In Yekaterinburg, 85 Percent Of Children With Extremely Low Weight Are Nursed

In Yekaterinburg, 85 Percent Of Children With Extremely Low Weight Are Nursed
In Yekaterinburg, 85 Percent Of Children With Extremely Low Weight Are Nursed

Video: In Yekaterinburg, 85 Percent Of Children With Extremely Low Weight Are Nursed

Video: In Yekaterinburg, 85 Percent Of Children With Extremely Low Weight Are Nursed
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On the International Day of Premature Baby, the Yekaterinburg Perinatal Center gathered its "graduates" - children born prematurely, which is set by nature. Contrary to well-established myths, in recent years, doctors have learned not only to save the lives of such babies, but also to preserve their health.


Valeria clutched the threads in her fist tied to bright, elegant balls. Overcoming shyness, reports:

- I can run at a speed of one hundred kilometers. Don't believe me? Look, - gives the balls to the grandmother and quickly scatters. And then he looks at me triumphantly from the high porch of the hospital, where they were invited to the "graduation".

“Now she is five years old, she already knows the letters and can count as well as her peers in the kindergarten,” says grandmother Nadezhda Oblyak. - But when she was born, it is difficult to convey how we feared for her. And now we look at Valeria and still do not believe that this nimble Mademoiselle was born with a weight of only 610 grams.

The family calls Leroux "our diamond" and considers her very talented. She swims and paints. Now she is preparing to go to school - she already has a well-developed speech and no speech therapy problems - contrary to the popular belief that deeply premature babies hardly learn to speak correctly.

Such babies as Valeria Mitina, in the pediatric hospital of the Yekaterinburg Clinical Perinatal Center, had a whole hall yesterday. They were invited to meet with the doctors who once nursed them immediately after birth. These children were born prematurely, many of them deeply: their birth weight was less than one kilogram. Until 2012, childbirth up to 28 weeks was considered a miscarriage - nothing was done to save a new life. But for five years now, doctors at the birth of such babies have been doing everything possible so that they not only survive, but also do not become disabled.

By the way

Yekaterinburg is now in second place in Russia after St. Petersburg for the development of technologies that help to care for deeply premature babies.

A serious, attentive boy sits upright on a chair. Lawrence has a strict white shirt, black trousers - he came in full dress. Even though it's only 3 years and 10 months.

“After birth, we came home only three months later,” says mother Natalya Sarsadskikh. - No one expected childbirth at 26 weeks: despite my 46-year-old age, the pregnancy was quite successful. The baby was born with a weight of 954 grams. He was on artificial lung ventilation for three days. Then a blood transfusion - these tiny children are still very weak, almost all of them have anemia and need a transfusion. Then two operations. In the same place - the threat of retinopathy and laser coagulation. But after we were discharged home, the child did not take any medicine. The only thing we did was osteopathic correction.

Natalia Sarsadskikh is sure that breastfeeding helped her son recover.

- I wanted the best for my child, so my son had no other options - he learned to eat, like all babies, - Natalia smiles. - And now he has everything only the best in order to be healthy: he grows up without gadgets, TV and a computer are banned - we try to keep his eyesight from falling. He walks in any weather at any time of the day, if his feet get wet, we do not consider this a problem. In the summer he mows the grass, in the winter he removes the snow: we have adopted therapy with labor and in the fresh air. And at home we have no higher than 18 degrees Celsius - I think the temperature is optimal for a child. So, somatically, Lavrenty is healthy now.

- Probably, he doesn't go to kindergarten so as not to catch infections? - I ask.

“And we’re not afraid of infection,” Lavrenty’s mother shrugs. - From the age of three he has been going to a regular municipal kindergarten. We love theater and children's parties.

The holiday organized by the doctors at the perinatal center was also liked by other children. Liza Rakitina also danced with pleasure on an impromptu stage. She was born almost three years ago at a period of 25 weeks, weighing only 700 grams.

- It was not easy, but we overcame everything, - mother Elena Rakitina smiles happily. - Liza runs and talks herself. A very sociable child, with pleasure makes contact and loves outdoor games.

Doctors caring for premature babies are sure: most of all, their little patients need the love of their parents. Such babies need more attention from adults - they need to do a lot, develop a child already in the first months of his life. And it won't work without love.


Olga KSENOFONTOVA, Deputy Chief Physician of the Yekaterinburg Clinical Perinatal Center:

- Five years ago, when we just started caring for newborns with extremely low body weight from 500 to 1000 grams, we were able to do this in 65 percent of cases. During this time, we have introduced modern technologies, new approaches, and now we are successfully nursing 85 percent of these children, discharging them home with a good weight.

But if we have learned to solve vision problems in premature babies, then the risk of movement disorders remains high. Today we focus on the rehabilitation of the motor activity of such babies: massage therapists, physiotherapy specialists, and kinesiotherapy are involved with them.

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