Mezen: An Official Who Stepped Into The Fire After The Children She Wards

Mezen: An Official Who Stepped Into The Fire After The Children She Wards
Mezen: An Official Who Stepped Into The Fire After The Children She Wards

Video: Mezen: An Official Who Stepped Into The Fire After The Children She Wards

Video: Mezen: An Official Who Stepped Into The Fire After The Children She Wards
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In January 2021, Anastasia Malinina, deputy chairman of the commission on juvenile affairs of the Mezensky district, rescued children from a family registered with her commission from fire. Anastasia is from the Plesetsk District of the Arkhangelsk Region. She has been living and working in Mezen for 12 years. She is married and has two children.


Vladimir Stanulevich: Did you save someone before or did you save you?

Anastasia Malinina: At the age of 12, I was in a children's health camp and there, together with a friend, I rescued a girl who was carried away by the current. There were no adults around, we went to the river without asking.

Vladimir Stanulevich: Have you read the correct books and newspapers? Who is your favorite character?

Anastasia Malinina: I like to read about people who command respect for their deeds. Fortunately, there are a lot of them. Do I have a favorite character? Hmm, I won't tell you right away. I like people who do business, give all their best - in work, family, creativity. And when they combine several things, then for me such a person is a hero. For example, the mother of three children Lyubov Fedorenko from Naryan-Mar. On maternity leave, she mastered the male profession of a welder, took up this professionally, while working in a kindergarten. For me, she is a real hero!

Vladimir Stanulevich: You were in a burning apartment on time - is this a premonition?

Anastasia Malinina: Rather intuition, I was not going to see them that day. On the weekend, my family and I went for a drive down the slide, not far from their house. We got ready to leave, sent my husband and children home, and she herself decided to go to the wards. Why she decided at that moment is a mystery.

Vladimir Stanulevich: When you walked into the fire, did you understand that you could die?

Anastasia Malinina: On this day, the children were left alone in the apartment. The paper and clothing they had set on fire caught fire, and the apartment began to fill with smoke. I went to the outer door and smelled him. She knocked, heard the screams of children. Fortunately, the padlock on the door was not closed and the children were removed. Then they put out the fire with a neighbor, fortunately the fire was small. The children had to be removed from the family after the fire.

Vladimir Stanulevich: Why?

Anastasia Malinina: Because we were in danger. The family has been registered for more than 4 years - a socially dangerous situation and there are no sanitary and hygienic conditions for raising children. They have a two-room apartment on the 2nd floor of a wooden house. The woman is raising three children, 5, 7 and 8 years old, one of them is disabled. She does not work and does not want to work; she receives a pension and numerous payments for a disabled child. Income over 50 thousand rubles. Guardianship seized the children, then a court decision on deprivation of parental rights. The children were taken to the Solvychegodsky orphanage. They are still small, they think that this is such a game.

Vladimir Stanulevich: Were you taught how to behave in burning rooms - to bend closer to the floor, close your nose and mouth with a moistened cloth?

Anastasia Malinina: I know all these rules, at my previous job in the youth department I took courses on emergency response and medical assistance.

Vladimir Stanulevich: What was done wrong in the burning apartment?

Anastasia Malinina: I did everything right, only entered the smoky apartment incorrectly, but the situation allowed.

Vladimir Stanulevich: What do you recommend to prevent fires?

Anastasia Malinina: I would recommend firefighters to check apartments with stove heating in the summer. Demand to prepare stoves for winter, and then keep troubled houses under control.