Moscow Psychologists And Educators Will Advise Parents In Dealing With Minors

Moscow Psychologists And Educators Will Advise Parents In Dealing With Minors
Moscow Psychologists And Educators Will Advise Parents In Dealing With Minors

MOSCOW, July 3. / TASS /. Consultations and master classes on communicating with children and on potential threats to minors will be held for parents in educational and social protection institutions in the north of Moscow as part of the For Childhood Safety project in July and August 2019. This was announced at the round table "Child safety: modern challenges and new solutions" by the deputy of the Moscow City Duma and the director of the school 2098 Nadezhda Perfilova.

"Meetings with professional psychologists and teachers, master classes on communicating with a teenager will be organized in schools and social protection institutions, leisure centers for parents. The first of a series of events, a master class on teaching first aid to children will be held at the Hermes leisure center in this Saturday, July 6. I think that the project will be distributed not only in the Dmitrovsky, Beskudnikovsky, West and East Degunino districts, the program of events will continue in other districts of the city, "Perfilova said.

She added that at meetings with parents, special attention will be paid to the dangers that lie in wait for children on the street, including in the courtyards and on the roads of the city, the psychology of communication with children and traffic rules. According to her, within the framework of the program "For Childhood Safety" 23 pedestrian crossings have been equipped, 59 speed bumps and 17 traffic lights have been installed.

“We will definitely publish information about meetings with parents on the pages of the project“For Childhood Safety”, as well as on information stands in the districts, in the media. The meetings will take place during the summer, and then the academic year,” the MP said.

She also noted that according to statistics, about 70% of Russian schoolchildren suffer from various kinds of psychological disorders. "According to the WHO, up to 20% of adolescents around the world suffer from undiagnosed nervous disorders of varying severity and do not receive any help. All these aspects need to be paid attention to parents, children should not be on their own, replace real communication with gadgets, trust unknown persons in social networks. ", - emphasized Perfilova.

School for parents

As Vice-President of the Association of Practical Psychologists and Coaches, Researcher of the Psychological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences Armine Voronova said at the round table, within the framework of this project, classes of the School of Reasonable Parenting will be organized. The start of the program is scheduled for July 16.

"The program will include lectures on parent-child relationships, age characteristics, crises in the development of a child's personality, how to motivate him. Let's touch on the topic of sociological well-being, parenting styles that lead to emotional problems in children. There will be practices, master classes, individual consultations, "Voronova explained.

She added that the first lesson will be held at one of the sites in the Western Degunino district. In the future, training programs will be held for teachers, school psychologists, as well as courses on art therapy.

"Suicide is a real threat, because children are driven. If we are talking about prevention, then it is carried out through parents, who must be aware of what their child is doing, with whom he communicates, and trusting relationships must be built in the family for the child to share You need to know what social groups it is in, pay attention to his questions so that he does not turn to a guru from the Internet for an answer, "the psychologist emphasized.