Play Big: 5 Toys To Make Your Kids Love Finance

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Play Big: 5 Toys To Make Your Kids Love Finance
Play Big: 5 Toys To Make Your Kids Love Finance

Video: Play Big: 5 Toys To Make Your Kids Love Finance

Video: Play Big: 5 Toys To Make Your Kids Love Finance
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Counting money and creating your own financial strategy is not always a feasible task, even for an adult. What can we say about the child. The portal specifically to help parents studied the financial toys market and selected several interesting options.

Psychologists, educators and specialists in working with children unanimously say: to educate, teach and lay the primary knowledge in a child, you need to start at a very early age. In addition, the learning process itself is much easier for a little man than for an adult. So why not raise a full-fledged financier? Even if the child does not go into this area, the acquired skills and abilities will definitely not be wasted. And toys can help parents in this difficult task. But not ordinary, but with a financial bias.

Option one. Nontrivial and colorful

When your baby does not yet speak and does not know how to count, memorize the numbers with him. Have the child periodically hear and see numbers from zero to nine. And it is better if he gets to know such "arithmetic friends" during the game.

The easiest solution here is to buy plush numbers. They are soft, pleasant to the touch, safe to play and can be of absolutely any texture and color. You can even sew them yourself, for this you only need fabric and holofiber (for a more natural toy, you can choose buckwheat). If you decide to make such a toy yourself, then it is better to process the seams on a sewing machine: this way the result of your creativity will be stronger.

If you don't like plush numbers, take a rattle in the shape of a spider and let the child count all its legs.

There are interactive toys for auditory memorization. They usually "take the form" of bears, hippos and other cute animals loved by kids. Plush creatures like these can speak numbers when you turn them on or when you click on parts of them. They can also "examine" the child, "asking" to voice the number drawn on the paw, ponytail or part of the belly.

Perhaps the most creative solution for teaching a kid about numbers will be a business board (from the English Buzy board - "busy board"). It is now a very popular purchase, giving Mom and Dad a break for at least 15 minutes.

The essence of the business board is trivial and ingenious at the same time - on a large surface (usually made of wood) various "stimuli" are screwed, so beloved by all children: handsets with wires, window latches, door locks, computer keyboards and much more. Both ready-made business boards and custom-made ones are sold on the Internet. Among the ready-made solutions, there are solutions with numbers and hours.

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Option two. Simple and tasteful

When the baby learns to hold objects in his hands and pronounce words, it will be possible to turn to the timeless classics - counting sticks, as well as flip-flops or the more famous abacus abacus. Surely you had the same in childhood. These simple arithmetic "tools" are perhaps the most effective for learning oral counting.

The numbers for study can also be written on wooden and plastic cubes, on small giraffes (and the larger the number the animal belongs to, the longer its neck will be), on flying airplanes, on hedgehogs squeaking a certain number of times. There are a lot of opportunities, but it is better to choose your option together with the child so that he definitely likes it.

A favorite of many parents is the number domino. With him, the child does not perceive learning as a boring process, the excitement of the game wakes up in him - not to count, but to score more points for correct answers than mother. First, with the help of dominoes, the child will learn to count, and then - to solve examples. You can also find mathematical lotto in stores. Its principle is based on the "adult" game of this kind, but in the children's version, it is fundamental to match the barrel with the number with the corresponding cell.

Option three. Modern and unusual

For older children, you can buy a magnetic board that contains both abacus and numbers. It is great to create and solve examples on such a "bridgehead". There are also example puzzles in the form of rugs and even a number twister.

Your guys will surely enjoy not only the visual, but also the “tactile” counting. To do this, you can purchase the so-called mathematical pizza, where each ingredient and each slice represents one number. There are the same watermelon. These inedible foods are good for both counting and motor skills.

Sets of money and banknotes (fake, of course) may be of interest to tomboy who are accustomed to "pay" with leaves. Moreover, now on sale there are even complete play sets for a supermarket cashier, including a cash register and a POS terminal for paying with a bank card.

A gaming supermarket can be of a different nature - for a customer. Such a set contains not only a cash register for paying for purchased goods, but also the goods themselves (plastic vegetables, fruits, household items) along with a grocery cart and scales.

Option four. Technologically advanced and up to date

What gadgets have not been invented by humanity at the moment. Interestingly, there are special gaming gadgets for children, and the number of their types is in no way inferior to their adult counterparts.

Probably the most widespread and no longer very interesting gadget for children is a toy smartphone or tablet. On such entertainment "sites" are preinstalled the simplest game applications and a calculator. They can also play sounds (the same names of the pressed numbers and keys) and sometimes have a built-in simplest dictaphone.

It is much more exciting to have truly unusual technological toys. It can be an interactive robot dog that will run around your house just like a real one, and bark so that neighbors will knock on all the batteries in the evenings. But the main thing is that it will educate your child. Different models of such robots are arranged in different ways (and do not necessarily look like dogs), and their functionality can also be both truncated and maximally developing. The cooler the robot in every sense, the more expensive it will be. There are models for a couple of thousand rubles, and there are tens of thousands.

In connection with finance and banking, manufacturers make toy "smart" ATMs and safes. Such an ATM is quite ready to accept a special bill (and issue it too). Children's ATM will also accept a bank card and show the game balance. In addition, the ATM can act as a calculator, alarm clock and piggy bank. Moreover, if you enable the “Accumulation” function on such a device, it will help to develop the simplest financial plan (how much you need to save every day or week in order to have the declared amount after a specified time), and will return the savings only when you enter a special code.

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Fifth option. Serious and exciting

Teenagers, of course, will not like all the previous types of toys. But they have their own attraction - financial board games.

You may not have known, but even Monopoly is now actively using bank cards. However, this game is no longer considered cool among young, young and ambitious high school students and students.

Nowadays the board game "Economics" is more in vogue. It promises a rather challenging but interesting pastime that will help you understand concepts such as offshore, capital amnesty, market glut, nationalization, and startups. Actually, you have to deal with the purchase and development of the latter. Taking into account the strategy chosen by the players around you, you need to make very difficult decisions - which startup and in which sector of the economy is better to buy, how much it can cost, how to sell it at an auction at a higher price.

In a sense, the upgrade of the "Economics" is "Orkonomics". Here, as you know, the action of the board game takes place not in the world of ordinary people, but in the world of orcs. And the rules here are also "Orcish": players not only buy companies, develop startups and seize other people's property, as in a classic game, but Orkonomika participants can also curse competitors, cheat and choose a favorite company from the "Combat Tourism" sphere or "Totemology".

If you want the older child to keep the younger child busy for a while without being bored, you can choose a compromise. For example, "Currency memory": game cards represent the currency of the European Union. The goal is to find as many paired cards with the largest denominations as possible by turning two slots "face down". There is the same game with currencies of different countries and continents.

Younger and older can get along, also choosing a "board" with the wonderful name "Wholesaler". The description of the game says: “You can start learning the basics of business from a very young age. Wholesale sales of ice cream, chewing gum and chocolate will help your child get a taste of "making" money, introduce them to the simplest financial schemes and ways of selling goods. Anyone can become a young trader”. The manufacturer promises that the trading game "will be so exciting and interesting that it will bring together all family members at one table." “Adults and children with unquenchable passion will develop their own strategy, trying to buy at a lower price and sell at a higher price,” reads the annotation to the game.

But the best way to unite the family is to invent their own active or intellectual game about money, finance and banking. Try it at your leisure, you will surely like it!

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