How To Make Money On Kids With YOUTUBE, Even If You Don't Have Kids

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How To Make Money On Kids With YOUTUBE, Even If You Don't Have Kids
How To Make Money On Kids With YOUTUBE, Even If You Don't Have Kids

Video: How To Make Money On Kids With YOUTUBE, Even If You Don't Have Kids

Video: How To Make Money On Kids With YOUTUBE, Even If You Don't Have Kids
Video: How To Make Money on YouTube With Kids Channels in 2021 | YouTube Monetization 2021 2023, December

We share ideas of content for children, reveal secrets, inspire to feats.

The modern world is amazing: today there are many original (and at the same time legal) ways to get fame and real currency out of seemingly nothing. Bloggers are a prime example: they shoot all kinds of nonsense on video and earn millions of views. Equally impressive amounts of real money and star status are included. Illustrative examples in the person of Ivan Guy, Sasha Spielberg, Katya Klep and others are also.

Among the popular video bloggers, children and all kinds of content for the little ones stand apart. As you know, YouTube is used incredibly often for children's purposes. This gives a good chance to make money for those who dream of becoming a star, but for some reason they do not take on TV, there are no influential relatives and large start-up budgets around, and sensible ideas, along with ardent enthusiasm, need to be attached somewhere.

Tlum. Ru will tell you how you can make money on children on YouTube. Even if you don't have these same children.

How does it even work

You publish videos in which ads are shown (which one is up to YouTube itself. You just need to specify in the settings what your channel is about and enable monetization). People watch your video masterpieces, and along with them, these annoying commercials, ads and more. Advertising showed - get your "pretty penny". Has the user also clicked on the ad? - here are two "kopecks" for you.

The size of the "penny" depends on many factors: the theme of your channel, the time of year (for example, January is most often a disastrous month in terms of income, since advertisers spent everything before the New Year).

Choosing a theme and format

It is very important to decide on the topic and form of presentation of the material. How can you attract viewers? We will throw in ideas, and you choose the one that you really like.

If you have children

1. Put the child in the frame, you get a little blogger

Sometimes it happens that kids start their own video blogging business, but without the help of an adult attentive hand, such channels usually disappear in the bowels of the video service, collecting no more than a couple of dozen views. So you should not rely only on the independence of the child, a lot of work will also be required from you. In short, the parent will have to become a producer, director, cameraman, screenwriter, editor, costume designer and editor.

Make a mutual decision and act strictly together. From the outside, this may seem like child exploitation, but it is not. In fact, this is a joint and interesting leisure time that will give both of you a new experience and some money. Which, we hope, you will still share with your little protégé.

What can you film with a child?

All kinds of games with toys. The more branded and popular they are, the better.

Unpacking these same toys, kinder surprises and other suite boxes.

Bathing with toys, tasting goodies (the more branded and more popular, the better), role-playing games in the characters of famous franchises (the more branded, you understand). At the same time, crossovers "shoot" well: about how Ice Jack and Princess Elsa will have a child and other strange things. The more extreme, the brighter the reaction.

Fashionable "challenges". These are the challenge challenges that are virally viral on YouTube. Accept the “challenge” and film your version of overcoming it with the children.

Children's "let-play" - the child plays computer games, actively comments, everyone is touched. A good example is the charming schoolboy Edwin, who earns the salary of an adult on such videos. Therefore, if you are growing an avid "gamer", you can try to turn his hobby into a financial benefit.

And a couple of life hacks: Orbiz gel balls and Baby Born dolls. As practice shows, this is now just a hit: just take a walk on the children's YouTube channels, and you will understand what it is about.

2. Just shoot your kid and publish the best videos

If the child is not eager to join the channel, do not be discouraged, you can still aim the camera lens at him. No, no, and something will happen that will then "blow up" the Internet. Moreover, in this case, the smaller the baby, the better. Your one-year-old toddler got up on his feet, took three steps, tripped over the cat and fell funny on the dog lying next to him? It will be a hit! And, yes, a little kid and a pet are a combo!

In general, publishing the cutest / touching / funniest videos shot "as is" is another option for running a children's YouTube channel.

If you have no children

1. Become a child blogger yourself

In the absence of your own children, you can try to charm strangers and make money on it. There are examples here too, like the Kapuki Kanuki canal. What you need: an original and affectionate costume (or better a lot), makeup and minimal ability to behave in front of the camera. You don't have to have an Oscar for the best role, the main thing is that the children like it.

What to make such videos about?

Review all kinds of children's content. Your opinion on a new animated series, your look at a newly released line of dolls, or other valuable facts about the children's industry can help you become a respected blogger. Especially respected people find "Easter eggs" in fashion TV shows, draw parallels between different cartoons (sometimes strange and unobvious) and in every possible way cover everything that is relevant and in trend.

Teaching children something useful. It is advisable that the parents of potential viewers share your point of view on "usefulness." Coming up with stories and acting them out with toys, a kind of animated series about how you play. The more branded and more popular the toys are, the better. Board game review. 1.3M views

2. Create simple cartoons

You don't need to be able to draw for this. In contrast, bringing hand-drawn animation to life is more complex and time-consuming than making cartoons in 3D. Today there is a large amount of software that allows you to "shoot" primitive cartoons on your home computer. Educational videos such as "learning colors", "learning to count" and so on are especially admired and watched. It's not very clear why, but cartoons with construction equipment are super popular on Russian YouTube.

You don't have to get hung up on creating cartoons yourself, place orders on freelance sites. Yes, at first you will have to invest, but the potential profit will pay off those relatively modest sums in which work on a small simple cartoon is estimated.

Basic rules and principles

As we have already warned, maintaining your "vlog" on YouTube is not as easy as it might seem at first. Here are 10 most important factors that a beginner video blogger is recommended to take into account, understand and apply in practice.

The topic you choose should really be of interest to you. This is very, very important. You shouldn't imitate other bloggers and deliberately search for the most popular topics that you yourself don't like: it is unlikely that you will end up with a really good video. Do only what brings you and your child fun and positive. At the same time, you should not get hung up on one format and make the content moderately diverse.

Publications on the channel must be regular. The more videos, the better - as long as the quality is maintained. Imagine that your channel is being watched as a television series. No new series - no interest.

Publish only your own unique content. During the monetization process, authorship is checked (you may even be asked to provide additional information), and piracy is punishable by blocking. By the way, even the music for the video falls under copyright - treat it more carefully and supplement the video track only with those tracks that are officially allowed for free distribution.

Spare no effort and money to design the channel. The cap, preview, descriptions for the video - everything must be done at a high quality level and attract viewers. Look, for example, how the channels of the famous "pioneers" of the children's Russian YouTube - Katie and Max - are designed. Having your own recognizable brand is an important part of a channel's success.

If you want to start using your own child as an actor, look for an approach to this process, first of all, as a fun leisure, and only then - a way to earn money. At the same time, the child must be charming and boldly behave in the frame. If he is naturally quiet, you will have to work on acting.

Don't be afraid of negative reactions! Remember that only the one who does nothing is not criticized.

Remember the technical part: the video must be neatly edited and optimized. If you do not have the skills of video editing yet, it is important to take the time and master this process. If you decide to make simple videos like "the baby hiccups funny", make sure that the quality of the video is enough to make out this baby.

Playlists are a great invention. Do not forget to combine all videos into a single or thematic playlists: this works when a child is launched a channel and he sits watching one video after another.

Don't try to trick YouTube by clicking on the advertisements that appear in your video! This is called clickford and is punishable by blocking.

Most importantly, remember that views will not appear on the third day. The result will have to wait for a long time. So set a goal for yourself, be patient, and don't be distracted by failure. And, we are sure, over time, we will write about your channel on Tlum. Ru