Children Tennis Section. What Do Parents Need To Know? Tips For Parents

Children Tennis Section. What Do Parents Need To Know? Tips For Parents
Children Tennis Section. What Do Parents Need To Know? Tips For Parents

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Tips from tennis player Ekaterina Bychkova: what is important to know for parents whose children love tennis.


In tennis, as in many sports, it is important to teach your child the basics from childhood. The base that the child will remember at a young age will provide him with a good professional future. Today we will tell you about children's tennis and what is important to know for parents whose children love this sport and want to devote themselves to tennis.

Together with the famous Russian tennis player and winner of 15 ITF tournaments, Ekaterina Bychkova, we have compiled instructions that will help the parents of little tennis players. We will tell you about all the nuances of children's tennis: at what age to send the child to the section, how to support the baby and choose the right equipment.

At what age to start practicing?

It is important to remember that all children develop in tennis differently. Some children grow up earlier, some learn faster than others. It all depends on whether he can quickly adapt or how long it takes him. It is important to know: if you are late and your child only began to study at the age of eight, this does not mean that he will not achieve anything. Of course, the first two years he may lag behind, but it depends on the child's desire and preparation. Therefore, it is not necessary to start at four years old. There are different children, someone is more focused, then he can be recorded in tennis at the age of four, while someone, on the contrary, loses attention on the court. Therefore, the age for each child is individual.

“I commented on the final of the Australian Open among juniors. The son of Peter Korda, Sebastian, performed there. As a child, he played hockey, but when he was 11 years old, Sebastian came to a tennis tournament with his father. He liked it so much that he started playing tennis, and at the age of 17 he already won the junior Australian Open. It is clear that genetics played a role here, moreover, since my father is a trainer, there was correct and professional training. But it proves that everything is individual. However, if you start playing at 14, you will no longer play professionally. But if you make it before the age of 10, then it is possible."

The price of the question: what equipment should you buy and how to choose it?

At the beginning of training your child needs and it is important to buy two things: a racket and sneakers. These are the most important things for a tennis player. In addition, for the first one and a half to two years of classes, the child plays with one racket.

It is quite easy to choose a racket for a child, now everything is matched by age. In addition, there are a huge number of them, from different companies. To begin with, take the racket that is most suitable for age, weight, size. Everything else is selected with age, when it becomes clear how the child plays, what he does better, what is worse.

“When a child is 5-6 years old, the most important thing is to choose the right weight so that it is comfortable for him to hold the racket in his hand. It is important that the brush does not sag. As for the length, it is important here that the racket touches the floor. That's enough for a start. The handle is selected so that it is held in the hand in full girth and so that the fingers do not dangle."

The racket and running shoes are two of the most important things for any tennis player. On the court, your child should feel as comfortable as possible, so it is important to choose good running shoes for him. It is worth noting that the brand is not important here, everyone should choose sneakers for their parameters. If a child says that he is uncomfortable in sneakers, then there is no need to impose them on him because they are beautiful or of a well-known brand.You can start playing in special insoles from childhood so that in the future there are no problems with your legs and flat feet do not develop.

“Many typical players take sponsor's clothes but keep their sneakers. When you move around the court, then nothing should disturb you, it should be comfortable. On the court, sneakers are an extension of you."

“The feet and legs are the working tool of tennis players, which must be carefully monitored first. If you play in bad shoes, you may have problems with your feet in the future."

Parents - support for future champions

The relationship between parents and children is the most important aspect, as the parents should be the support for the child. It is important to support and motivate the child, and, of course, you should not put too much pressure on him. Although it is worth noting that half of the tennis players have gone through this, the championships are also developing. However, if there is a more comfortable path, then all the same, the parents should first of all be support and support, and the coach should already be tougher. It happens that you have to disagree with the coach. It is at such moments that the parents form the support of the child.

“To understand how to help your child in the future, you also need to know more about tennis. Various master classes from famous athletes and coaches are now being held. At such master classes, experience is always shared, and this is important for parents. It is at the master classes that you can learn how to help your child develop correctly”.

Don't put pressure on your children

There are children who do not want to take breaks between workouts, but someone needs them. Some children need to take a break to help them continue their studies later. Therefore, parents should understand this and allow children to sometimes take a short break from training, so that later they can return and continue training with renewed vigor.

“It is important for parents to talk to their children, listen to them, and not impose their opinion on them. You should not put pressure on the child, especially during the competition. It's important to think about the future."

Do you need individual training?

In addition to group activities, it is important for your child to train individually. If you are planning to see him in professional sports, then this is very important. It should also be borne in mind that when a child is talented since childhood, this makes it easier for him, but besides that, you need to remain hardworking, technically prepared and resilient. Sometimes talented children are very lazy, so you need to convey to him that he needs to train this talent in order to become a professional tennis player in the future.

“I study with my student 4-5 times a week for an hour and a half. And this is not the busiest kid in tennis. Individual training is very important. Those who are more attentive can train less, those who are absent-minded need more time."

5 tips for parents who want to send their child to tennis from Ekaterina Bychkova

You can find more answers to the most popular questions about children's tennis in the recording of a free webinar with Ekaterina Bychkova, and very soon we will tell you how to choose the right coach for your child.

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