Why Do Men "encroach" On The Female Profession Of Governess

Why Do Men "encroach" On The Female Profession Of Governess
Why Do Men "encroach" On The Female Profession Of Governess

Video: Why Do Men "encroach" On The Female Profession Of Governess

Video: Why Do Men "encroach" On The Female Profession Of Governess
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A sensation in the capital's personnel market: men are going to squeeze women in the fight for raising children! The results of a study of the vacancies of a large agency showed that men do not mind working as tutors and nannies and are even in demand. Is it really? "Vecherka" turned to experts and consumers for an answer.


- I have been working as a nanny for several years. For many years she helped the family of Ivan Okhlobystin, - said Irina Kolesnikova. - For babies, as a rule, they hire a woman. Men who mess with babies or play with older guys are almost never met. But men often work as tutors - they are hired as tutors in foreign languages and, one might say, lifestyle. But they don't spend full time with the child.

Vasily Surovtsev is a businessman, father of three children. For several years an Australian tutor lived and worked with him. He taught the children language and horse riding, but did not "babysit" them.

- We had a separate staff for leaving. We didn’t have anything like Onegin, “Monsieur Abbot”, who “taught everything in jest,” - said Vasily Surovtsev. - I would not say that it was common among my acquaintances to hire a "mustachioed nanny" for young children - I have met this only among unmarried ladies who had an acute question of male upbringing in the family. But there are not many of them.

According to the observations of Vasily Surovtsev, it is quite difficult to find a good tutor in Moscow. It is important here that employees are friendly, but not curry favor - this is felt and causes rejection and rejection.

Real story

Muscovite Denis Ivanov worked for several months as a tutor in a Moscow family. Now he does not work in this area and does not plan to renew the experience.

- Would you like it again? 50 to 50. It all depends on the family. It was an interesting experience. The parents of the wards were excellent people. For beginners, I wish you patience: children are very spontaneous. You have to be ready for anything. Communication with them requires a lot of energy - they feel everything, even when you don't speak.


Alexander Dibrivny, head of the recruiting agency:

- It is too early to say that in the labor market for nannies and tutors, men have strongly pressed women. In Pushkin's times (in the 19th century), the nobles hired the French, British, and Germans as mentors. Now this occurs, but only in certain groups of the population with high incomes. Those who hire a man to work with children are few. Therefore, it is difficult to say that there are any cardinal changes in this direction. Although the future will show.

Failed career

To check how much men are in demand as tutors, the Vecherka correspondent registered on several job sites.

It turned out to be quite a chore. They do not give guarantees of employment there, however, and they do not ask to confirm education (and I attributed to myself a higher pedagogical one). Everything is remote. Three agencies demanded a passport and education documents - but if they are not there, the "hunters" promised to correct the defect for a certain fee.

On the Internet sites of different organizations, I indicated different ages, 25, 35 and 50 years old - and no one checked this information. After completing all the formalities, I waited. For two weeks not a single request was received on any of my profiles. No one needed a male tutor. And when checking ads for a male nanny, it often turned out that the ad itself wanders from one Internet site to another for several years.

Who is who in children's life

The nanny is my mother's assistant. Her responsibilities include caring for the child, but her homework is not.

Governor - works with older children and teaches them basic self-care skills, discipline. Can be a tutor and help with homework.

A tutor is a companion of a student or teenager with the function of a tutor or coach.