How The Safety Of Children Is Ensured In The Krasnodar Territory

How The Safety Of Children Is Ensured In The Krasnodar Territory
How The Safety Of Children Is Ensured In The Krasnodar Territory

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Video: Childcare 1: Maintaining the Safety and Security of Children - BVS Training 2023, January

"Security starts with oneself." You can't put police officers, a team of doctors or rescuers near every house. And no matter how well the system for responding to emergency situations has been worked out in the Kuban, if a person is careless, neglects elementary safety standards, he will not be able to protect himself from trouble himself and will not protect his children from it.


Instilling a culture of safety is not easy, but necessary, says Sergei Kapustin, Minister of Civil Defense and Emergencies of the Krasnodar Territory.

- We systematically train the heads of children's recreation organizations on safety issues, thematic meetings with children on the eve of the holidays, where representatives of the EMERCOM of Russia, our regional rescuers are invited. Last year alone, we held 137 such events.

New methods have also been proposed. Now we with the ministers of education, labor and social development of the region are considering the issue of collecting all organizers of outdoor activities - hiking, all kinds of excursions at the beginning of the season and dedicating it exclusively to safety issues, - said Sergey Kapustin.

Almost all accidents with young tourists happened through an oversight of adults.

Suffice it to recall the case when a schoolboy disappeared near Goryachy Klyuch during an orienteering competition in the fall of 2017. A large-scale search operation was launched, which was personally controlled by the governor.

Fortunately, the boy was found unharmed. The disappearance and death of a 13-year-old teenager while hiking in the mountains along the simplest route near Sochi in early July last year shocked the entire country. In both cases, gross violations were committed by experienced adults - the organizers.

In mid-February, in Apsheronsk, four teenagers went on their own for a picnic. They were supposed to be accompanied by the mother of one of them, but at the last moment, for some reason, she could not.

The guys rested on their own in nature, and when they returned, one of them got stuck in the clay soil of the ravine. I ordered the others to return without him, and they left. Later, he certainly managed to get out, but got lost in the forest. Fortunately, rescuers found him, nothing happened.

- Already this year we have held 28 events - from road accidents to searches where we rescued children. And all because of the rash actions of adults, - emphasized the Minister of Civil Defense and Emergencies of the region.

- We have organized a system of control over the exit of groups on routes, especially if they have children. Control is carried out both through the operational duty services in the districts, the crisis management center of the Main Directorate of the EMERCOM of Russia in the region, and through the portal of our ministry and "Kuban-SPAS".

Together with the Ministry of Emergency Situations, we have developed a manual for the organizers of hikes in order to provide mandatory measures to ensure the safety of children on the routes. We also provide citizens with simple animation videos, brochures. For adults, we have developed a brochure with instructions for all occasions, - explained the Minister of Civil Defense and Emergencies of the region.

How to behave during a flood, fire, siren sounding, what to do if a child is lost, if he is locked in an apartment - about this and much more - in an accessible and understandable form.

Another big problem of children's safety is unregistered, which means, technically not certified rides. We are talking about both stationary structures and all kinds of jet skis, "bananas", "pills" and other attributes of resort entertainment.

So, last year in the Kuban, when checking 1167 attractions, more than 3 thousand violations were revealed, for 1.5 million rubles. written out fines.Work in this direction continues, "illegal immigrants" are taken out of the shadows, the guilty are punished.

Safe from the first grade A lot of work to ensure the safety of children is carried out in other regional departments. Preserving the health of the child and teaching him the necessary skills that will be useful in life - this is the task of the education system as well.

- The priority is the physical safety of the child within the walls of the educational organization. We equip schools with a security system that could inform the relevant services in time so that children are constantly in the spotlight. But often children get injured outside our walls, through an oversight of adults, so we actively interact with parents and intend to strengthen this work.

We also conduct comprehensive training for class teachers, introduced the Safe Road of the Kuban program to teach from the first grade the basics of safe behavior both on the roads and in everyday life,”said Elena Arshinnik, head of the department of the Ministry of Education, Science and Youth Policy of the Krasnodar Territory.

- The rest of children in our region is carried out all year round. Now, for example, in the health resorts of the Kuban 14 organizations receive children. Three thousand children are there. We have established interdepartmental interaction of all interested services and departments to ensure safe and high-quality rest.

This work is coordinated by the interdepartmental commission of the Krasnodar Territory. Security is provided in all areas - from anti-terror to compliance with sanitary requirements and leisure, - explained Irina Mekhanoshina and added:

- In the contracts that we conclude for rest and recovery, clauses are provided that maximize the safety of the child. In particular, since last year, we have provided for a training evacuation on the third day after arrival.

In addition, we are probably the only ones who have provided for the direction of social security specialists for daily monitoring at the health resort. They monitor the fulfillment of the terms of the contract around the clock.

- In summer, as you know, the number of accidents increases. But if during the organized transportation of children, as a rule, it does without an accident, then it is simply a disaster with personal vehicles, - said the head of the traffic safety propaganda department of the traffic police of the Krasnodar Territory Irina Zavatskaya.

- Unfortunately, there is a repetition of violations. As for underage pedestrians, the majority of accidents with their participation also happened due to the fault of adults. We have launched an all-Russian campaign in which many departments are involved. It is called “It won't work without you” and is aimed at reaching out to adults.

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