home for Perm children.

One of the main results of work in the social sphere this year, the Permians call the creation of new places in kindergartens. This is the opinion of 41.8% of the surveyed townspeople.

This year a new kindergarten "Erudite" was opened in the Motovilikhinsky district. It is located in the actively developing Iva microdistrict along Griboyedov Street. The building includes 12 modern groups, catering facilities, rooms for physical and musical studies, and festive events. In addition, the kindergarten is available for people with limited mobility - a ramp, a passenger elevator are equipped. It is designed for children from 2 to 7 years old. Until that time, there were no municipal gardens in that part of the city, so the children attended preschool institutions in other neighborhoods.

Kindergarten "Erudite" was created as a center of intellectual development. The educational program is aimed at the implementation of three modules: logic and mathematics, art and creativity, engineering and technology. The internal space reflects the specifics of educational modules and is represented by thematic centers. A free zone for design and computer modeling, experimentation and solving strategic problems is an interactive space that allows you to organize subgroup work to develop the competencies of future schoolchildren.

Also, after a major overhaul, the building of kindergarten 404 was opened. The opening of this building for 50 places now made it possible to maximize the satisfaction of parents' requests for a place in a nearby preschool institution in the Verkhnaya Kurya microdistrict.

According to the head of the preschool institution Lyubov Malginova, under the “City of Masters” brand, the teaching staff develops the sensorimotor abilities of children, reveals their inner creative potential. Such creative workshops as pottery, weaving, sewing, knitting, art, carpentry, technical and others will help in this.

Also, in the near future, repair work will be completed in the kindergarten building on Kalyaeva Street, 35a. Another 11 groups have been created in existing preschool institutions. In addition, we recall that in November, at a plenary meeting of the Perm City Duma, the purchase of a kindergarten on Chernyshevsky Street, 17b for 120 places was approved. It is scheduled to open its doors to the guys in the first quarter of next year.

Let us emphasize that in recent years in Perm a significant amount of work has been done to increase the availability of preschool education. In the last four years alone, about 10 thousand new places for preschool children have been created, of which about 1000 places - this year.

Expert commentary:

- Recently, there has been a systematic work to improve preschool education in the city of Perm. This applies not only to the material base - construction projects, repairs, buyouts of buildings for the organization of kindergartens. Most importantly, the approach to organizing preschool education is changing, and unique branded institutions are emerging. Moreover, they are the best not only in the Volga Federal District, but they can compete with the capital's kindergartens. I am glad that the city authorities have a sincere desire to create the most comfortable, safe and developing environment for children. Indeed, in order to achieve educational and educational goals, it is not only the coverage of children that is important, it is necessary to see each child and his individual needs, - emphasized Nikolai Zakharov, Rector of the Perm Institute for Innovation and Monitoring of Education Quality Assessment, Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Professor, Honored Worker of Higher Education schools of the Russian Federation.