10 Things Mothers Of Children Are Silent About On IW

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10 Things Mothers Of Children Are Silent About On IW
10 Things Mothers Of Children Are Silent About On IW

Video: 10 Things Mothers Of Children Are Silent About On IW

Video: 10 Things Mothers Of Children Are Silent About On IW
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GW or IW is one of the hottest topics in mom communities. Arguing with breastfeeding mothers, artificial mothers talk about the benefits of their choice. Here you can maintain the shape of the breast, and a well-fed and calm baby, and feed strictly on schedule, and free hands and mother's time. But there are also disadvantages in which mothers who have chosen IW do not like to admit even to themselves.


Their relatives and friends condemn them

In general, those from whom you primarily expect protection and support. But now the child is in the center of the family, and the young mother, who has made the decision to feed with formula, will be reproached by caring grandparents for laziness, irresponsibility and the desire to destroy the baby. And in general, why then gave birth, if you do not breastfeed ?!

Their children have frequent bowel problems

Diarrhea or constipation for many days? (The latter, by the way, are more common.) Artificial mothers can tell many fascinating stories about the long selection of the right mixture and the treatment of related problems.

Usually, to improve stool, babies on IV are prescribed an additional intake of probiotics, for example, Normoflorin. In its composition, bifidobacteria and lactobacilli are those that are already in the baby's body, but die under the influence of pathogenic flora (this condition is called dysbiosis). Beneficial microorganisms, together with the nutrient medium (prebiotic), colonize the intestines and inhibit the growth of staphylococcus, E. coli and other harmful agents. But probiotics have yet to be shoved into a baby, and not every toddler is ready to drink something in addition to the usual mixture!

They are deadly tired of getting up at night and preparing the mixture

And from 10 life hacks with an auto-heater and bottles pre-filled with water, life does not become much easier. The fact remains: sticking your chest to a hungry baby and sleeping further is not for you to wander into the kitchen and stand, swaying, by the crib.

They punish themselves for not being able to breastfeed

Those who did not choose IW voluntarily and deliberately, and could not feed for some reason, are in for real torment. They will return again and again in their thoughts to the days when milk began to "run out" and they decided to switch to formula. What if you could change something? Hire the best consultant, straighten and establish lactation? Thanks to public condemnation, mothers with babies on IW gnaw at themselves for the fact that, together with breast milk, they did not give their child immunity, love, affection and career prospects in Google.

Any journey turns into hell for them

Bottle, sterilizer, nipples, stocks of product, finding a place to dilute the mixture All this takes half a suitcase - you can't run out of the house light!

From the first days, if a baby gets a diaper on IV, the smell of the contents will be stronger and more unpleasant than that of a baby.

The reason is that animal milk, even adapted, by nature is not designed for feeding human babies, and, unlike breast milk, which is almost completely absorbed, when digested, it gives a putrid, pronounced smell.

Buying a mixture is affordable

And if this is a hypoallergenic mixture, then dads often go in search of a second job. A baby covered with red crusts from an allergy to cow's milk is another reproach for a mother who is forced to feed him with formula.

The pediatrician will see the cause of any illness of the baby in the IV

And the dentist will blame the bottles with the mixture for caries. "Bottle caries", however, does not frighten babies themselves, and babies continue to beg for food at night. And they flatly refuse to drink water. You have to choose which is worse: the screams of a hungry baby or the destruction of milk teeth?

They are horrified to read the news about the glass found in the box with the mixture

And also about the infection with salmonella and the excess of the level of heavy metals, due to which hundreds of children got kidney problems and were left disabled. Yes, you can reassure yourself that quality checks are improving every year. But for anxious mums, this is a separate point to worry about, and they gaze warily at the white powder.

They are always afraid to overfeed the child

Or underfeed. If the mother of a chubby baby on HB is praised for a good appetite, the mother of the same artificial person is scared of childhood obesity and diabetes.

Despite these disadvantages, you shouldn't blame yourself if for some reason you are not breastfeeding. You love your baby and take care of him, you carry him in your arms and sing a lullaby, make sure that he is warm and dry - which means that for him you are the best mother in the world!