Mother, What Are You Doing? Stellar Parenting Techniques That Don't Fit In Your Head

Mother, What Are You Doing? Stellar Parenting Techniques That Don't Fit In Your Head
Mother, What Are You Doing? Stellar Parenting Techniques That Don't Fit In Your Head

Video: Mother, What Are You Doing? Stellar Parenting Techniques That Don't Fit In Your Head

Video: Mother, What Are You Doing? Stellar Parenting Techniques That Don't Fit In Your Head
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Stars often behave strangely and out of the ordinary in order to attract the attention of the press. We got used to this for a long time. But when the details of their communication with their children become known, do you think - is this generally legal?


Victoria Beckham draws tattoos to her daughter

Neither David nor his wife ever hid their love for tattoos. Their eldest son, 19-year-old Brooklyn, has also been decorating his body with drawings for a long time, and there are no questions for him - he is an adult. But a couple of months ago, on her Instagram page, Victoria Beckham posted a photo in which she personally made the first tattoo … of her seven-year-old daughter Harper. The baby did not remain in debt and in return decorated her mother's body with a flower.

Surprisingly, the subscribers reacted to the post more than loyally - they supported it. Fortunately, from the comments it became clear that the drawing was made not with ink, but with paints, that is, it will soon be erased.

Heidi Klum walks at home naked

The model is of the opinion that you need to love and accept yourself completely. And she teaches children to deal with complexes, showing by her own example that there is nothing wrong with nudity. In their house, walking without clothes is the norm.

“We are not ashamed. It was the same in my family. Not in the sense that everyone went naked! But if suddenly one of the children entered the room where an adult was changing clothes, no one yelled: “Get out!””(From an interview with InStyle magazine).

It is such a calm perception of the human body that she wants to instill in her children.

Christina Aguilera holds pictures of naked women on the walls

Popular singer Christina Aguilera does not lag behind the model. She has repeatedly confessed to various publications that she does not see anything shameful and shameful in walking naked at home. Moreover, she explains her predilection artistically - supposedly she and her common-law husband collect paintings in the nude genre. Therefore, the son has long been accustomed to seeing naked bodies on the walls, and the sight of naked parents is something for him for granted. I would like to say: "Nu-nu, let's see how he grows up."

Alicia Silverstone chewing food for a child

The heroine of Blast from the Past, actress, model and producer Alicia Silverstone is a renowned animal and environmental activist. She doesn't eat meat, sorts garbage, doesn't put diapers on a child (after all, they decompose for about a hundred years) and advocates for the "green". Naturally, she raises her son Bear as an adherent of the same traditions.

Alicia is an ardent opponent of vaccinations, so Bear is not vaccinated (rejoice, opponents of vaccinations). But the actress created the biggest excitement by feeding her son like a bird for a long time - she chewed food and passed it from mouth to mouth. Apparently, she could not overcome the “nesting” stage in time.

Yana Rudkovskaya brings up her son as a workaholic

The Instagram star and model Alexander Plushenko - the son of Yana Rudkovskaya and Evgeni Plushenko - seems to need sympathy. No, they feed him normally and love him very much. It's just that he doesn't have childhood in our usual understanding: from an early age, his parents accustom him to constant work. It got to the point that he now expects a fee for any instructions and requests. He refused to give even a comic interview for his mother for “thank you”.

Subscribers were divided into two camps: some condemned the parents, pointing out that the guy is growing mercantile. Others supported such an upbringing - after all, little Sasha already knows that absolutely any work has its price.

Angelina Jolie gives excessive freedom

The actress is constantly criticized by the public for allowing her children too much. Either she gave Maddox real daggers for her birthday, or she supported the decision of Shiloh's daughter to change the sex. Plus, not one of the guys goes to school - everyone studies at home. And if children do not want to do their homework, they are not forced.

“There is only one way to bring up a child correctly - to listen to him for real. Perhaps this is the most important thing that a mother can give. Children do not so much need help in understanding the hard truth of life as protection and love,”Jolie explains her vision of the situation.

Lisa Welchell uses hot pepper

Lisa Welchell with Stephen Kaable and Clancy's children, Haven and Tucker

Actress and producer Lisa Welchell puts into practice a very shocking parenting method. When her kids are rude, slanderous, or swearing, she drips hot pepper sauce onto their tongues! Just the pinnacle of domestic violence. Or not?

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