They Lied That I Was Recruited Into A Terrorist Organization, They Stole Me, Sent Me To Syria, Killed The Children

They Lied That I Was Recruited Into A Terrorist Organization, They Stole Me, Sent Me To Syria, Killed The Children
They Lied That I Was Recruited Into A Terrorist Organization, They Stole Me, Sent Me To Syria, Killed The Children

Earlier, "NO" reported that a message appeared on social networks about the search for 34-year-old Omsk woman Olga Kostina. According to her relatives - mother and sister - the woman, along with two young children, went to Turkey on September 15, and has not been in touch since then. On the day of publication of this news, Olga's friend contacted the editorial office of "NO", who said that everything was fine with Kostina, she was resting at sea with her children, she was planning to stay there longer and work remotely. According to her friend, the search campaign for Olga was organized by her mother, ex-husband and other relatives who did not want her to leave with the children.


The police, where Kostina's mother and ex-husband turned, "NO" confirmed that everything is in order with the young mother, and there is no reason for concern.

Today Olga herself turned to the editorial office of "NO", she told her version of what was happening, illustrated his words with screenshots of correspondence with her mother, from which it follows that the relative is really putting pressure on her daughter.

So, Olga Kostina's version:

“A really disturbing post appeared on social networks from the concerned relatives of Olga Kostina from Omsk. The woman's mother and sister wrote that they had not been able to contact her for quite a long time, and the woman, meanwhile, was in another country with two young children, a 7-year-old daughter and a 5-year-old son. Relatives reported that Olga planned to go on vacation to Turkey, the flight from Omsk to Moscow was scheduled for September 15. From the capital, the mother with the children was supposed to fly to Antalya. Omsk people put relatives on the plane and after that the connection was interrupted.

And now, what really happened.

On September 15, I, Olga Kostina, boarded a plane to Turkey via Moscow and went on vacation with my children.

I also sent messages to my ex-husband (father of children) from Moscow airport.

I told my ex-husband and relatives about this trip back in the summer that I am planning a vacation in Turkey with children in September-October. My ex-husband gave me a notarial assurance that he did not mind if I flew to rest with children.

Upon arrival, I contacted my family, said that I was there, that we flew and everything is fine with us. I communicated on video with both my ex-husband and my mother. However, to his surprise, three days later, a police officer contacted me and said that my ex-husband and my mother had filed a report on my disappearance.

Instead of resting, I had to write statements and explanatory statements at midnight so that the police would stop the search activities.

After that, I contacted both my mother and my ex-husband to find out why they went to the police. They answered me straight to my eyes that they didn’t believe that I was in Turkey voluntarily and demanded that I urgently return to Omsk. Of course, I replied that I was not going to do this.

It gets worse. The pressure continued to build. My mother Markel Nina, together with my sisters Evgenia Maksimova and Ivanova Victoria, as well as my ex-husband Nikita Kostin, formed a coalition against me. They found all my friends and acquaintances. They began to terrorize them. They lied to them that I was on drugs, that I was recruited into a terrorist organization, that I was kidnapped and sent to Syria with a bag on my head, that the children were killed and all this at the same time. And this is all in parallel with the fact that I regularly got in touch, sent photos and videos of how we rest with the children. At first, I was not at all aware of what was happening.

After their actions were unsuccessful, they began to threaten me personally that they would take my children away from me. At first they offered to voluntarily bring the children and give them up to their father and grandmothers, and if I really want to "roll in all four directions."Despite the fact that legally they have absolutely no grounds for this. I am an adult capable woman, I have two higher educations, I work and can provide for myself and my children, I do not smoke, I do not use alcohol, and even more so drugs.

I myself organized this vacation for the children at my own expense, the ex-husband did not participate in this and the relatives, of course, too.

My relatives (my mother, sisters Evgenia and Victoria, my ex-husband) did not stop there and from 07.10.20 they organized a methodical persecution of me and my children in the media and social networks, posting a photo that I myself sent them the day before and wrote that I disappeared and there is no connection with me. Thus, they misled everyone by laying out deliberately false information. In parallel, they continue to terrorize me in correspondence and via video link to this day. Today, in a video conversation, my mother said that she would not stop there and would continue the bullying until she took my children. According to my ex-husband, my mother puts pressure on him to go to the police again, as she herself cannot do it. My mother also voiced her intention to send me to a psychiatric hospital for treatment.

I will never leave my children to my ex-husband, as he occasionally has no income, because he has no special education, he does not and has never had a permanent job. He is interrupted by temporary earnings. Moreover, if he has money, he usually loses it. He is a gambling addict with a long experience. When we met I, naturally, did not know this, he carefully concealed it. We lived with his parents, and all this time he promised me that he would improve life, that he would earn money and we would live separately. However, instead of promises, he lost more than 250 thousand rubles in total. Part of this debt had to be paid to me when I already went to work, because collectors were following me, threatening me and my children with violence. In search of earnings, he left for St. Petersburg for six months, where he lived for free with our friends, until he once again lost money and stole money from them. How can I give children to a person who behaves this way.

After our divorce, he behaved ugly - harassed, offered cohabitation, threatened with violence, tried to beat me, demanded that I give him the gold, and even once tried to rip off the gold earrings from me. He deceived his own children with money that I gave them when the children were staying at his house. This continued until I went to the police. For 3 months he hid, but lately everything has started to repeat itself again. Naturally, I cannot even admit the thought, give the children to such a person.

After the divorce, my mother offered to take my children away from me, but naturally I did not give them to her, I want and will raise my children myself.

While I am on vacation with children in Turkey, everything is fine with me. Now I do not need to return to Russia while I work remotely, relax and study with children. Coming home is now a nightmare for me, so I am now looking for a lawyer who will protect me and my children from the encroachments of my relatives."